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06 V-Ride

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I purchased a used 06 V-Ride BU this summer with 36 hours on it. I have 59 hours on it now and am having all kinds of issues with it. This is my first BU and am not trying to bash Malibu but asking everyone is you have problems with yours. Here are some of the issues...the powder coat on the illusion tower chiped due to a run that was in it. I repaired, the fresh air engine blower failed, I replaced, the center seat fall through, warr. claim for new designed seat, dash vinyl damaged due to the center window rubbing on is <picture>, cargo rear storage net came apart, and the big one is the swim platform has developed 2 cracks and I have not damaged it <picture>.. Im just trying to find out if anyone has had any issues and if the are leget warr. issues. I feel the platform is built a little light and has too much flex causing the gel coat to crack. Thanks for any info.

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Sorry to hear about your issues. I have an 06 Vride as well and have put 150 hours on it. Here is what I have had with mine:

I have had the rear seat caving in issue...fixed under warranty by the dealer. (well documented issue). I have the problem with the lanyard kill switch causing the boat to cut out from time to time. (common as well) I did a temp fix on that by putting a dime in between the switch and the lanyard clip. My service guy offered to replace under warranty but said it would probably just happen again and told me how to move the jumpers on the rear of the switch to disable it. I will do that this winter.

I have had one ballast fill pump for the port side rear tank go out...dealer gave me a new one and I switched out.

I had a rattle in the center walk-thru portion of the windshield when going over chop...corrected by service guy.

The Malibu cruise control would not hold any speeds below about 11 mph so the service guy re-flashed my computer and now that problem is solved.

The thing I have probably dealt with the most is an issue with both rear ballast hard tanks. When they were put together at the factory all of the holes that were not used were plugged with black nylon caps/nuts. Some of these have failed for me at various times causing the tanks to leak. I have had to pull both tanks and replace the caps with new ones from my local hardware store which seem to be a better quality. The last time I finally got smart and replaced all of the old caps with new ones. I noticed when I had the starboard tank out the hole where the drain pump connects is cracked. I did a half-a$$ repair with some rtv sealant but that tank will have to be replaced this winter under warranty.

Now I guess when i look back at all I have typed it seems like I have had a lot of problems with my boat as well. Really though it has all been minor stuff which, from what I gather, most new boats have. My dealer/service guy has been great with helping me when needed. I have chose to do some of the repairs myself due to not wanting to haul the boat back to them and lose time on the water.

As far as your issues the swim platform sounds the worst. I have teak so I don't have any advise there. I would think the dealer would make it right. Good luck!

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I have just over 200hrs on my 06 Vride. I've had a few minor things here and there, but most I have just taken it as normal issues with having a boat.

I've replaced a couple of the ballast pumps (probably me or the wife let them run dry too long and forgot to switch them off).

I had the center seat issue, but that was an easy fix - just move the brackets on the seat out a bit and it will tighten up the fit. seat_adjustment.jpg (not sure why pics won't post from my blogger account ) anyway - link to pic of how to do that is here: http://bp1.blogger.com/_3Lhb-Mry_8c/RpUIW9..._adjustment.jpg

No problems on the platform, engine blower, cargo storage net, tower, dash vinyl, mesh, etc. Sounds like you've just been unlucky with some stuff. Most of those sound like legit warranty issues... hopefully the dealer is cool and will make things right so you can enjoy the boat! Good luck!

(edited pic link)

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