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Ok, we all know him as a dealer and knowledgeable, helpful member of the site. But what do we REALLY know about him?

*Malibu guy


*Occasional slalom skier


Well, I was out to his place not long ago and was able to sneak the pics below. Sorry they are not of better quality, but I had to use my phone-cam while pretending to make a call. He chased me off once he realized what I was doing, so I couldn't get any other angles or better shots.

So there it was, parked outside his personal garage, right next to his dually. Yeah, the decal on the back of his truck says Malibu, but the boat next to it says Bayliner. . . Hhhmmmm. Tomato.gif


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I've met Smoothwaterman. The Bayliner is probably a boat he took in return from a customer. I just don't understand what you are trying to prove with these pictures?

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Lol....Well Jack, I am impressed that you waited this long to call me and my bayliner out.

I guess when I get back from picking up more Malibu's I'll have to upload that video of you attempting to back your boat in?

Peter :)

ps - Dan, thank's for the support, but yeah, Jack's just busting my a**. That boat is still there I think, I've forgotten who owns it.

edit - Actually Jack, I think I'm more impressed that you plan to finish prepping and setting up that heater without me. Don't worry, the holes are only 4.5" dia or so... That's really aggressive for you isn't it? Lol.....

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...I'll have to upload that video of you attempting to back your boat in?

Peter :)

I would pay money to see the video...bring it on!!! Yahoo.gif

Now, now, now. There's no need to see an overly excited, extremely cautious, new boat owner back into a tight garage that sits 90° to the road. . .

Peter, I'll still plan on you drilling any necessary holes in the new baby. Maybe I can wax your Bayliner while I'm out there? I don't want you to look like a Wally trying to get up behind a boat that isn't buff. Whistling.gif

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Bring on the video and let the peeps decide....

I can't believe there's much to the video. He was too busy screaming like my wife, "No! That way! No, not that way, the other that way!" Then, in a more manly voice, "Ok, you've taken delivery. Those scratches down the side are not covered under warranty. . .maybe it won't fit in the garage."


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This is very disturbing Dontknow.gif .....Wes we are going to have to have a talk when I pick my boat up on Saturday..lol


I can't rib Peter too much. I just sold a Ranger Bass Boat last week, with downriggers.

Fish On!


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Okay, since I want to retain Jack as my only customer, I'll just put up the one of his first attempt. Mind you, I'm standing in the middle of the garage door.

I think this is the only delivery I've ever made with the shipping cover still on from the factory.



....if you drive around with your back hatch open, you might be a redneck?

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