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09 line-up sighting


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so i was at the lake that malibu shoots the majority of the pictures for their line up today and they're doing the 09 shoot tomorrow. the maroon 21vride we have pics of already was there as well as the rest of the lineup. the best looking was an all white with gray accent 21ft er. it was in sunscape form with two captains chairs unfortunately but man was it nice. all the boats in the parking lot had led underwater lights and the majority also had the new ladder off of the swimdeck option as well. the most surprising thing was how large the 21 v ride looked. even up close i thought it was the new 23 v ride and by up close i mean i lifted the cover up to look inside it. it wasn't til i asked one of the guys at the end of the day that i found out it was the 21. i really was looking for the 23 v ride since thats my new goal in life but i coudln't make out which one it was. they all were decked out to a t and flawless! it didn't help that all had the towing covers borderline superglued on and every exposed part shrink wrapped either. i'm ready to call in sick to work tomorrow just to watch these eggs hatch in the morning!!

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I have pictures of them all lined up.....but they do have the covers on them.

I thought about heading up today for a look....Malibu's houseboat is two over from mine. Perfect viewing location. They are shooting the new DVD. As we were pulling out, the photo boat with the tall camera tower was pulling in. Would be fun to watch them put the whole thing together.

Pictures are on my camera at home...will post them later.

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Ok....like a kid in a candy store!

I really liked the dark blue one with the small red accent. But like the OP said, the all white with grey was stunning, at least what you could see under the covers. Hard to get good pictures as they had them stacked up like cord wood.


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Looks like they had a full line up of modles. Did you take any pics with them on the water or with the cover off?

No, sorry....my wife spotted them lined up in the parking lot as we were pulling away from the lake yesterday. I doubt they launched them until this morning.

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I'm so pissed I didn't get an all white boat after seeing the pics of other members' all white with white towers. I love that look and will definitely go that way on my next boat (which won't be for a long time!)

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Yeah those ride decals look pretty bad. I thought my 07 decals were bad. These ones look worse.

I agree about the 07-08 decals, but when I toured the TN factory a couple weeks ago the Ride decals looked a little different. The white background in the picture wasn't there, it was just the lettering. It does look better in person IMO, but it still could be better.

I'm so pissed I didn't get an all white boat after seeing the pics of other members' all white with white towers. I love that look and will definitely go that way on my next boat (which won't be for a long time!)

I like mine, its really easy to keep clean. Thumbup.gif I get alot of compliments on it on the water.

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Do the color matched rims on the white/gray boat's trailer spin?

Nope, but they are 20's. Biggrin.gif

Just more cost, sure the bling is cool, but if you've already got a clearance problem this won't help. Not sure why 20's would be better, wouldn't it make for a rougher ride?

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They look positively awesome, but it does actually raise the height of the trailer even more than normal. On the new VLX with its wide beam, it makes the boat sit even higher on the trailer than the old model. Add those 20's, & it's really high.

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