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Vinyl Wrap


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I had a 1991 Sunsetter with one of the "Classic" colors. I sold it to a friend and he wants to change the color, as I always did. It is a solid boat and has many good years left in it. We were talking about options and thought about vinyl wrapping it. Any thoughts / experiences would be great to hear about. I am not a fan of painting a boat, and gel is too $$$$. I know I have seen it done on fishing and some race boats at some of the shows, but I would assume that they have sponsors that can pay to have this changed every year, or after an event.

I would think that it would give a good finish and protection. If damaged it would be easy to replace a section.

Concerns would be how will it hold up to the elements sun, water, etc... and what is the maint. on this stuff?


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I don't know how it holds up, but you can sure get some wild, imaginative designs. I've seen some that look like a battleship, or like a WW II plane. Some crazy stuff. You can have some fun with this.

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I love the MC Loco wrap. I read online that wraps should last three or more years if it is taken care of and stored indoors. Cost for the MC loco is $3K.


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The Wakeoutlaws' wraps seem to have held up really well. Their design is pretty friggin awesome. You really have to see it up close to appreciate it; the detail is amazing. I wouldn't want it on my boat, mind you, since I'm pretty much a minimalist on graphics, but it's easy to appreciate.

I just can't see spending $3K for a stock wrap, or $5K or more for a custom wrap, just for the sake of protecting your boat. That can buy a lot of wax and equipment, and gelcoat detail work to repair the occasional scratch. If you want the one-of-a-kind look or want to promote something, then it might be worth it.

Also, I don't think it would be easy to repair a damaged section at all. I think you'd be screwed at that point.

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Some of the wacky looking graphics their doing wraps with now days are pretty wild...... but not really something I'd like on my own boat. Seems like a savvy vendor could design a partial wrap that would basically add some flare or change the stripe scheme up a bit. A guy could spend a little money picking up a good used boat, add a wrap, clean up or update the interior, add a tower, stereo, etc., and end up with a good boat that looks like it belongs in this decade.

Heres a thread where a guy on WW did exactly that. Much closer to something I'd buy.

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