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07 LSV Gas leaking from top of the Tank

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I just bought an 07 LSV last fall and have used it a handful of times. I got a real good deal on the boat from a dealer that was out of state(the dealer was going out of business, but I did not know it at the time). Everything is great with the boat and I used probably 4 times before winter. I used it a couple of weeks ago and on the way to the lake, filled it up with gas (filled it all the way up which I hadn't really done in the fall, was scared to overflow the gas on my new boat). Anyway, after putting the boat in, we smelled gas fumes really bad. We lifted the middle rear seat and removed the tray. You could see the where gas had run out around the 8" or so metal plate in the top of the fuel tank. I took the boat to my local dealer to get it fixed. Of course my local dealer isn't real happy that I bought my boat from someone other than them but I have known him for a while and he has gotten over it and been good to work with. After keeping the boat a day or so, they tell me that Malibu has never seen anything like this before and wants them to replace the whole gas tank. They say the previous dealer must have over tightened all of the screws and thus damaged the gaskets. I contacted the dealer I bought the boat from who is out of business and he does not recall ever having to do anything on my boat and says it is bs and they should be able to just install new gaskets on the existing tank.

Sorry for posting such a long story but I wanted to give you the history. I really do not know what to believe in this situation as I feel like my local dealer may be taking this opportunity to prove a point that I should have bought the boat from him and is making this into a bigger deal than it has to be. I have not been able to get an answer as to how long it will tank to get a new gas tank shipped to the dealership. They seem to think this will be a long lead item and that the factory will not have one they can send (because I was told they only order enough for what boats they have in the building pipeline). Obviously I really don't want to be without my boat for 5-6 weeks or maybe longer. Also, I really don't understand why the gaskets can't simply be replaced on the existing tank. It doesn't look like rocket science to me. I also know my local dealer really hasn't done anything to plate other than look at it so I don't see how by simply looking they can be so sure a new tank is required. You can tell by looking at it the bolts are pretty tight and made the gaskets bulge out the sides a little but that is it. Anyway, what are your thoughts on this issue? Have any of you run into this gas leak problem? Thanks.

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Maybe Malibu is having the dealer replace the tank due to future liability issues. If they were to just replace the gasket, which sounds like it would be fine if the screw holes aren't stripped, and you had an 'accident' caused by gas leaking out of the tank, they'd probably be in a world of trouble.

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I had to have the tank in my 247 replaced and it only took about 2 weeks. It should not be that big of a deal. Remember it is only March. I have seen lots of tanks at the Tennessee plant, so, my bet is that they have extras.

Good luck,

:) :) :)

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i would just push as much as possible to have it fixed the right way, as quickly as possible. Hopefully it won't take a full 6 weeks, but be grateful that they want to replace it rather than you wishing they would replace it and them refusing too.

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Even if it wasn't the dealer that you bought the boat from, maybe someone at the Malibu factory or the gas tank factory overtightened &/or stripped the screws. Regardless, ask your dealer to speed things up a bit. Buy a wakeboard or some transom LEDs from him to help make it worth his time.

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Thanks guys. I am very pleased that Malibu is taking care of everything and I thought about the liability issue from their standpoint. I guess I should just be happy that we found the problem before anyone was hurt. I have many of my family in friends in the boat so it could have been much worse. I just wanted to see if anyone ran into this issue before and what your experience was.

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I have seen this several times after a sending unit replacement. A lot of people do not know that the thread of the screws have to be sealed or gas will leak around the screws. And the gasket has to be turned a certain direction or the holes will not line up perfectly. Usually there is a notch in the sender and the gasket. These two have to be aligned.

Originally the screws have a thick white teflon washer that will squish below the head of the screw. These are hard to find, and often do not come with the sending units.

Without the washers you can take some teflon tape and wrap the threads really good and this will seal them as good at the thick washer.

My daughter and her husband bought a used Caravelle Intercepter last year and the guy who they bought it from neglected to tell them it leaked gas around the sender if you filled it up. Needless to say, when they did fill it up, it also started filling the bilge with gas too!!! Scared me to death when I got in the boat and raised the motor cover. Nothing was on the screws and it was leaking its a** off around the sender screws. Even the ski locker had gas in it!!!

Scary deal....

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Thanks for the help guys and for the detailed explanation Sunset-Bob. Much appreciated. I will let you know how it turns out.

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