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code reader

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if i buy a code reader for a mecruiser 350 efi where can i get a table of codes to go by. either the iac is bad or something in fuels system, anybody took the secondary fuel pump apart and changed the fitlter in there. boat not starting up after warm up . spins over couple time before firing up for a efi. normally first roll over it fired, any . help . thanks

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interested in the answer to this as well. I have the code reader and software for my VW, works on Audis too, would love to have something similar for the bu

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ICBW but, I think when I bought my code reader it came with a list of the codes.

Either that or, I found them in the Clymer manual or, lastly, in one of the MEFI books I have.

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They look like MEFI 5 codes to me. They are back compatable to MEFI 1 to 4 though. An IAC failure will not throw a code, but if you put the ECM into diagnostic mode, you will immediatly hear the fuel pump run for two seconds on MEFI 1 and 2, or hear the IAC cycle on MEFI 3 and 4.

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thanks for the info, still need to know about looking it the 2 fuel pump that goes to the tbi is there a filter that need to be changed in there.

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I dint know about the years, but here is a way to identify the one you have (delphi)

GM Part No. MEFI Type

16159919 MEFI-1

16189069 MEFI-1

16220371 MEFI-1

16234539 MEFI-1*

16210729 MEFI-2

16237009 MEFI-3

16237019 CEFI-3

16236999 MEFI-3*

12489488 MEFI-3

12489493 MEFI-3

12569494 MEFI-4

12575479 MEFI-4a

88962717 MEFI-4a

88962718 MEFI-4a

12584052 MEFI-4b

12597744 MEFI-5

12607802 MEFI-5a

Hope this helps

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also MEFI 1-2 the they plug in from the side

3-5 are plugged in from the top

i believe all the codes are they same for all MEFI codes, i need to double check on that

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