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Use your blower? Check the hoses!


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If you feel strongly about using your blower, you should check the hoses. I installed a hot water shower in our 06 VLX this past summer. In the process of passing water hoses and wires over the dividers between the V-drive compartments and the engine box I discovered that both port and starboard blower intake hoses had huge holes in the hoses where they passed over the compartment dividers. I presume just pressure and settling over time although our boat is not that old. At best our blowers were pulling mostly air from the top rear of the V-drive compartment.

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I've had the hose come out of the port to the rear vent, so it' was just blowing the bilge air back into the trunk & back to the bilge. I typically check that air is actually blowing out of the vent before every outing.

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I was looking around my engine compartment today and noticed my blower hose is toast in my 00 wakesetter. I had to run, so I didn't get a chance to measure how long the hose was, what diameter, etc. Anyone have a rough idea of what I need to fix it and where to get it?

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4" on mine. I upgraded mine and used down spout accordian tube from Rural King, works like a champ and will last the life of the boat. My main focus was for the blower side, but I did both sides. The lame azz dryer vent hose only lasted a year, rather pathetic when you consider the amount of money paid for the boat.

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When we bought our boat the blower hose was all but missing. It was just venting into the bilge...not exactly doing much good. The air intakes that go from in front of the port and starboard windshield were also cut well before they ever hit the back of the boat. I haven't replaced those yet - not sure if I ever will to be honest.

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Got mine from Bakes and replaced it all last year. I don't recall the size but it's on Bakesonline. 18 year old tubing was brittle and worthless.

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I remember cleaning my Skier the first time. I had the pressure washer out and doing the bilge. I just grazed the blower hose and it turned to dust. Totally exploded! I laughed went inside and ordered 2 packs from bakes.

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I checked my blower exhaust vent this winter and could not feel any air coming out. Turns out water had dripped down off the rear hatch into the vent and was blocking the air from coming out.

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