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1991 Sunsetter Euro F3 has issues...

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Interested in '91 Sunsetter F3. Hour meter says 384 and boat in pretty nice condition.

Concerns are:

- several gauge plastic covers spider cracked or faded to point of not being able to see dials. Owner says that happened during indoor storage because of moisture...just doesn't seem right. In any event, doesn't look like gauges pop out or that plastic faces are removable.

- prop pitch is 13 x 13 and three bladed...on water test we hit about 45. I'm into skiing but would also like to go max speed.

- tank is plastic...live on lake without marina selling gas with additive to prevent ethanol from eating tank. Any off the shelf additive I can add to straight pump gas to reduce alcohol effects?

- blower hoses cracked...sure I can just lift the hood to vent...but any source for these hoses?

- has the "competition" 5.7...looked like specs the same versus Mag...what gives?

- standard ignition...never did breakerless upgrade. Any thoughts?

- suprisingly quiet exhaust...seems to have extra wrap around pipes. Was this model know for quietness?

- recent bill had new starter, summerization (what does that entail for $115?), oil change and filter for $36 parts and $78 labor!!! Is that a typical oil change price for a boat with a v8 motor?

- bill also included a new impeller because it was overheating. Any kind of engine kill or alarm if overheat condition occurs? Other than gauge, wonder how owner knew it was running hot...

Boat drives and runs smooth otherwise...

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Errr, so what's wrong with the boat again.

-those gauges are like 17 years old, the plastic has just become brittle, you can't remove those platic faces unfortunatly

-I'd say the 13 X 13 is the way to go, 45 is about right for that boat with that power

-plastic tanks don't have issues with ethanol, the real problem is with fiberglass tanks in larger boats, and also the fuel lines. No additive I know of

-www.skidim.com for the blower hose, or any West Marine

-no clue

-I think people like the breakerless upgrades, but if it ain't broke....

-the silent riders with the crossover was the standard for that motor

-summerization is putting in all the plugs and running the motor, nothing fancy. $100 is a pretty typical dealer charge for an oil change

-Probably an alarm, don't know off the top of my head.

Seems like very minor problems for a 17 year old boat! Enjoy


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I have the same boat as you do but mines a closed bow. I bought mine 2 years ago and my gauges were cracked and fogged just like you're explaining. I replaced all gauges for a few hundred bucks. I went with the Faria Euro gauges.

The guy before me put on a 4 blade 13 x 13 prop and its performed well. The 4-blade I've heard gives you a better hole shot, which most people struggle to hold on if I hit wide open throttle when pulling someone. There are few times that you'll hit top speed unless you're in decent water. My boat tops out about 43 or 44 mph, which is fast enough for everything I do.

I havent had any issues with my plastic fuel tank.

www.skidim.com is a great source for most parts you'll need

The competition engine is a 260 HP 350 V-8.

The other maintenence he did is normal stuff you do every year. I change my oil every year and replace the impeller. Most on here along with myself will recommend to always have a spare impeller either in the boat or in your truck. Its the worst thing to drive the boat all of the way to the lake and find the impeller gives out on you. The impeller is really easy to change, only three or 4 bolts and swap it out and put the bolts back in. I do all of the maintenence myself including the oil changes and transmission fluid changes. Buy yourself one of the oil extrator pumps, I use this one http://www.skidim.com/prodinfo.asp?number=6001316 . The way he could tell it was overheating was from the red light coming on next to the temp sensor. My boat runs about 150-160 degrees, so if it deviates much from that the first thing to check is the impeller.

My exhaust is pretty quiet, but if you're standing on the shore and I drive away it sounds pretty good.

Here's the blower hose you need http://www.skidim.com/prodinfo.asp?number=MPI402-30000 only $0.64 per foot.

Good luck with your boat purchase. You'll love your boat. Post some pics for us.


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Gauge sounds like sun exposure issue...not from storing indoors.

With these types of boats, you have to watch the temp gauge and when it starts to creep up you need to start thinking about inspecting the impeller. It should be changed everyyear or two and its smart to keep a spare on board. They are easy to change out.

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Thanks all for your replies...very helpful!!!

jcaksume: how easy was the gauge replacement...stock look like dash molded around them...

Don't get me wrong guys...I'm very hands on...just looking for advice and really, wanted a turn-key boat. Spare time is limited and want to spend that mostly on lake.

I supposed I'm dreaming though when looking at these years...just very frustrating to spend gas and hours travelling to look at "mint" / EC boats and there's many little tweaks that need to be made. Esp. when the asking price is pretty high with that in mind and with current economic conditions...

Asking price is $8K/obo...I offered lower $7's...no deal yet. I suppose I'm not going to find much better at this price level though...

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Seems like a deal to me, I sold a '90 supra in good shape for $9,000 with more hours, and this is BU!

Understand what you're saying about turn key hopes given limited free time. But even with an '04 I always seem to have something that should probably be done on it, but that's partly because it's somewhat of a hobby for me however.

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