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"West Coast Slalom" ?


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Being 62 and short I am wondering how to improve my technique in the slalom course.

Have some of you been able to change your technique from old school to the "West Coast Slalom" method using their video ?

Is it reasonable to expect an old dog to change my technique to this method ?

Or will it just confuse Me ?

How long to make the changes and benefit from this method ?

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I found the video informational, and try several of the principles outlined. IMO each person actually adopts his/her own technique which could have elements from a variety of sources. I still find the original LaPointe video of use and that one is pretty old. My advice, watch it, try the concepts and see if they help or not. The other option that might be of benefit is to send off a video of yourself to someone that does the video reviews, which there are a few sources available. The best option is to go to a school if you can afford the time and $.

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I've always wondered what the difference between my style and West Coast is anyway. I know I can get through the course but don't know what style it is. I will be going to a ski school in April that has video analysis. If they determine I do have a style I'll let you know what I pick up on the west coast style. Dontknow.gif

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My opinion on this subject for whatever it might be worth to you.

Everyone has their own "style", what works for them or doesn't work. What "works" is fairly common to all "styles", it's just a matter of making it work for your style. Meaning there are correct ways to do things and they're common to pretty much all good skiers regardless of their "style".

Adding some aspects of what is referred to as "West Coast style" to what I was already doing definitely helped me ski more smoothly with less effort but I can't say that it's added to my buoy count yet. But actually all it is is an improvement in execution as opposed to a change in style per se. In other words I was instructed on how to do correctly what I wasn't doing correctly. Clear as mud??

The best money I've ever spent on skiing is getting lessons from a pro who could explain to me in terms I can understand what I've been doing wrong and how to correct that. That correction is an ongoing thing, a honing and polishing exersize that requires ongoing instruction and practice, practice, practice. One of the coolest things about this sport is that no matter your age or ability level you can always improve your skiing, you can always get better! Get some lessons from a pro, you'll kick yourself for not doing it sooner. I certainly did.


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