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How to get the biggest wave

Tyler Peterson

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I just bought a 2006 Malibu VLX and was wondering whats the best way to get the biggest wave? I have the internal ballast and power wedge. I also have about 2000 lbs extra ballast available. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to set up my VLX to get he max wake output?

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Front (bow) MLS full - 350 lbs
Center MLS full - 500 lbs
Rear surf side MLS full - 200 lbs
Rear off side empty
Wedge down (we have the free floating wedge)
750 Pro X in rear surf side locker (it usually is about 2/3 - 3/4 full)
500 lb sack on surf side seat in cabin
Wedge down
Speed - 10.4


IIRC that day we had 4 adults & 2 kids in the boat, so a pretty light crew all things considered. If we have more people, then we ditch the bag in the cabin in the interest of seating. Also, we have the free floating wedge, not the power wedge. I've heard that you need to run it in the full down position to get a clean wave, but I'd play with it & see what you can get. <disclaimer> We never run that kind of weight when we're in an area of homes/docks. You also have to be aware of how badly the boat's handling goes south. Have fun, but be safe doing it.

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The boat likes more weight up front. If you run stock ballast, you may like it even better if you add about 200lbs up front. It makes the top of the wake "thicker", with more substance which makes it harder to punch through the top of the wake & allows you to get optimum pop. Try it when you have some people in the boat, you can move them around easier. Using the power wedge, kicking it back will add some lip to the top of the wake - some like that, some don't. The farther back, the steeper it gets.

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anybody know how a pro rider would set it up. I know they put a lot of extra weight in the boat, just never figured out how much weight and where they position it.

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For wakeboarding, you just want to add more weight to sink the boat more. As more weight is added you want to evenly distribute it throughout the boat. As was stated, make sure you pay attention to adding weight to the bow of the boat. Make sure you don't just add weight to the rear of the boat. One way you can play with the shaping of the wake, is to get a lot of friends out in the boat with you. The bigger the better. Then direct your VABs (voice activated ballasts) to various locations in the boat until you get the size and shape of wake to your liking. Also play with the wedge settings. When you get to the combination that you and your crew like, then you can see about adding additional fat sacs or lead weights in those locations. Remember also that the more weight you add, the more sluggish the boat will be in handling and be more prone to taking water over the bow.

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We for craps and giggles added a 400lbs bag up front and the 750lbs bag in the cabin area on the floor. To be honest the wake was hard but wasn't any bigger and in the end a waste of gas imho. Adding another 200-300 up front to help shape the wake is all needed beyond stock. With the extra weight up front you can bring up the PW a few clicks and with the extra forward weight help to reduce the steepness making more of a rampy style.

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anybody know how a pro rider would set it up. I know they put a lot of extra weight in the boat, just never figured out how much weight and where they position it.

I saw a pic of Chad Sharpes VLX

-Bow bag on top of bow ballast

-750 in the walkway

-1 or 2 750's in the cabin area

- 750 in each rear locker

and I am guessing the stock ballast was full.

I have no idea if Mr. Sharpe runs any lead underneath the seats, but just the fatsacs would be a good start.

here is a linky

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