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Which Pumps to buy ??

Dave K

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Happy New Year everyone !!

There is so much information about auto ballasts systems, it is kind of mind boggling but seems pretty straight forward. I was wanting to ask for opinions on the follow thought.

It seems that the Atwood Tsunami pump (1200) GPH has some issues as far as incompatable size connectors, reducers etc,.....so

from what I gather I have 2 choices-- Atwood Tsumani 465-7 which is a 800 GPH or a Rule 1100 GPH, both which are fairly close in price. I was planning not to use any type of manifold and use 2 pumps per bag, which means I need 6 pumps.

Here it is; In your opinion which pump would be a better pump for filling fat sacs?

I am not overly concerned if it take 5 minutes or 10 minutes to fill. I would rather purchase the pumps that will be easier to use when installing the system.


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I have the simmer reversable pumps. I think this is the easiest way to go since there is only one pump. The price of the 1 pump is cheaper then the 2. You only have 1 hose to fill and empty and another for a vent line. I have installed the other pumps, but it is alot more complicated since they are not self priming. Just my thoughts. Good luck with the project.

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I used the Rule 1100 gph pumps, and I bought them from this guy:


At $25 a pop (US), they're hard to beat. I drilled three holes in the hull: two on either side of the transmission for the rear sacks, and one in the center ski locker for the center sack. Make sure you put a brass shutoff valve on each hole so you can shut it off if your pump or hose breaks.

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I too would go with the Rule 1100 if your not too picky about things.

FWIW: here is my take on why I enjoy aerator pumps over reversible:

Aerators draw less current, which means I can fill and drain all 5 sacks in my boat at once. (yes I run a lot of weight)

I am commonly taking the first and last sets. This means often times someone else is filling and emptying sacks. I dont want to have to worry about running the pumps dry. In fact, many times I havent even noticed the pumps were still draining (dry) until we got to the ramp. (yes we are commonly being "chased" off the water by patrol).

I like to "sack up" fast. I am pretty confident the aerator pumps move water faster than reversible.

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Thanks for That info.

After doing more reading this afternoon I was thinking of the Rule 1100. The pumps are pretty cheap ($25 ea) on ebay. Also with these pumps I was intially thinking of putting in relay for each pump but because of the low draw I wouldn't need to.

What is better as far as water pick up's brass or stainless/chrome?

Now all we need is to get rid of all this snow and minus 25 temps. I wouldn't have a problem having to put all the sled !!

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I went with the brass mushroom style thru-hulls. Then I put a brass shut-off valve on that, then a 1-inch to 3/4 inch adapter, and then I screwed the pump into that. I went with the 1-inch thru-hulls because I figured if I'm going to drill the hole, I might as well put in a bigger thru-hull as long as I can adapt down. Never know when some smart pump manufacturer is going to make a Tsunami pump with widely-available input sizes.

The stainless steel would be good on the sides of the boat, since it would look nicer, but on the bottom of the boat I'm not sure the extra cost is worth it. Nobody should ever see it, right? On the sides of the boat I used the black plastic thru-hulls, because that's what the boat already had for the bilge, but I gave serious consideration to doing chrome or stainless steel. Still might someday.

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