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Weird oily stuff when you pull the drain plug


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Ok I had this issuse last season, but forgot about it over the witer :blush: .

Well when I pull out the center drain plug, all the water that has collect in there, from a leak from one of the ballast pumps, diffrent problem, it comes out all oily, I dont what is causing this, I have wiped the area out, that did not help. So any ideas would be great, and here is a picture.



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Did you check the obvious? Oil filter tight, not leaking. Drain hose cap on tight. No oil around pan gasket.

Wipe the bilge with a white rag and see what color the "oil" is. That will give you a direction to look in. Brown = motor oil. Reddish = Tranny fluid. I have no idea what type of fluid a V-Drive unit uses so someone else will have to help with that. (30 wt motor oil maybe...can't remember).

Did you change the tranny fluid about the same time the problem surfaced? The tranny has an purge valve that will spit out the excess if you overfill it at all. Messy, messy....

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The center of the boat seems to be sealed off from the back, since the water does not get to the back of the boat when we start and stop. So i dont think it could be the vdrive or oil, so imm kinda stumped.

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Before you go out next time, put a few squirts of some detergent or degreaser in the bilge. That won't fix the cause, but do it a few times each summer and the bilge stays nice and clean. Make sure whatever you use is environmentally friendly. :)

Does it smell like fuel?

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I had a fuel leak one time from a hose that was too big for the barb THE FACTORY installed. So they just thightened the hose clamp 'till it cut the hose....

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With the pretty colors in the pic, I would say its fuel. Try to flush out your hull and don't fill the tank ( unless you have to) and see if it come's back. If not just add fuel and recheck. Your fill neck or a fuel tank gasket my be going bad.

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