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Ballast drain pump keeps blowing breaker

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2004 Wakesetter 23 LSV, front ballast drain pump keeps blowing the circuit breaker. Fill pumps all work great, rear drain pumps work great, but front drain pump will run for a minute or two then blow the breaker. If I wait a few minutes, reset it, it will then run another few minutes until it pops the breaker again. It has been doing this for a long time, so I pulled the drain pump apart to see if there was anyting stuck inside it. No, it is perfectly clean and normal inside the pump. Funny thing is this; I think the breaker that keeps blowing is the bilge breaker. So I looked at the bilge pump, but everything seems OK there too and it seems to work properly. I never have the bilge pump switch turned on when I am draining the ballast tanks, so I am confused why it would be blowing this breaker. Malibu must have wired the drain pumps to the same circuit as the bilge pump. Any idea where to start?

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I ran the pump with it apart and it spun freely, it didn't apear to be acting abnormal. I will try switching the pumps around and see if that makes a difference. If I end up replacing the pump, I may as well upgrade it to something a little bigger/faster if it will fit in the same physical space. Any suggestions for a replacement? I am about 75 miles to the closest dealer, so it would be easier to just order something over the internet...

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When it was running outside the housing did it trip the breaker as well? If not and then you put it back in, it would appear the pump does not like the load. I treat pumps like impellers... always a spare on board or in the garage.

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It didn't trip the breaker when I was running it apart, but I only ran it for about 20 seconds or so, so it may not have had time to trip it... I am going to try picking up a new pump at the dealer if we go to town today and see if that fixes the problem...

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I forget where I got my pumps at last time, but with a little searching and cross referencing I got the same internal piece for like 1/2 price. BU has there own specific part numbers, once I figured out what the actuall part number was from other dealers I think they had a few versions with different flow rates.

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