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vlx monsoon engine issue (safe mode)

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I took a group out this afternoon and we rode for a bit then tried some surfing.

Towards the end of the afternoon the engine quit reving. I figured it was hot from the surfing and was in safe mode.

It would run fine for a few minutes after it cooled. But again we were only doing 10mph.

At the end of the day we spent a few minutes draining the sacks and MLS moving boards and ropes etc.

Cruising back to the ramp and I notice the boat was still running in safe mode. I also notice the temp gauge was stuck on 160.

I have not checked anything but I am thinking maybe its the temp sending unit.

Does this sound right to anyone or is it probably something else?



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Yes I do have perfect pass but this problem was with PP off.

The impeller is new. I am curious what could cause the temp gauge to stick at 160 (when the key is on) and also send the engine into safe mode.

I am not ruling out that the engine is overheating but since the problem was still there after plenty of time to cool off I am not sure.

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I checked the impeller it is still soft and there are not any pieces of rubber broken off.

I also noticed the temp gauge is reading zero now. That is with the key on but the engine off.

It also looks like the oil level is a little low. Is there an oil level sensor that would put the engine is safe mode?

I don't have a fake a lake so I guess I'll have to run her to the lake tomorrow and do some testing.

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The oil pressure has always acted a little weird. Under normal running conditions its up around 75. Then when shut off to circle back for a rider or something like that it drops to 2-3 lbs. The warning flashes and beeps but then the pressure climbs back up.

I have never had it go into safe mode though and this last time out when I had the safe mode problem I didnt notice anything wrong with the oil pressure.

any ideas?

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If the oil pressure drops to a certian level I am pretty sure it will shut the motor down on power.

yeah but you are going to get a warning buzzer also.

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No that is one of the things making it hard to figure out. There is no warning buzzer going off. The engine just will not rev past about 2k or so I atually didnt look at the tach.

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