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2008 RLXi Length


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I am looking at buying a house with a garage that is 21 feet ... I need to know the length without the platform and with the boatmate trailer tongue swung away but with the wedge plate and exhaust tips ...

I hope I'm under 21!!

Otherwise $5K to extend the garage ...

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I am a tad under 21', but I don't have the tips or wedge. The area were the hull joins the deck is the longest point on the back of my boat. You will need 9' wide doors though.

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Buying an existing ...

I already have to widen the garage door to 9' like electricjohn mentioned, but to add a few feet off the front will be more expensive ...

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Just walk out and checked mine. I am at 21'. 07Rlxi wedge plate no wedge and i am 3" off the back wall. It is sitting on a Eagle trailer with brake away tongue. I don't have exhaust tips.

One thing comes to mind. My trailer you could move the bow stop forward a long way. I am thinking if you have a launch close you may consider moving it up as far as you can for the winter and moving it back before you do any real trailering next year. You may save some space depending how your boat sits on the trailer. It will be very tongue heavy so be careful.

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$5K to extend the garage to what? When we built I added 3' to get 24 and it was over $10K. I am not a wealthy man by $5K to get a couple feet would be a no brainer. Just do it and you will not regret it down the road.

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If this is a house your going to stay in and your always going to have a boat in the garage, a little extra wiggle room would be nice. Platform, Wedge, wedge plate, exhaust tips, some trailers swing away tongue still are longer than the boats that sit on them.

For me it would be money well spent. If its a long term scenario.

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This is definitely a long term house for us ... We just don't want to be completely broke after we make this purchase!

My options are basically:

1- Continue renting the garage that I have that is on the way to the lake, but not close to the house that is also not climate controlled for $180/month

2- Expand the door and have to take the swim platform off for ~$2,200

3- Expand the door and front of the garage to make it longer for ~$4,700

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I agree with wedge88, spend the extra money and get what you want. If you get rid of the $180 monthly payment for boat storage, in just over two years you would have the garage addition paid off (using the $180 monthly payment from the boat storage that you would no longer have). I would also consider the asthetic look of a garage expansion and potential future resale value that it might add to your home.

Just my thoughts, seems easy to tell someone else to how to spend their money, just like my financial planner does.


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