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What is everyone WakeSurfing on?


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I have seen pictures of people on a lot of different surfboards on the site in the past, from boards made for Wakesurfing to round nose beach cruisers. What is everyone using and why do you like or dis-like it?

We have:

5'6" Hyperlite Landlock Wakesurfboard- is a great board for cruising and beginners, not going to be doing spins but, still a great ride and worth the money.

5'6" Sunset Designs Surfboard - I have only tried it once behind the boat didn't seem to hold a very good edge, I need to start taking it out more often.

TrickBoardz-Large - Like the board still not that good on it when you first get on it it is like wearing roller skates on an ice rink. Now that I have gotten use to the board it is a lot of fun to ride, actually I should ride it more often.

TrickBoardz-Small - My son rides this, he like to hold onto the rope and do tricks with it like 360's on top of the wake, carve, etc.

That's what I have in my racks what about everyone else?

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I was looking at the CWB Tsunami while at the pro tour this past weekend. The rep sure made it sound good, but then I guess that is his job. I would like to try it out though.

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Just bought a 2004 Inland Surfer Green Room from stewart. I'm really loving this board. It's great for big guys and beginners. Also good for smaller wakes.

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i have an 04 Landlock with A-wing fins. they make it a little squirrely, but it makes you learn to actually use the edges instead of the fins, and it breaks loose & spins MUCH better.

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TheDucky just bought us the latest HL Landlock. It is so easy that all four people to use it so far so far have gotten up on their first attempt. We choose the big board thinking that it would not require as big of a wake.

BradB needs to chime in here. He is the expert. I think him and his crew have surfed everything including 2x4's and trash can lids.

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BradB needs to chime in here.  He is the expert.  I think him and his crew have surfed everything including 2x4's and trash can lids.

Don't forget bed pan... Surprised.gif

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It's true you can surf that landlock off 6" wake, HUGE board, great for little wakes and big peeps!

The Phase5 gets my 5 Star ***** stamp of approval. To be fair I have surfed a landlock, broadcast, inland, trick boards (short) and 3 phase 5's.

Edited: 4 Phase 5's, not 3... Biggrin.gif

Edited by tgaugh
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Was trying to talk TJ into a hand stand last time we were out, maybe next time.

I think that next time we are all together I am going to bring an array of things for him to try... Surprised.gif

I am leaning towards the Phase 5 Oolge, does anyone that is going to be at the Mini Texas WOW have one, would like try it before I buy one.

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Hand stands, I gotta see it!!

Regarding the P5's, they have 2 other smaller sizes you may want to look at depending on your size and/or how good you are (spins/shuv-its). The Oolge is the biggest one.

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