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Throttle Cable

The Hydro Foiling Plumber

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I have a question about the throttle cable on my 97 Sunsetter LX. And forgive me in advance because I am sure I will not use all of the correct terminology.

We were out on the lake last Sunday and I was pulling a friend wakeboarding. He went down and I turned to get him and that's when it happened...the motor reved up slightly and I it felt as if the prop had come off. Lucky me! I grab a kids swim mask and jump in the water to find out that the prop is still there and everything appeared normal. I get back in the boat and move everything forward and remove the floor section behind the motor to check the coupler between the trans. and the shaft...looks good. I lift the motor cover to inspect the front side of the coupler and again all looks normal. My wife notices the throttle cable is not connected, then my buddies wife spots a nut in the bottom of the boat. I removed the threaded stud with ball joint from the cable by pulling back on the keeper on the cable that holds the threaded stud to the throttle body linkage. I tighten the stud down and reconnect the cable. Put everything back together and I notice that when I shift into gear and give it some throttle it seems a little stiff? I have come up with a couple of questions.

1. Has the nut always been loose and it finally vibrated loose? (I have only owned the boat since April) Maybe this is why it now feels stiff?

2. Is there some other hardware that I am missing? Something that will allow the threaded stud slide looser in the linkage?

Any input will be appreciated or if someone has a similar boat and could take and post a picture of there throttle cable connection at the motor so that I can compare it to what mine looks like. Or maybe someone knows of a link on this site or another site that will answer my questions.

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Holy Crap! No advice or answers but good thing you weren't close to your buddy in the water. That could have been B.A.D! Something for all of us boat drivers to keep in mind. Good luck!

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Had the exact same thing happen to me a couple of weeks ago.....didn't lose any hardware....but it did feel stiff...had to play with it a couple of times loosening and then tightening it back up to where it felt the same as before......what I found is that the place that it felt the best was literally almost at the end of the threads...which would explain why it may have come off in the first place.....just some vibration and didn't check it in the spring...added it to the list of summerization things to check along with the packing nut : )

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