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Different question about integrating bow sac


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So I have searched through about 4 pages and I am getting tired of finding the same thing over and over that doesn't help me.

I am integrating the Fly High bow sac into my stock ballast. My plan is to take the vent line from the mls sac and plum it into the fly high this will act as both my fill and drain to my fly high sac (gravity is a wonderful thing.) I will then plumb another line from the fly high bow sac to the stock vent (thru-hull.) Problem is as I am looking at the front sac (03 VLX) I can't figure out which one the vent line is. I have a woofer in the way of looking underneath the dash and I was hoping someone here would be able to explain the stock center mls bag set up for my boat.

Looking at the through hole near the rub rail it appears that the drain and vent are y'ing into the same hole. There is the fill and drain pumps towards the rear both those lines go up behind my woofer. There is another line atached to the front of the sac which also goes up into the same area. It is not making sense to me at all. With only two actual inputs into the sac I am now fustrated and lost and worried that I am going to have to go through the trouble of removing my woofer to get this project done. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Dontknow.gifDontknow.gifDontknow.gifDontknow.gif:unsure: :unsure: :unsure: :unsure:

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Having tried other solutions myself, i think you will find that it is best to run a separate fill and drain line for each sac added to your system.

if you are intent on trying to tie into your existing lines, you may need a buddy in the boat with you to tell you which line you are wiggling and go from there.

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I added the bow sack to my 06 Vride and used the center overflow as the fill line to the bow sack and it fills and drains great. The problem is once it fills it has enough pressure that the water pushes past the empty pump. I ended up making a quick fix by putting in a ball valve so that when I have filled the bow sack I close the valve until I am ready to empty. Which works OK for now but I am going to add seperate pumps over the winter.

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Well I bit the bullet and took the woofer out. FYI for anyone else wanting to know....

The fill line y's. One line the vent, one line up to the front of the stock mls bag to fill it.

The drain line goes directly to a second Y at the thru hole, the other line being what is the stock vent. I took the vent line off the Y at the thru hole.

Drilled a hole through the wall to the bow and plumbed it in to the bow sac. Again it should act as my fill and drain for the bow sac.

I then ran a line from the bow sac to the venting line on the the Y at the thru hole which should vent both bags now.

Taking it out later today to see if it all works. Went from 900#'s stock ballast to approximately 2300# or so all while hopefully retaining the stock switches. I'll report back to tell if it all worked or not.

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It all worked nearly perfect. Everything filled as much as it could and all drained really well too. Only problem was once the tanks were all full they would slowly empty out and through all the fill lines. The stock hand ball valves at the three pumps were enough to fix this problem But I am going to go ahead and add some inline valves to keep it fully automatic. What a difference in the wake, good lord. Now if the acme 1237 would hurry up and get here.

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swapped the hard tanks to the 750's as well.

Yup, this and the bow sack are the best things you can add to that boat. My wake is awesome and I don't even use the wedge.

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