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Water Leak / Ballast Problem?

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Hi folks - new to the website. I just purchased a 2005 23 lsv with full ballast and just started to use it this last weekend. One problem that I found that is quite concerning is a leak coming up thru the foor just to the right of the drivers seat - almost next to the cup holder on the floor. We get a pool forming when we empty the mid ballast. My thought is there is a leak in either the ballast tank or a hole in the line leading from the tank to the drain hole on the outside of boat. Has anybody ever seen this happen? Any ideas to solve the issue. Thanks for your help!

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Does your boat have a heater? The driver area is place you would notice water pooling if you have a cracked heater core. I know you said it occurs when you use your mid ballast but my first thought was heater core. If its the heater, it would leak when ever the boat was running.

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Yes, we do have a heater in the boat. Do you know how I can check the heater core and determine if that is the problem? We were out on the boat today for most of the afternoon and I saw quite alot of water pooling on the carpet. Mostly around the drivers area. Right now we are driving around the lake with about 1/2 of the front ballast tank full - I cannot empty it as the breaker for the front pump keeps tripping. On monday I am going to take off the pump and see if somthing is blocking it - like a leaf or something. I hope the pump is not dead.

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if your core is leaking, you can bypass the core to stop the leaking until you can replace it. Just go to Lowes or HD and buy a coupler, disconect the the two hoses from the core and attach them together.

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The drain lines for the front and center tank are routed thru the drivers area also and they come out just below the rub rail on the hull check the connection of the hose maybe one is leaking when draining. On the front tank drain issue to access the pump you will have to remove the panel at the front of the walkway, at least that is where the pump is on the VLX, should be in the same spot on the LSV. The screws are at the top once you remove the screws that panel should slide up and out. To access the heater core you have to remove the drivers kick plate, there are several screws some going into the floor and one or two coming from the shelf that the cup holders are in. Their a PITA to fine but they're there. Good Luck and welcome to the site Welcome.gif

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Thanks folks. I checked out the situation this afternoon. What I found was that we indeed have a really BAD drip from both sides of the heater unit. Each side drops 2 drops per second so I can see where it can add up pretty quickly. I'll see what the malibu dealer has in stock and will try to replace tomorrow. Thanks again for the great info.

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Just fixed the heater in the boat. After reading some of the posts on this website, I decided to do the project myself. Core is only $35 from Lordco Auto Parts and takes about 2.5 hours of labour. Malibu dealership where I live wanted $200 for the core plus 2 hours labour for about $350 before tax. Everything is up and running with no leaks!

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