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Looking for contact info for Jeff and Jason of Extreme Wakesports!!


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So here is the rub! Bought my RLXI in 07 from Extreme Wakesports formerly of Shelbyville, KY. Lots of problems with the deal to say the least. But the current and ongoing BIGGIE is the fact that the paperwork screw up on my boat trailer title has me in a bit of a headlock with DMVs of both Colorado and Kentucky. Seems they (Extreme Wakesports) did not fill out the paperwork exactly as required and as such I cannot register and license my boat trailer. Bummer!

Bigger bummer is the insurance company is very unhappy about no reg on the trailer and is now likely to terminate coverage. This will obviously affect the finance company in a less then friendly way. Meantime, dodging the state trooper is getting a bit old. Our preliminary titile search on my boat trailer did reveal a couple of major and very un-pretty details about this problem. I need to get ahold of either of these two gentlemen in order to stand a chance to get the paperwork corrected and the trailer registered!!! Yes I am incurring penalites for the state sales tax to be paid at time of trailer registration while this now year long effort continues. The Colorado Department of Revenue does not take kindly to this situation as well, but I apparently cannot pay these sales/property taxes until the registration is complete.

So I am asking the good members of the "CREW" for help in locating these guys in hopes that I can put this nightmare behind me. Otherwise, I will have a Boat Mate trailer for sale or scrap and be shopping for a new trailer for no other reason than the legal hassles connected to the one I currently have. That outta be cheap!

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Contact Brandon Cruse at www.centralkyinboards.com and he may be able to help locate the former Extreme Wakesports people. I know he used to deal with them all the time.

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Extreme Wakesports is gone, they shut down probbably close to a year ago. They were our dealer and sold us our VLX. You could maybee try talking to another Malibu dealer or a Rep. We had some trouble with the boat title and our Rep helped us out a buch.

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MMF Jeff really is the one you should have the beef with since he was the owner of extreme. I live locally and Jeff has disapeared as far as I can see. Sorry but I wish I had better news to give you; but maybe someone here can help. Have you tried calling boatmate or Kerry at Malibu for help?

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Have you tried calling boatmate or Kerry at Malibu for help?

I was also thinking maybe you should try Boatmate. They are very nice people and if there is something they can do to help you, they will. If not, you're out a phone call.

Since the trailer has never been registered, I would think there is something the manufacturer (Boatmate) would be able to do for you....

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