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What's it take to be on the promo team?


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Ok, before everyone jumps all over me... I know getting a promo boat every year isn't all that it's cracked up to be and that's not the reason I'm interested in this. But I've been thinking lately that sometime in the next 5-10 years I'd like to get into the promo program. With the kids I don't have the time to commit to it right now, but when my youngest is older I would. I think I've got a pretty good idea of what the responsibilities are - at least from what I've seen around here.

1. Provide a boat for a number of events.

2. Work the boat show.

3. Work events for the local dealership.

4. Be an ambassador for Malibu, the dealership and water sports in general.

Both of the promo guys around here are in their mid to late 40's, so I would expect there would be an opportunity in the time frame I'm thinking. In short, I love being around the sport and think it would be a great chance to get even more involved.

I figured between the promo guys that are on here and the dealerships that I could get a pretty good idea of any commitments or responsibilities I may not be aware of as well as what it takes and how you get involved. After getting some ideas on here I may talk a bit with the current promo guys that I know to some extent and my dealership.



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You don't think so? I've gotta guess he's between 42 - 46 and would like to kick back a bit more at some point in the next 10 years. And Mike is about the same age. Both great guys - Mike has invited me out to ski while barely knowing me - but they can't do it forever.

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I just spoke to a few people about the promo program. They were not happy many people in and out of the boat and nobody takes caution ie stepping on seat, gel coat with shoes. Dontknow.gif

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I can only tell you how my local Promo Team works. I'm sure every dealer has their own criteria.

Malibu has an official factory program for 3 eventers like all other makes, but not wakeboarding, etc. It is up to us to choose the customers that we think would represent the brand, the dealership, are helpful and make the boat available for demos, events, work and drive for boat shows, etc. It always helps if there is a really good rider in the group.

Currently we have one official 3 eventer and seven other boats out on "Promo" deals. We have one local wakeboard school, two area college ski teams and wakeboarder.com/boardstop.com. The remainder is my sales staff, a local ski club that uses their boats for summer ski shows and two families that live wakeboarding and all the kids are very good riders.

It really was cool at our big winter Boat Show. We had three of our new '08 boats in the Promo corner of our space. All the boats were stickered up with my dealership's logo, we had Promo Team signage all over and the Promo Team members had their own shirts and worked the booth just like my employees.

My advice is to talk to the dealer, develop a relationship and be able to articulate why you would be a good ambassador for the dealership and the brand.

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