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Ok, I got my Transomshield from Overtons (not online yet, but in their catalog.)

You can also get it here, http://www.iboats.com/mall/index.cgi?prod_id=49417

It's basically like 12 mil scotcal, but pre-cut to fit the transom. Available 3" or 5" wide, 105" long.

It was more than long enough to fit across the back of my '05 VLX. In fact, I let it go all the way around both corners, but still cut off about 10". (Plan to use the excess elswhere.)

Upon opening, it says "3m" on the back, so basically I think it's scotchcal, or a very similar product. It comes with nice instructions, and a squeegie to intall it. All that's needed in addition is isopropyl alcohol, and a sprayer.

To install, you clean the transom with the alcohol, or whatever's necessary to strip it off. I removed my swim platform for access, and planned to install the strip a little below the edge of where the platform meets the boat.

After holding in position, I discovered the 5" strip was about perfect width. It covered the bottom portion of the Malibu tatoo on back, but not the raised drip-molded part. The instructions say it's OK to install over stickers, so I went ahead and installed over the lower part of the tatoo.

After preparation, the install was relatively easy. I laid the strip down, and pulled the backing off cleanly. You then soak liberally with the alcohol/water mixture, as well as wetting the back of the boat.

With my wife helping, we then stuck it on the boat, and squeegied out from the center as instructed. It went down very well, with only a couple air bubbles I was unable to squeeze out. The edges stuck very well around the corners. The film is pretty thick, thicker than I expected. It looks like it will do a good job protecting the transom.

The next day after drying out, it looks great, and is practically invisible, unless you're right up on it. I need to use a needle to get rid of the couple small bubbles I have, but they are almost invisible anyway. I was surprised how successful I was in getting it down with amost no bubbles.

I plan to use some more of the stuff possibly on the top deck sides, just behind the tower where everyone steps. I'd like feedback if this is a good idea, or should I get some Gatorgrip? The film isn't nearly as visible as the Gatortrip, which was why I thought about doing this.

Anyway, worked well so far. I'll report back after it takes some abuse, see how it stands up. It's guaranteed for life to never yellow.

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I finally got out yesterday and wet sanded and power buffed (with 3M Perfect It Foam Pad Glaze) the various nicks and scratches on the boat, particularly the transom. It turned out great and looks brand new. I still have some deeper scratches that I sanded out and filled with some gelcoat patch kits from Spectrum Color. I need to sand and buff them later.

I tried out the Transom Pad (sold on Malibu Essentials) and it fits perfectly covering the transom. I probably won't use it all of the time, but will definitely have it out when I have newbies putting on wakeboards - like at our Houseboat Camp.

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I just bought the teak guard from teakworld. For about $70 (including shipping) I received what is essentially a duplicate of the platform strip that is closest to the transom. Also provided are stainless steel screws and four blocks of teak in case you want to raise the strip even higher. I plan to only install the strip only.f

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P.S. When I was at the Boston Boat Show this February I noticed that all the Mastercrafts came with the teakguard installed. Nice detail on Mastercraft's part.

If didn't know what to look for you woud hardly know that it was there...

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Here is the contact info for Teakworld, the OEM suppliers

of the teak platforms for Malibu, in case anyone needs

repair parts or wants to purchase a transom guard for their



98 Whipperwill Rd.

Lebanon, TN 37090


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