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70" HO CDX with double Venoms

Arctic Slalom

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went on a ten day trip to cabin this past week. was awesome. put about 20 hours on the boat motor. had a family reunion with about 70 people at the cabin (for two of the days) and taught about 5 relatives how to wakeboard and another 6 how to water ski. countless others tubed untill they cried 'uncle'. it took some patience (wakeboard learning), but a blast none the less. it was a riot to see all the family members getting behind the boat.

anyway, i bought a used cdx and it was a blast to run. we skied (brother and I) about 2-3 hours a day for 5 days in a row. the ski is so smooth and fast! i'm trying to lean more 'forward' through my turns to get as much of the ski 'on-edge' as possible. is this the correct approach? Dontknow.gif any advice on how to ski the cdx? I'm coming from a old obrien world comp (which needed weight way back to turn).

i also managed to tear the side of the rear Venom boot. the boots are size large (my foot is a 10-1/2 or 11). have others seen this happen? I started as a small tear and grew to about 4" by the end of the week. Can I repair this or should I just order a new rear boot?

all in all the ski is a ripper. super fun. i'm 225 lbs. and the 70" felt great even up to 36 mph. my 175 lbs. brother, though, had a tough time getting it to bite over 34 mph. -simply to much ski for him.

any thoughts or pointers on the HO CDX would be appreciated! Thumbup.gif

are there any slalom skiers left out there?

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CDX was, and still is a fantastic ski. Ho is still making them for Wileys because people still want them, even after over 10 years in the making. Even Wade Cox, who designed it, still says its a good buy. And my wife has one.

Venom's did have some issues, but I still think they are a good boot for the mid to high level skier. You can buy the overlay and replace it, or have a shop do it. Its a pain in the a$$ but you can do it.

Getting more ski in the water in the turn is the right idea, however I wouldn't tell someone to lean forward. I would say, put more weight on your front foot and really bend your knees. To some it may mean the same thing. Its funny how you can say the same thing to 6 people and everyone interprets it different'ly.

70" is way too big for 175 pounds, thats why he can't turn it

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I love my CDX. I ran my PB on it (3@38), switched to a D3 X5 for a season and then to a Nomad for a season and never repeated it until this year when I switched to a Goode 9800SL. 70" inch is a big ski but sounds right for you. I'm 6'0" 180 lbs on a 66.5" Goode. Like bret said, try to be more balanced on the ski. More front knee bend will put more tip in the water. That ski (CDX) came around as well as any ski I have ever ridden. Its definitely what I would call a classic HO tail dominant ski though. It is sitting in my closet with all mounted up and ready to ride right next to the X5 and the Nomad.

I always felt confident that the ski would stay under me and I drove it hard. The new skis (high end anyway) seem to require a more technical style and don't like to be kicked around. That has forced me to improve my technical abilities (which is a good thing) but the CDX will always be one of my favorites.

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As said above, it's a very forgiving ski if you're not in perfect form. I still pull mine out and ski on it once in a while for fun. It's like having power steering. Anyways, flex your ankles and your knees to bring your hips forward more over your front foot. Don't lean forward or you'll just end up hurting your back.

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Definately get your knees over the front end of the ski. Get pressure on your front foot, the HO line is easy to tail ride on loosing all your carving ability. I pivoted my rear boot just a bit to give my rear foot a bit of an angle rather than straight on.

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