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Warranty Or Not??


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I'm going to look at an 06' Vride and the non-malibu dealer that I might buy it from says the only thing wrong with the boat is that the billet chrome dash insert and a couple other chrome pieces are bubbled up. He says it looks as if water or something has gotten in between the coating and the plastic or whatever it's made of. He says the dealer might cover it under warranty. Has anyone experienced this, if so how did you handle it? Any dealers have advice?

Thanks for your time.

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Something I’d ask the dealer about, haven’t heard this being an issue nor anyone else mention it. If it’s a big enough deal for you I’d get it writing that the part would be covered under warranty. Keep in mind you may not be able to get the hull warranty transferred if the boat is now at a non-Malibu dealer since you’re not purchasing it from the original buyer.

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I'm not sure if it's a big deal yet or not, it doesn't appear to be from the pics online. I guess I'll find out tomorrow when I look at it.

That's another good question hopefully someone can answer. What are the warranty details for the 2006 Vride? What would I have to go through to get the remaining warranty transferred? What might it cost me?

Thanks again.

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3.6 Warranty Transfer Option

A transfer fee of five hundred dollars ($500.00) payable to Malibu Boats LLC. will

include the Limited Lifetime Hull Warranty and remaining three (3) year bumper to

bumper engine warranty supplied by Indmar Products for a period of three (3) years


• The date the boat was originally delivered to the first owner; or

• The date the boat was first put into service - for example, as a dealer "demo" or as

a Malibu factory "demo."

All remaining warranties may be transferred, subject to a boat inspection fee to

be determined by an authorized Malibu Boats Dealer. Contact your nearest

Malibu Boat Dealer for tranfer details, including applicable fees and the

scheduling of a boat inspection.

Any warranty transferred pursuant to this section does not extend the length of

the warranties as specifically limited by section 3.

Your dealer will charge a certain fee to do the inspection plus the $500.

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I also had the chrome issue with an 06 VLX. It is currently in with the dealer now. I bought it from a non-bu dealer, but they are taking it in to Malibu via the old owner (a friend of the this dealer). I hope all works out, but it's out of my hands at the moment.

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malibudude: thanks for that info but that's way too much money for a year or so left on the warranty. I'll take my chances with the hull.

Jimmypooh: thanks also, hopefully I can get that lucky. So you did not opt to transfer the warranty? Has it bitten you in the a$$ yet?

Anybody have an idea where I could get the best price on a replacement billet dash insert?

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The warranty is 3 years from the original date of purchase for the original owner, if you have the hull id number i could tell you what warranty is left on it. If your purchasing the boat from the original owner you can get it fixed before you buy it.

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Bakes: thanks for that info and offer. I looked at it today but did not get the hull number but thanks for the offer, either way I don't think it's worth $500+ to transfer. I believe the dealer (non-malibu) took it as a trade-in. Came from Northern Florida but dealer swears it has never seen salt.

I did get some pics of the chrome that has some kind of "disease"! I'll try to post them......nope, can't figure out how. I've heard that other people have seen this same thing and it's not neccessarily related to salt exposure. That's my main concern, none of the other hardware showed signs of corrosion, so I'm pretty sure that I'm ok but would still like to hear other's peoples ideas of what causes this.

By the way, it's been a long time since I've been in a boat, let alone drive one. That Monsoon was quite impressive, I made it very apparent that I was impressed, not a good poker face from me as we have not negotiated a price yet. I couldn't help it, the rumble and the force was incredible!!

Any help on how to post a pick would be great.

Thanks all.

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I've seen more than a few glove box doors and dash pieces like that. Just a bad plating job, not indicative of how the boat was cared for. If you can't get them replaced, they might look just a good sandblasted...


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