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Flat Foil Wedge vs. Bent Foil Wedge


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I have a 1998 Sunsetter LX direct drive, which I bought new in 98. First time out this season and the first time I/the boast has ever hit something. Don't know what I hit but the river was real low in May. To my point though the older Wedge is on backorder I guess some issue in China is what I'm told. I had the flat foil on mine and the Malibu Dealership in town hapened to have a wedge slightly used, bent foil. Instead of the repair shop taking my $500 deductable they gave me $200 (total price of a new wedge $700 including tax) and let me find my own wedge. I bought the bent foil wedge for $400 out the door. I cant find what the difference is. The guy at the dealership tells me he thinks it is all politics with Malibu that they said for 2-3 years that you couldn't use the wedge on the V-drives so when they finally decided to put them on the V-drives they put a bend in it so they didn't look like they were either stupid or lying for the past 2-3 years. He gave me 30 days to return it if I don't like it. I'm taking it out to the Delta this Monday, but I'm just real curious what the difference is if any so I can figure out if I'll live with it. Sorry this post got kind of long.

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The concept was that the bent wedge was better suited for the "v" of the wakehull rather than the rear of the direct drives which are basically more or less flat at the rear. The wedges for the V-drives are all flat now, so imho it really doesn't make a huge difference.

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I know it was a while ago when you last used the flat wedge, but I'd be interested to see a comparison of the wake between the two wedges on a wake hull and also comparing both of them on a nonwake hull...

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FWIW I have a 2002 Sunsetter DD ski hull- came with flat wedge- I hit a low spot and bent it up- when I ordered a new one I mistakenly ordered a bent one. Put it on -could not tell difference in wake from flat to bent- have had bent wedge on there for about 3 seasons- no issues

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Thanks for the feedback from all of you. I will let you guys know if I notice any difference when we go out on Monday. Here are a few pics of the damage (its all fixed now). I was at work earlier and the pics were at home.



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Oh Man!! Look at the strut that was pushed up into the hull and the prop mark! Shocking.gif However since it is all just fiberglass it can be fixed good as new.

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I wrote up a couple of comparisons on flat vs bent on a 98 VLX as I have both foils. Simply the flat is more aggressive & excellent for surfing. The bent is less aggressive and better for boarding. I settled on the bent but rarely use it as I prefer weight only for boarding & don't surf much. BTW, I got the whole assembly including backing plate for $250 so the deals are out there.............

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I actually bought the wedge from the Malibu Dealership here in town, they always hook me up when I buy stuff from them. The boat is all fixed $7300 damage ($500 deductible). I actually only paid $200 because the repair shop couldn't find me a wedge so he gave me $200 to find my own and didn't charge me the deductible, since the wedge only cost me $400 I had to pay $200 for the repair out of pocket.

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