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Where my oil hiding?


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I have 86 hours on my 23 lsv with hammerhead and i have only had one successfull oil change.. I am pretty mechanicly inclined and i am completely baffeled how this is causing me issues so here it is. My first oil change (15hrs) was done by my Dealer and he used a pump to extract the oil from the drain tube. Needless to say he didnt get all of it and filled it with only about 3 quarts of new oil which didnt have a chance against the 2 quarts of old oil left in the engine. I changed it after a good day on the lake and dropped the oil line through the hull and I let it drain over night. The next day i changed the filter and put in exactly 5 quarts... Perfect! I was very happy and that was around 35 hours. I didnt burn any oil or lose much and the oil started breaking down at about 80 hrs and it was about time for another change so a couple days ago i spent the day on the lake and changed the oil. This time i left it to drain for 2 days and i only got about 2.5 quarts out of it!!! Of course i didnt check that until i wasted 5 new quarts of 40 wt racing oil!!! So now i have to re-drain with a pump and hope i get it all this time to give new oil to that sweet a@* hammerhead. My question is, Where is the old oil hiding??? I pulled the filter the first day of the oil change and i had plenty of oil in the engine the day of the oil change, so i know i wasnt low. I had the hose routed without any bends so no need to ask me that one... What ever you can add would be much appreciated...

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Did you check the fluid level before you drained it? Was the boat level?

So you replaced the filter, and put in 5 quarts? where is the oil level now?

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The boat is level and i did replace the filter. Before draining, the fluid read on the higher side of the dip stick, so i knew i had about 5 quarts. After putting in 5 new quarts the level was outragiously high ( 3.5" above the highest measurement) so that tells me the 2.5 quarts i got out was truley only 2.5 quarts out of the total 5 quarts. Another 2.5 quarts still remained in the engine somehow...

I am draining it again and I noticed the connector on the bottom of the pan was at a right angle and not down. I turned it down, but could that have been it?!?

Who jacks up they're trailer to change the oil? Is this true?

I will know more tomorrow when i measure how much oil i got out of it this time.

Thanks for your help!

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I am draining it again and I noticed the connector on the bottom of the pan was at a right angle and not down. I turned it down, but could that have been it?!?

That was probably it - wouldn't take much rise of the hose to keep 2qts of oil in the bottom of the pan

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I'm not kidding about having to raise one side of the boat to get all the oil out. Don't ask me how this gets the oil out but, it does.

Read this concerning your strange oil level readings.

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