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98 Response lx issues, Speedo, Tach, and steering

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Hello everyone,

This is my first post. I have been on Turbo Buick sites for years and hope to gain as much knowledge off this one, as I did with Buicks.

So my problems are as follows.

1. Speedo does not work on left side, I changed over the power cable on the back, from left to right to check that,,, still only the right works.

Just changed over the air lines under the dash, will check that this weekend.

2. Guy told me the tach was broke, and sent me a new one. Pulled the dash, and hooked up the new one to the power cord and nothing. So that leads me to think that the gauge is fine, must be something else? So where to I look? Where is the sender for the tach? Anyone have some pics breaking down what is what on the engine?

3. Steering is stiff like a mofo, that must not be normal. So is it just an easy put in a new steering cable and bob is your uncle or what?

Thanks a bunch in advance for your ideas and help with tihs. Sure can be frustrating as my Moomba was so easy and never broke down on me. This one has been a challenge, plus with a car you are at the tools, with this I am in and out of the boat non stop..lol

She has the 310 hp chevy 350 fi. not sure about it either so i fyou have more info, I will take that too..

Has 1000 hours on it, and pretty good shape, interior shows wear, but the rest is fine.


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Welcome. Welcome.gif We will use our knowledge to help you spend plenty of $$$ getting your new boat exactly how you want it.

Speedo not working is typically a blockage in the air line - usually at the transom pick-up. Before you head to the lake, blow into the tube from the speedo side to see if it's clear. If not, work your way back until you find the blockage. You can use an air compressor, but be careful not to use too much pressure & rupture the line. That will let a LOT of water into the boat quickly. Alternatively, you can blow into the back of the gauge/air tube to make sure the speedo registers. I would not recommend using an air compressor for that.

Not sure about the tach. Does the '98 have a gauge computer underneath

Steering should not be that stiff - it should take 1 - 2 finger effort to turn the wheel. Stiff steering is usually a bad cable. Depends on usage/abuse/storage, but 5 - 8 years seems to be a typical life span of a steering cable. There are quite a few threads with instructions for replacing them... Basically disconnect at the rear & wheel, tie/tape rope to back & pull out from under the dash. It can take some work to get last foot or so out. Pull new cable through from under dash using rope, reconnect.

Looks like there were several motors available, but no Fuel Injected 310 HP engine that year. If you can post a link to a picture, someone will be able to identify it quickly & point you some online info.

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