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2 outlet vs 3 outlet heater


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Let's talk about heaters

I am going to call Heatercraft and put in a heater this week.

I am going to put the heater under the dash and it will be 90% used by the driver to keep warm during those cold sets.

Is one hose for the driver and one for the passenger enough? I put a 3 outlet heater in my RLX and I never used the 2nd extension hose. It was used with the vent and center hose heating the driver's cockpit and then the hose for the passenger.

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What's the chances the RLXi gets used differently than the RLX? Any way on earth the wife and kid(s) might join? Gotta keep mama happy...sometimes that means keeping her warm.

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3 Outlet is much larger core. Even if you don't use the third vent I'd install the three outlet.....unless you're putting in dual two outlets. :)

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I had the 3 outlet core & split two of them for 5 outlets, two of which were snorkels for the passengers & the back seat. One under the driver's side dash & two for defroster vents on the windshield. Everyone thought it was awesome.

It probably depends on how often you get out in cool weather.

But hey, if two outlets are enough, don't bother with anything bigger.

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Go with the 3 outlet. Mine was ordered with a 2 outlet due to misinformation from my dealer and I would love more heat. He said it was the same unit and fan, but the air was pushed through 3 hoses instead of 2. Man, I wish he was a crew member and had all the info you guys do!!

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My opinion is you can never have too many outlets. Especially with kids and/or ladies in the boat more often than not. I have a 3 outlet, and have sometimes wished I had at least a 4th.

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Mark, go with the three, no way could you regret it. Two euros at the driver's feet, one snorkel in the walk-through. The snorkel will at least send more heat into the cockpit, or can be pulled out for passengers (even to the bow!)/used as defrost if necessary.

I like my wife and son to be comfortable so I get to do early Spring/late Fall skiing. I have two heaters, five outlets. Surprised.gif

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imho, get the three unless you go for the four.

couple on the drivers feet is even better.

i've got 4 outlets.

i split the defroster from one of the hot tubes.

if the defroster vane is closed all the heat goes to the hot tube.

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I have yet to put a heater in my RLX, however when I do, I'm most certainly going with the 3 outlet heater. We use the one in my buddy's boat just as much for window defogging as we do for keeping warm. If you ski in the early morning or late evening hours, it's nice to have at least one heater outlet up on the dash. I think when I do mine, I'm going to do a hot tube down by the driver, a hot tube on the dash next to the glove box, and a rotating vent on the dash over by the driver. JMHO

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We found that the third outlet with a snorkel located on the drivers side of the walk thru just didn't cut it. It was awkward for passengers to stretch it over to their seat, and the one on the end was really the only one who could use it. It simply isn't long enough to make it to a second passenger, especially when it has to go over the first passenger.

The ultimate solution is to put one heater on the driver's side with 2 outlets pushing to your feet. Put a second heater on the passenger's side with 2 or 3 snorkels coming out under the passenger's seat (facing the engine cover). Now EVERYONE is happy. Look around the site, there are several pics of the second heater set up in an RLXi.

If you think about the cost of 2 vs. 1, it doesn't make sense to try and save a buck here.

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If you want snorkels that are longer than stock, give Heatercraft a call directly. The one I had in my 205 had a 6' long hose that easily reached the back seat.

Another good accessory for the heater is Hot Wrap blankets. Goretex on the outside, fleece on the inside & a velcro hole at the feet for the heater snorkel..... heater pumps it full of warm air. About the only place I know who sells them is the SkySki website.

I have three of these babies in the boat & they are the bomb for cold weather riding.

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I changed the snorkel tube on my walkthru pullout and now it will reach anywhere in the boat. Had to call heatercraft to send me a new outlet grill because the tube is glued in and can't take it apart without tearing it up. Now with the new longer tubeing, I just pressed the 2 grill parts back together and can replace tube in the future if needed.

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3 definitely. I put one in the walkthru & then put two euro vents by the drivers feet. One of the euro vents is converted to a pullout by ringing the mounting whole with heavy-duty velcro. The hose is extra-long & can reach anwher in my cabin of my VLX. I did it as an experiment and it worked great............

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