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Help me decide!!


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I drove the Malibu V ride and the Moomba Mobius today. Still need to drive the Tige Z1.

I would appreciate some input from anyone with experience in these boats.

Here are my Pros/cons:

Malibu V ride:


Nice ride thru chop

Turns on a dime

Steers super easy and tracks straight at low speed

Swivel cptn chair

Nice storage

Led lit inside gunnels

Awesome tower design

Speedo is digital and adjusts easily with cruise. Holds speed nice.

Cable free throttle...really nice for control

Quiet and smooth

Lift up strut supported storage door in passenger area

Good upholstery and stitching



07 I drove was pretty plain and priced at 42k..seems like 08 would be the same?

Manual wedge...please debate the taps, vs wedge, vs adjustable wake plate. I was told the floating wedge messes up handling when its doin its thing.

single axle trailer

Only 4 speakers

Plastic cup holders

No racks

Smallish, but not bad interior, seats 10

08 Mobius LSV


All white w/ blk accent was sweet.

Spacious interior

Loaded with tower speakers, dual amps, wakeboard prop,hydraulic wakeplate, Gravity 3 ballast for 42k.

Seems to ride well thru chop, tracks well, quiet.

Nice carpet

Good storage

Rear seat pulls out for rear facing seating

4 year drive train, 3 year bow to stern warranty..due to show special


Cable throttle system..seemed harder to control speed.??

Non Swivel cpt chair

Seemed to have more "vibration" initially on acceleration

Front passenger seat access pad squeeks when you lean on it and it opens into cokpit area vs opening up.

Sterring..is it different than the malibu? It seemed like the Malibu was 1 finger steering...??

Tige Z1


Sweet looking

Nice area to sit on back of boat to put skis on

Digital speedo? with dial also?

Simple cruise...no look

Storage area opens in bow also, uses shocks.

Taps system...trimable...no need for ballast bags

I can get a smokin deal on one...cant say how much but its almost too good to pass up.

Supposed to ride better in chop, and quieter, with hull design and the way the two halves of boat are fiberglassed together???


Seemed tight inside bow a bit, and in main area.

Semi swivel cpt chair

Seems as if dealers are coming and going

Will they be in business for years like malibu and moomba?

Havent driven....soooo

Yamaha 212x...

I dont have enough time..lets say it is out of the running

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I have never ridden in any of them personally, but i love my malibu. I have an LSV 21.5 and it holds 12 easily, upwards of 15 if we squeeze.

I am pretty sure the Wedge diminishes performance however you look at it. it adds "weight" to the boat, and makes it awkward to do power turns etc...but put that sucker up and it handles like a Ferrari.

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I would say that you have them in order! Bu, Moomba, Tige, We looked at all of these boats also. You didnt say anything about the people you are buying the boat from. I would say that a very large part of your choice should also include service. We LOVE our Bu and unless our dealer retires we will be Bu owners for life. I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for.

good luck, and welcome to the crew. :werule:

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Do you prefer 18 YO Glenlivet,or Black Velvet? The Malibu is a far more refined machine than the others. Moomba is making great strides with value and bang for the buck, but personnally I do not think their fit and finish, or performance for what I was looking for is there. Supra is a closer comparison in features than Moomba. Can't say much about Tige, good or bad, I have heard comments on both sides and have no personal experience. You really need to just go with what works for you and what fits your budget. Obviously here, you will get nothing but Malibu. As for black, you can get Malibus in black if that is what is most important.

Also, the wake plate on the Tige and Moomba can't substitute for downforce (ballast), all they do is add varying levels of trim. The wedge pulls the stern down, equivilent to ballast.

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A couple items you might want to add to your list of pros and cons.

Resale value, look at boats that are 2-3 years old and then 5-6 years old. Malibus hold their value well, Moombas do not. I really can't speak to Tige.

The other one is quality of construction. Again, I can't speak to Tige but I know at least a couple of years ago that Moomba was still lag screwing their engine mounts into a block of hard fiberglass. Malibu, MC, CC and pretty much every major high end boat builder out there through bolts their motors. What does that mean in the short term? probably nothing but in the long term it can lead to stripped out screws which can create some serious problems

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When I was looking at boats I was comparing similar brands.

Between the 'bu and the moomba, the 'bu was definitely built better. For the price you could get more options (as you mention) but the build quality didn't seem on par with the 'bu. I seem to remember with the moomba there was a more spacious interior, but at the cost of storage particularly in the gunwales.

I came very close to pulling the trigger on a Supra that was a previous model year. The build quality was closer to the 'bu and it was loaded. When it came down to it between the Supra and the Malibu, the dealer made the difference. The only dealer in my area was a Moomba dealer that agreed to support the Supra, but it didn't seem like an optimal situation. We also knew at least 2 other people who bought Malibu's from our dealer and had nothing but good things to say about them. Add on top of that the Supra/Moomba dealer badmouthed Malibu in order to make their product look better and I was sold on the Malibu.

I actually wanted to look at a Tige. I didn't know much about them but was interested in seeing the layout in the 22i (kind of unique) and trying the boat. After several e-mails with Tige from their web site they said that they didn't have any dealers in my area. They had lost (dropped?) the dealer (or dealers) and were actively looking for others. They didn't even have a dealer or boats at the Chicago boat show. Since I wasn't going to by a boat unseen without any dealers in the area, this option was dropped rather quickly. I think there's a reason you're being offered a smokin' deal on a Tige. I can't say whether it's a good or bad boat since I haven't tried one, but in my experience there would be little or no dealer support available.

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I liked the Bu dont get me wrong, but I thought for a leftover 07, the price would be less than a new one...although they have a list price of 54k on it, and it really doesnt have any options on it......and its marked down to 42k.

Its funny to hear the diff dealers talk about the diff manufacturers....none bash the other, but they will point out certain features.

The Bu issue was the wedge...if you listen to the other 2, they say its a nice boat, but the warranty isnt as good, and it doesnt have many "upgrades", they also think the wedge is an after thought, and say it affects performance when down. I forgot to employ it when we drove it though....

If the Bu was at 42 k and had tower speakers, board racks, etc, Id buy it....but its going to kill me to make a decision.

The tige, was a photo shoot boat, and I can get it for a song, lets just say its loaded, and is at cost. The dealer is a VERY large hi performance boat dealer, and they will be around.

I live an hour away from all of the dealers, so to me it doesnt matter all that much.

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The wedge will affect performance a little bit, but so will a ton of ballast. You can't expect a wake boat to turn on a dime when it's configured for boarding... but the Malibu is the only wake boat that will turn on a dime when it's NOT configured for boarding (wedge up, ballast empty). If the wedge is an afterthought, why are they still using it 10 years later? It plain works...

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I can't comment on the exact boats you are considering but I did demo a Tige 20V and looked at a few Moomba's. My primary desire was to find a V-Drive with great slalom and barefooting performance and a decent wakeboard wake. Frankly, I didn't care who manufactured it, I just wanted the best performance. By the way, my wife felt there was no comparison after looking at Mastercraft X2, Ski Natique SV211, Moomba Mobius & Outback, Supra 20 SSV, and Tige 20V, she clearly liked the Malibus the best although she said it was 100% my decision. (She is a very nice woman)!

To me there was no comparison between the Moomba and the Malibu - even the V-ride. Jan of 07 I was at the Chicago Boat show and sat in every DD and VD there which is all you really have to do to tell there is a difference in fit and finish of the boats. Tige felt very cheap while the V-Ride seemed very nice but not quite top of the line. I opened seats and found carpet that wasn't glued on and some other little issues that I could understand if the boat was a few years old but certainly not for a new boat at the show. Some of that goes for the Supras that I looked at as well.

As I mentioned, I did demo the Tige 20V and it was just O.K. The slalom performance was not as good as the VTX - CD that I chose and the boat seemed like a tank on the water compared to the VTX but surprisingly the VTX handled chop better in my opinion. The 20V had a decent barefoot wake and was fairly quick out of the hole but the slalom performance was the deciding factor. Frankly, I really hoped that I would like the 20V because it was going to cost me less but I didn't.

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all I can add is ask all the dealers for a couple refferals to existing customers. ask them for good and bad. trust me every dealer has them. listen closely to the people that had bad experiances. alot of time heated emosions make it worse but these are the best people to talk to. did the dealer offer to make it work? As far as the bu not being loaded personaly i wouldnt worry about it. make sure the fit and finish is good that is some thing you can never change. board racks and speakers can be had over time and as most find you will replace this equipment overtime as newer better options come out. changing the lay out or interior is something no one wants to do. Be straight up with the bu dealer tell him your on the fence you would be supprised what they can make happen. mine tossed in a board racks. and was willing to add the speakers at cost and install at no charge. just my 2 cents.

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If I wanted to spend the coin, the wakesetter would prob be in my garage. But, since this is my first boat, and I have young kids learnig to ski, board, etc, I wanted something that will be good for 5 years or so. I can afford a 70k boat, but, hell its a boat. Can i have fun for 35k? Yep, 40k, yep yep.

So thats why its so tough. Id like a few more options on the Malibu but at what cost?

Do you guys think 42k for a 07 is good vs the 08?

2008 advertised price on this boat doesn't include anything! No battery , fire extinguisher, cover , freight , prep, spare tire, and they put it on a very basic trailer. Our price is out the door, full fuel, Stainless bow rails,Complete Wedge, Boat cover, depth finder module, Water cooled shaft seal, fire extinguisher, battery, Custom trailer w/ spare tire, Not to mention a $1,031.00 stereo option that also is an extra.

What is the malibu warranty?

The Moomba is a 4 year drive train and 3 year bow to stern.

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If you want a great boat to last you, and you want it loaded then look for a 05-07 vlx, v-ride, or vtx. You will be able to find one you love that is mostly loaded the way you want for the price you want to pay. If you have to have new then work with dealer, i bet that they will be able to do something for you if they still have new 07 boats they need to get rid of.

I prefer not to buy a boat with all the stereo and lights, ect.. because i do not want to finace something that i will most likely replace in a few years. I would rather get it all my self and install it myself.

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Do you guys think 42k for a 07 is good vs the 08?

What is the malibu warranty?

The Moomba is a 4 year drive train and 3 year bow to stern.

42K for an '07 Vride doesn't seem like a bad deal. If what is being said in the "economy and malibu" thread is true it would seem like dealers might be willing to budge a little on an '07. I would think you have a better chance of having items included in the 42K price or getting a good deal on options rather than having them drop the price. Decide what you want. If you really want the 'bu then bring the moomba deal to your 'bu dealer an see what they can do to even things out.

Assuming the 'bu is what you decide you want...

The warranty is lifetime hull, 36 months everything else. Warranty is transferrable. See the details here

Malibu 2008 Warranty doc

I'm pretty sure 2007 was the same as 2008.

I woudn't be to swayed by the extra year on the drive train. most people will tell you that the largest percent of the problems occurr in the first year. After that, it's pretty much trouble free. Chances are if you have a problem with the drive train in year 4 it was because something happened to cause it and it won't be covered under the warranty.

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We have had a 2006 BU Vride for the last two years and just sold it this week. We loved it!!!! We looked at about every manufacturer when we purchased. This is just our family's opinion and definitely not scientific, but we did not like the Moomba except it looks nice. We just didn't like the fit and finish and the perception that some people have of that brand name, which made resale terrible in our region. Tige, we only tested a used one since those are not very common in my area and it was very nice, but resale here was not as good since it was not well known. We also tested MC, Nautique, Supra, Centurion.

Hands down the Vride was our choice for cost point, quality, warranty and customer service. I also just sold it this week for very close to what I paid for it new. I thought that was pretty good, and I had a ton of calls because it was a Malibu. I had heard many say that the Vride did not resale well, but we sold it one week. Plus the Vride is at a price point where you get many, many people that are trying to switch from I/O's to inboards/vdrives, or upgrade from a much older BU, etc. Price range opens the door to many more average people. It's an older designed hull (2004 VLX I think?), but it still kicks out a mighty nice wake.

Our close second choice was a Nautique 211, but when it came down to price and luxury, we chose the Malibu. Dealer service was great here and they brought the new boat to me which was over a 2 hour trip (4 hour round trip), and even came back to pick it up for the 10 hour service. I only had to go get it when finished. Not bad. And no warranty work in two years! And at least in 06, warranty was 3 years front to back, lifetime on hull.

We also had the power wedge on our Vride so I can't speak to the floater, but ours handled great at all speeds and in heavy turns. No doubt its back there, but for the most part you are going in a straight line anyway. We had three ballasts, 7/8 people and the wedge down all the time with the standard 320 engine. Flawless. If you are looking to haul more than 8 adults regularly, I'd recommend a bigger model IMO. It states 10 or so, but it would be a tight fit unless those are kids.

The Vride model is always thought of as "entry level", but after owning one I can say its entry only in price point, because we can't find that much different in it vs. other Malibu boats. Had one local pro go behind our boat and couldn't believe what we got for the money. And the person that bought it switched from a Mastercraft to our Vride and LOVES it!

You can also make a Vride nice with color options included in the price, or with a ton of options, just depends on what you want to pay. Some of our option choices: 7 speaker custom stereo with tower speakers, power wedge, bimini top, wakeboard racks, extra rear ballasts (three total), pop up cleats, docking lights, flip up bolster seat, etc.

Not sure that helps, but at least an opinion from our family. We are now looking our next boat!!

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Probably a better comparison in the Skier Choice lineup would be the Supra line. The Supras are more upscale than the Moomba line, and priced accordingly. Even then, I think the Malibus have a better fit and finish, but that is IMO.

Moombas make a fine boat, but it is not the same as Malibu, CC, or MC in terms of craftsmanship. That said, you can get a Moomba and your family would really enjoy it, which when it all is said and done, should be what it is all about.

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I have some friends who are die-hard Tige fans and have an 06 22v and love it. After being on it, the only drawback for me was the tower seemed to rattle around alot. The racks and bimini were good and the handling was fine for a vdrive. If you can get the Tige for significantly less than the others, I'd say go for it. Especially if you only want it for a while to learn and progress on. Another thing I liked on their boat is the access to the under-seat storage. Smaller areas open up so everyone doesn't have to get up and out of the way to lift the cushion completely off the seat, set it down and then get into the storage.

If price wasn't much of a factor, I'd completely endorse the Malibu becsause they really are the best in my opinon. Even my xti has more wake capability than my old self can handle. If you want the best, Malibu is it, but if you're looking to get into something for a while for a reasonable cost, I'd say take the Tige. Either way, you'll have a blast with your young family as you all learn and progress in watersports and get some quality time out together. That's really what it's all about.

From one 2thdoc to another!

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We bought a 07 vride with floating wedge and from my experience the

floating wedge has worked well for wakeboarding and wakesurfing. As previously

mentioned when weighted down with ballast and wedge it doesn't turn on a dime,

but it has only had a positive effect on our wakeboarding or surfing.

We looked at Vride, Moomba LSV, Supra 21V, and 2006 Nautique 210TE. Regardless of

price, we would have chosen the Vride for the quality, features we wanted,

and primary use of the boat (wakeboarding / wakesurfing) and most importantly the dealer interaction, which was awesome! The Nautique was second choice and it has a 5yr warranty, but felt significantly smaller than the Vride and the local dealer was in the process of switching over.

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Thansk guys.

I am a pretty decent slalom skier, and just getting into the wakeskate. My son and I will want to learn to board, but we wont need to have any pro wakes. The girls are just going to learn to ski.

To me the wake part isnt hat important, its the comfort inside the boat, the ease of handling, low maintainence, etc.

I can ge the bimini and racks installed for 1200...so Id pay 43200.

The Moomba loaded with tower speakers, amps, etc is 44k OTD

Now the tige is a boat that listed for 70414, and since it was the magazine model, i can get it for 44,500!

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Thansk guys.

I am a pretty decent slalom skier, and just getting into the wakeskate. My son and I will want to learn to board, but we wont need to have any pro wakes. The girls are just going to learn to ski.

To me the wake part isnt hat important, its the comfort inside the boat, the ease of handling, low maintainence, etc.

I can ge the bimini and racks installed for 1200...so Id pay 43200.

The Moomba loaded with tower speakers, amps, etc is 44k OTD

Now the tige is a boat that listed for 70414, and since it was the magazine model, i can get it for 44,500!

Okay, my new answer is the vride. I thought the tige would be cheaper.

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You are going to get more boat with the Vride. Even if you sell in a few years the value will still be there. I owned a 2000 sunsetter for 6 years and sold it for $5k less than what I paid for it.

Go with the Vride and get that family out on the water and have fun!

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Not to complicate things but as someone mentioned before you are reaching the range where you can get a used VLX or VTX (relatively loaded).

If you are going to go between just the three you listed, I'd probably go with the Tige since the discount is so substantial. I don't really understand why it would "need" to be that substantial and I'd investigate that thoroughly if I were you but whatever.

BTW, the trim tab just changes the shape of the wake and doesn't really do anything. For what you've said you will use the boat for you do not even need it. Bu's handle the best as a matter of fact not debate. Most of the other stuff comes down to preference and spin.

You'll have fun regardless of which way you go. If you really can't decide pick whichever dealer you like/trust the most. They are as big a factor in your happiness as the boat itself.

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You may want to consider a used boat or other options. I don't know where you are located but even a quick look at onlyinboards.com and boattrader.com will get you a bunch more options. I am partial to the VTX / 20LSV with the Cut Diamond hull for all around performance. If you are a pretty good slalom skier you will love the slalom wake and this is truly a top of the line boat. If you enjoy slalom with the VTX or 20LSV you will definitely NOT be disappointed!

How about this:

2007 MALIBU Sunscape 20 LSV 20' $47,365

5 Photos LOCATION: Ventura, CA

2007 MALIBU Sunscape 20 LSV, Monsoon Motor 340 hp, MLS-Midship, pop Up Bow Light, 2 Pair Cleats, Wedge (Manual),Depth, Wakesetter …


Tilly's Marine Inc.(866) 915-2414Email Seller

Updated Apr-23-2008


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We have had more boats in the past 7 years than I care to mention (5) and I can honestly say without hesitation that I will never own anything other than a Malibu again. There is not one bad thing I can say about the purchase – all my friends (Tige and Moomba owners) want to ride in my boat now because on top of being a great ski and wakeboard boat – I have the option to drop the plate fill the ballast and it turns into a surfing machine. I think that your dealer needs to be reminded of the current economy – when we bought our BU it was fairly plain – but after an hour of convincing we pulled out of the lot with a bimini, tower speakers and racks, dual axel trailer with break away tongue and spare – free heated storage for a year and a bunch of little things for about the same price as you are looking at. I can’t say enough about my VRide it is a great boat and a great investment for my family. Yahoo.gif

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