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MPH Gauge

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How do I calibrate my speedometer gauge in a 03 WakeSetter LSV? Its off by at least 10 mph above speed. Confirmed by GPS and PP...

Thanks for you help in advance.

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Thanks for the quick reply WakeGirl...

In the picture I've included and circled in red, are those the toggles you speak of???

Boy if it was that easy Im going to feel like a TOOL for asking...


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Those are the switches to adjust your speedometer.

The one with the right and left arrow will select which pickup the speedo is reading, it should be labeled 'PICKUP'. In the center position the speedo reads whichever pickup is showing the highest speed.

You need to have this swich selected to the right or left pickup position to adjust the speedo.

With the right or left pickup selected, you can then use the toggle switch with the up and down arrows (I think it's labeled 'SPEEDO' or 'ADJUST' or something) to make the adjustments, then select the other pickup and adjust it also.

Then put the right/left toggle back in the center position and you are all set.

Just remember that the 'adjustment' button (up/down arrows) will not work if the pitot select button is in the normal, center position....you have to select one pickup or the other for the adjust switch to work.

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Yup, that simple...

One should have arrows right & left for specifying the pickup & one will have up/down for adjusting the speedo for that pickup.

If the one with left/right arrows is in the middle, it will either avg speed or use higher speed. IIRC - it uses the higher speed.

Not sure which pickup gets adjusted if you use the up/down toggle when the pickup toggle is in the middle.

Be aware that speedo calibration is speed sensitive, so if you calibrate at 20, it will be off at 35. I have one side calibrated for 22 and the other for 32 - verified by GPS/Stargazer. They are about 1/2 - 1 MPH off each other at each speed.

Edit: RTS beat me to it...

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Thanks for all your help Crew!!! Problem solved...

Installed the new StarGAZER today too... Im pleased but will report later after I honestly board behind it. Just went for a test drive to insure it worked properly...

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