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new impeller arrived

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ok im fixing to put the new impeller on but there was a little rubber black seal that came in the gaskets where exactly does that go. thanks and any other tips for installing the impeller is greatly appreciated.

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Without being there to see what you have, I would expect it to be the seal for the housing/shaft at the back of the impeller housing. You shouldn't have to replace that if it's not leaking. Just pull the old impeller, spray a little lubricant on the new impeller and put it in, replace the gasket on the cover and tighten it up carefully. A little torque on each screw until they are all tight. Don't run each one down all the way and then move to the next one. They are small screws, don't torque so much as to break one.

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spray a little lubricant on the new impeller and put it in

I don't think you're supposed to put any lube on it... but they usually come with a little water based lube. I think spray lubes can damage the rubber

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Believe me when I tell you, almost EVERY rubber part on your car/truck that has to slide or move during assemebly is lube'd. A little soap on the impeller will do a lot for it during the first few DRY spins before the water gets to it. Most times the vanes of the impeller are not going the direstion they are supposed to after install.

Just my $.02...YMMV

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hey guys thanks for the help but one last question is the fins spose to be pointin a certain way or will the boat turn them the other way once it gets to spinning?

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I have replaced the impeller every spring - for as far back as I can remember.

I'll use darn near anything in reach to lube it.

Everything from Dawn to WD-40.

Last decade or so I've used boot lube cuz its right there handy.

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The fins will orent themselves as soon as you hit the starter. Definately use something to lube it. Brad has the right idea, binding lube works good, or silicon spray, or soap, or WD40, or a lot of spit, whatever...

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