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Calibrating speedo w/ PP 6,5NG


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Going through the manual for 6.5ng it appears that the only way to calibrate the speedo is in the course. The only course I have access to won't be in for another month or so and PP is off a good 2 miles an hour right now when checked against GPS. Now it's not a huge deal, but it's annoying to be pulling a skier with a set speed of 32.4 and PP is telling me I'm only doing a bit over 30.

PP 6.5n had a way of calibrating the speedo outside a course. Is there no way to do that anymore with 6.5ng?

I tried calibrating the speedo in trick mode using the steps in the manual expecting that it would carry over to slalom mode - no dice.



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Are you able to measure out 850ft accurately? That is the only need for the slalom course is the known length. GPS and a couple of bouys could get you close I would think...so at least you won't be off 2mph. Are you sure you can't calibrate at a speed closer to 34mph. I'm going by memory but I thought 6.4 had calibrate speedo mode where you basically pick the speed to calibrate to. I could be wrong, as I've got my speedo calibrated at 19mph close to where I trick.

You could drive a couple of hours and borrow our course for a quick calibration. Biggrin.gif

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Hell, if I'm driving a couple of hours you're going to be stuck with me bumming some pulls off of ya. :)

I took a closer look through the manual and it looks like you can calibrate the speedo in slalom mode. It's just buried in there a little bit under the "Additional Slalom Information" section, although the table of contents doesn't match with the section name at all. As much as I like PP they really need to do a more professional job on their manuals.

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I was thinking more of you bringing your LXI Thumbup.gif

But you are certainly welcome to come on down sometime. We are very spoiled with a private lake with a course and jump.

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Ok, it turns out that although the manual references a speedo calibration screen that how to navigate it is not in the manual, so I thought I'd give the steps for everyone's sake.

First off, just like setting your baselines, you need to calibrate the speedo when in slalom mode for each speed individually. In other words, you'll need to dial in 28.6, 30.4, 32.3, 34.2, and 36 separately.

So, to get to the speedo calibration screen you need to be in slalom mode, then mouse over to the > icon and hit the down arrow. This will get you into the baseline calibration screen. From there you need to again mouse over to the > icon and once again hit the down arrow. This will take you into the speedo calibration screen.

Once you're on the speedo calibration screen it's pretty trivial, just hit the down to adjust slower and the up arrow to adjust faster.

When done just mouse back to the > icon and hit the up arrow to get back into slalom mode.


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