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Type of application pad and glaze/wax I should use

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I have been a reader for a long time but this is my first post. I have have a 2000 waksetter VLX in need of a good wax/polishing job. I plan on having it done while I am getting it reupholstered. From what I've read it sounds like you should use a light compound followed by a glaze and then carnuba wax. I plan on buying a Porter Cable 7424 buffer and would like to know what type of pads I should buy and what compound/glaze/wax I should use. As soon as I read one aticle and decide those are the products I am going to use--I read another that contradicts it. I am now ready to just buy some products and get the job done before Spring. These are some of the products I was considering: 3m Finesse It II; 3M Perfect it II; Meguiar products. Klasse Products; Wolfgang and 5star. I would appreciate any advice you have--type of pad you use and the product.

thanks, John

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I tend to use the 3M products exclusively and have had very good luck w/ them. I have never noticed any difference between the marine and auto applications, so I buy whatever is less expensive. I do, however, get a little anal w/ my Bu and wax it 2 or 3 times a year too. I normally start w/ a light compound and a wool pad to get rid of scratches (sometimes need a little wetsanding as well). Then I do to the wax and use a foam pad for application. After all that I use Babe's Boat Brite to wipe down at the ramp after each day at the lake to keep the waxed look longer.

Oh, BTW .............................


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If you want to cut oxidation on a boat you need a rotary buffer...not that PC. Makita makes a nice one. I own both a PC and the Makita.

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A rotary buffer can put swirl marks in the gel (or car paint) if used incorrectly. Unless the gel is bad enough to require wet sanding, an aggressive pad on the PC with some compound ought to do the trick. YMMV

John, remember to start with less aggressive pads/compounds and go up as necessary to remove what you want. Then work down with finishing material/polish and end with wax.

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