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Hull/Deck seperation

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My cousin's boat had a soft spot up under the rubrail which popped when waxing it for the winter. This is the area which is almost parallel to the ground where the hull meets the rubrail. He took it to the local dealer two weeks ago and was going to get it back today. While I was inspecting the boat, I noticed the repairs were not done correctly and asked someone else at the dealer to look at them.

After additional inspection, the boat has several soft spots around the rubrail on both sides.

The dealer stated that Malibu would probably want the boat to be sent back to Malibu and they would split the deck/hull and then put it back together.

Has anyone had their deck/hull split after 1-2 years of use? If so, was the repair done well enough that you couldn't tell?

This is my cousin's 7th Malibu......This is unchartered ground and looking for someone who has possibly been down this road.

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not the same senario...but close...my dad used to do a lot of competitive trick skiing, slalom and barefooting...and his boat of choice was the nautique 2001 (this was back in the 80's). he was coming in one night and huge cruiser/yacht was comin out of the channel where we were going. it was going about 10mph and had a huuuuge wake it was throwin...it threw us into a channel marker..luckily we hit the side of the boat and not dead on. there was a big crack down the deck and it was split under the rubrail where the hull and deck meet. his buddy does nothing but fiberglass work and fixed it...having to basically redo the entire sides of the boat. after it was finished, it was as good as new. I have a friend now who works for that guy and speciaizes in fiberglass for boats...he was tellin me the other day about a similar boat that was brought in. he said if you repair a pieceof it you have to redo the whole side because it won't be structurally sound. all in all...the guy didn't have ins. on it and it cost him over 11k to repair it!

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I have not heard of any Malibu's, but have seen and heard of other boats going back, being split and coming back like new. Depending on how they are together some split easily. IIRC in my half asleep state malibu's are bonded and screwed together so I do not think they would be able to split it without major issues. My guess is they would build a new hull and deck and then utilize the interior/accessories out of the other boat. I also think this because from a manufactures standpoint if the boat has soft spots on the deck, chances are the hull, which would have been done at the same time, with the same materials may have some as well. The last thing they would want is to take it apart, fix the deck, and see the same boat in the future because the hull has a soft spot.

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Had some of this on my boat. Didn't have warranty though (2000 Sunsetter). Looks like the boat hit a dock firmly under the windshield on the driver side (A previous owner) I was getting splashes on my leg while driving. There was a 1/8 gap between the upper and lower halfs.

The fix was pretty easy. Pulled the rub rail loose around to the area, removed the screws, applied some plexus epoxy (Jamestown Dist) screwed it together and remounted the rub rail. Putting it back I checked along the seam and found a couple of loose spots and fixed that while at it.

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