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no start and stumble

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06 V-ride, 320hp LCR engine. This weekend it stumbled a few times when starting warm but ran fine after the stumble at start. Then let it sit engine off for a half hour to eat and when I tried to restart, it would crank, I had spark but no start. I did start eventally but it ran poor, stumbled, backfired, and would die if I would give it any gas. I had to pump the throttle to limp it back to the dock to keep it running. So I am a chevy tech and am pretty sure it is fuel related but my question is to everyone.. Has anyone had this same problem. I suspect either two things, poor fuel or water in fuel. The other would be a faulty fuel pump when it gets warm. I did run it at home and check the fuel pressure which is at 75psi and bounces back and forth at times from 70-75psi. It did not die at home. The filter is ok and the pump screen is clean. Any suggestions? A pump is 350.00 so I don't want to just shot gun one. I may have to take some diagnosis tools with me to the lake this weekend. Thanks!!

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Search vapor lock.

Thanks! That seems to be my issue. I was almost gonna replace the fuel pump, that is what my dealer suggested. I wonder if it would help to add a second blower that forced air in and ran the air duct to blow on the pump area. This would help get some cool fresh air in and of coarse have the other blower suck the hot air out. It would be a continuous circulation of air.

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When I had what I suspected was vapor lock on my 94 Mastercraft (350 Chevy with TBI), the solution amounted to about 4' or 5' of fuel line insulation. MC & Chevy mechanics told me that TBI did not have vapor lock problems. But in the end the guys that helped me diagnose the problem were with Skidim.com.

There are a number of discussions about this in this & other forums. People have suggested that the quality of the gas they bought or the ethanol in it may have contributed. If you think this might be the case (or water in your gas), maybe some gas dryer or octane boost would help?

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