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Crossover performance of 2003 23ft Sunsetter


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I have been looking at a new 2008 VTX because I want the ability to ski/wakeboard and surf. Yet today I found a 23ft 2003 Sunsetter LSV. It will be significantly less money then the VTX, but am I going to sacrafice on the crossover ability?

So I'm kind of polling for opinioins:

How will it ski?

How will it wakeboard?

How will it Surf?

The Sunsetter has a tower and manual wakeplate, but no ballast. I'm a recreational skiier, but really like to cut hard and wouldn't mind hitting a course if possible. My 10 yr old son is my most aggressive wakeboarder, and I'm not sure I would need anything but the wake plate for a while with him (is that a correct assumption). And at this point nobody surf's, but my wife and I want to try.

Again just looking for opinions, and thanks in advance.

EDIT: So it sounds like the wake will be flat enough for cutting back and forth at my speed. Now a new question is my 8 yr old slaloms (jshap she is willing to tutor you), and on our I/O the wake at 18-20 is very large, we see her fin when she comes back in and she isn't even cutting. Is the wake on 23ft Sunsetter going to be big at that speed or will it be mellow also.

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Ahh yes,

The ever popular question. How can I have it all? In short, you will need to compromise on something. Nobody is going to win a bike race with a hybrid bike. But I'm guessing your not looking to win the race.

I can't speak to the wakeboard but if you are thinking you want to ski a course, the 23 LSV is a big boat. At a 97 inch beam, it will fit in the course but you will be tight.

If you are looking used you will see a lot of postings about the older Sunsetter VLX being a great crossover. Those things have to be going up in value every year with all the positive postings

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A 23' boat isn't great for skiing period. It's easier to get a ski boat and make it more of a wakeboard boat than the other way around. Secondly the '03 LSV didn't come w/ enough factory ballast for wakeboarding and IIRC has hard tanks in the rear. If a vdrive is a must the VTX w/ the diamond hull is probably the best way to go. You get all the benefits of the under floor ballast for boarding/surfing but a great slalom wake as well. If the price is too steep an iride (formerly the Wakesetter and Sunsetter LX) does all sports relatively well. For crossovers I liked the SLXI but nothing is perfect and great at all the disciplines you outlined.

With added weight the 23' will wakeboard and surf great.

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If you feel like you want to run the course, in many cases this becomes an addiction that is only cured with more buoys. Once your skiing in the course, open water may get dull after experiencing the fun a slalom course has to offer.

If there is any chance of this happening (somewhere between likely and probable for many skiers), then a crossover like the SLXI would be my suggestion as well, big time.

Just like what has already been mentioned, you can add ballast, a wedge and a bunch of friends to the boat to get a wake, but no matter what you do to big Vdrive, there won't be a wake very worthy of a slalom course.

Direct Drive = Rockon.gif Slalom course skiing Thumbup.gif

V Drive = Surfing.gif

Lets see, would you rather Ski the course or surf the wake? Whistling.gif

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Don't about cocktailing! The VTX with a Diamond Hull is a great boat to ski with a 60' rope for a V-drive. The wake is also clean with a nice ramp for boarding. It's not as good as a DD for skiing or as good as a larger V-drive for boarding, but it is a great all around boat and it's only 20 feet long.

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we take our 23 foot waksetter on the course all the time, although it is a direct drive.... it also surfs and kicks a nice wake for wakeboarding. if you want it all, look for a newer wakesetter 23 xti with a diamond hull. in my opinion its the best all around boat i have been on, although i have never been on a vlx with diamond hull.

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Phil's 23 ft LSV is not alot of fun to ski behind -- unles you don't cross the wake. He won't even ski behind it. Ann will but she is not aggresive like Phil. It not as bad as a VLX(jshap) but the VTX is the best I have been behind in a V-drive.

Later, Tom

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As lakewaterjunky has said "If you feel like you want to run the course, in many cases this becomes an addiction that is only cured with more buoys. Once your skiing in the course, open water may get dull after experiencing the fun a slalom course has to offer." I could not agree more. Thumbup.gif

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