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Questionable sound

Louie Louie

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I've never heard this sound or noise before.

1996 sunsetter LX (Mid Engine) 320 monsoon 900 hours

A slight rubbing /squeaking sound /Rubbing sound (in drive, not neutral)

Coming from the back -Transmission Area OR maybe the shaft

It did not stay a constant sound and not very load, thus hard to locate.

It was after dark, so I couldn't remover floor boards to try to narrow down location.

Does the shaft packing ever make any sounds if needing adjusting?

What about the strut bushings or the Torgue Tube/ Thrust Housing

Out of the water inspection, all looks ok, Shaft and Strut feel solid

Thanks 4 any help.

Louie. Louie

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Well, a lot of folks have looked but nobody has offered a guess. So I guess I will.

Just from the description of the sound, I would personally start with the strut bearing. With a direct drive boat like yours, that's about the only thing that will make the noise that you're talking about in that area of the boat.

If you're good with tools and have the patience, you can probably replace it yourself. Do a search, other have done it and you could ask them for some tips. I don't have that kind of patience, so I'd take it to the dealer. But, whatever works for you.

I'm sure others will eventually offer a guess, that will either confirm mine or give you other ideas.

Best of luck.

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We recently replaced our prop with an ACME 515 (too much prop for a 265hp SSLX, by the way) and it has been "singing" a bit while in gear at idle. In neutral or off-idle, no noise, but it does sing a bit at idle. I only notice it when the rear seat is out. What prop do you have?

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If it only does it in drive, I would look at the bushing (shaft bushing may be wore out and could actually be vibrating) just in front of the prop! Has that ever been changed? The only other thing would be your tranny making noise Dontknow.gif not sure, have you tried using a stethoscope to pin point the noise?

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I've never heard pakcing making noise but if too tight, I suppose a possibility. I'd check your drip rate.

I also agree with bushing suspicions. How long have you owned the boat? Ever been changed? Take a picture and I (and others) can provide feedback. IF the rubber inside is totally worn and you are hitting the brass sleeve A) that could make a sound B) could score your driveshaft. You want to rule that out quickly. Make sure to get a picture from the front as well, and grab prop and feel how much slop there is.

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