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Ski Wake Help


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Can anyone advise me on how to pull a skier with a inboard (beside a new boat). i have always had IB/OB and heavier boats. last year my new (Bu fell thru) so i got my nieghbors 21' MC (and the wake seems really big for a comp ski boat. I start at about half throttle or a tad more i speed up just a tad. once i get to 34ish i let off to plane around 30mph. i skied yesterday at ~34 and the wake still looked way to big. A best guess i would say it was 1.5 feet with a 75' rope pulled from center of boat. i am 200, the driver is 200, his daughter is about 100 and had a little less than half a tank of gas. I am just beginning to ski again but it was rough crossing that wake. is it just the way it is or is there a different startegy driving the inboards?

Thanks for help

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Is it a 209? If so I wouldn't say that it's a comp boat, but if you shorten the rope to 60' the wake will get better. It will still require some absorbing with your knees, but it will be a lot narrower. The shorter the rope the smaller the wake. If you have a rope with the take off loops, then just take off the first white section and set it aside.

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Its a 1992 PS 205 - w/walkthrough. i will try the shorter rope. i was thinking maybe i'm not planed enough, just not sure if i need a faster hole shot or maybe something else. it has a pretty large rooster tail.

btw: what does say 30@15 off mean?

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Water skiing @ 30+mph? That seems rather fast. I ski about 22mph. It sounds real odd that you don't plane out till 30mph. If this is an inboard you should have little bow rise. I agree a shorter rope would help but there's something else going on to make such a big wake and taking so long to plane out.

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The wake shouldn't be that big at 30 or 34 MPH. The 205 should have a pretty good wake.

The speed of the hole shot shouldn't make a difference once you settle at your skiing speed. You sure there isn't any ballast left in the boat somewhere?

X off is the number of feet you take off a 75' rope & handle combination.

So 15 off = 60' back from the pylon.

so 30 @ 15 off is 30MPH, 60 Ft rope.

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Guess we should ask if you're sure your speedo's are right too. Get/Borrow a GPS to make sure...

Also, depending on the prop, most DD ski boats run about 1MPH = 100RPM above 26MPH - so you should be running about 3K RPMs too.

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That year for the 205 normally has a decent wake, and 30mph would be the minimum speed for your weight. Like others have said, it sounds like there is extra weight in the boat.

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Water skiing @ 30+mph? That seems rather fast. I ski about 22mph...

:unsure: 28-32 mph is probably average for mid-level recreational skiers. High-end skis handle better at 34-36 mph.

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I've skied lots behind a 205 and it is a very nice wake. My first guess is your speedo is way out. That boat should be plaining well under 20 mph. I'm 180 and I ski 15 off at 32. Very nice wake at that speed. If you can't find a GPS get a friend with a boat to cruise beside at 30 on his speedo and set yours to match his speed.

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If you can't find a GPS get a friend with a boat to cruise beside at 30 on his speedo and set yours to match his speed.

:unsure: What if his is off too? :Doh:

Just a get a GPS. You can get an eTrex for less than $100. They're handy and fun to have around. :)

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Ditto on the speedo calibration. Mine needs it when we switch lakes or there is a big change in weather. Plus when it is dialed in at wakeboarding speeds, it is not at slalom speeds. I have an e-trex vista ($150 ish at most stores) and really like it.

That boat from that year should be a great ski boat. Not sure on the 205, but the pre 1993 MC 190 was the cats meow of the slalom world.

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