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I found this site and it has MSRP prices on the base boat for 2008 Malibus as well as other boats.


Click on the model boat and then chose the price option....

Options prices would be another question.

As a general statment boat invoice prices are 30% off the MSRP for boats. Would others agree?

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The base boat price on a 09 Wakestter VLX is $60,317USD or $63,173CAN

09 Wakestter 23 LSV is $66,032USD or $$68,549CAN

That must be for a '09 23 LSV without any options. They get over $80k pretty quick.

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Don't quote those numbers that's just an educated guess I came up with really quick based on prices I've seen on boats in the past. Everything can change that number including trailer option, color option, interior options, tower accessories, manufacturer supplied electronics, etc..

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Thanks for the info. I don't know why Malibu would not put the information on their site.

They used to have pricing. Maybe they're trying not to scare anyone off with $$$ Shocking.gif

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No question about it Jack. When the price for these things starts to approach that of a house for some people, or double/triple the cost of a midsize car, you bet your a$$ it scares people off. They want people to come and see the boat and hopefully create an emotional attachment before dollars are even mentioned. Even then, they are going to emphasize the low monthly payments possible by getting a 15 or 20 year mort... oops, I mean loan. :blush:

If this practice keeps up, pretty soon the economy is going to collapse. Whistling.gif

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I'm not sure if I'm agreeing or disagreeing with ya'll's (I'm from North Carolina, I'm allowed to use 2 apostrophes in one word, it's state law, look it up!) statements. I guess it depends on whether you're a buyer or seller. But I've seen alot of posts about how ridiculous new boat prices are, that I agree with. I've also seen posts from people complaining about how hard it is to sell a boat right now, that I don't agree with so much, but I don't think I blame them for feeling that way. Ever since 2002 boat prices have been on the rise, new and used, much higher than the rate of inflation. I know a couple who got a good deal on an 02 Sunscape and now 6 years later it is, according to nadaguides.com, is worth only 1k less than what they bought it for. A great wakeboarding Malibu in 00-02 would cost 30-35k. Now we're talking about boats in excess of 70K? I'm not really sure where I'm going with this, I guess I'm trying to figure out who we should be mad at for the excessively high new prices and extremely low resales. Maybe it depends on exactly when you bought your boat and how good of deal you were able to work out. Just a bunch of random thoughts while drinking a beer (or 8)

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I bought my 07 Sunscape 23 LSV from a dealer brand new, only it was May 2008. He had a lot of 08's in stock and 09's coming in a couple of months. As a result, I saved just over 20K. It was the only way I could afford a new boat. But I agree, new boat prices are getting rediculous.

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