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Recommendation on pumps


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I searched for this and couldn't uncover anything. Can anyone recommend a good, durable pump to keep on board the boat that will inflate tubes (yes, I'm going to be that guy but we have some niece's and nephew's that are young and want to tube). I see them out there from $30 to $130. Don't need top of the line, just a good, durable one.

thanks all

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I've had a $12 air pump from Wally World for the last 6 years & it's been great! 12V Ingersol-Rand. I couldn't find it on the web site today to provide a link.

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I got the Walmart variety and it works fine. I think I got it in the air mattress area.

Yes.gif Ozark brand I believe, was like $7.50. Keep the cord though b/c the rechargeable ability don't last long, so we just plug it in the lighter!

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Walmart brand as well its a coleman recharable. We went nearly 10-15 times befoire it needed a charge and we use it to remove the air in the tube as well so I figured that was pretty good... fills a round regular tube in 2 minutes.

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I have this one. I'm very happy with it. You have to realize that you're looking for high volume, not high pressure.

+1 on one like this. Fairly cheap, has worked for 3 years. Pete is absolutely right, you want volume not pressure - this thing inflates fast. One warning, it is a loud, screaming banshee!

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I am sorry to say that over the years I have had a number of pumps (either work poorly or stop working).

I am happy to say that last year I finially found a pump that works well and is a reasonable cost. It is a Coleman and is $20 from their web site. The model is:

Water-Resistant 12V QuickPump™ Unit With Hose & Battery clips

Model No. 5990B212.

I can't say strongly enough - don't buy a rechargable - they don't hold enough charge and the batteries fail when exposed to many temperature cycles (like when you keep it on . . . say maybe a boat.)

I keep the unit on the boat in a water proof stuff sack in one of the bow holds and take it out whenever we need to fill up a tube or give one a little pressure boost.

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