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more engine/prop-any experiences?


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Hi to all-I've just joined after purchasing an '88 Skier that is in excellent condition for it's age. The only glaring problem I have is an engine that has seen better days,it runs well and pulls fine but has excessive blow-by and low compression on 3 cylinders which leads me to my question. I know this is not a "go-fast"boat but I would like to increase performance with a rebuild this winter.I have another 350 SB that I am going to go through and maybe upgrade to a 383 stroker or just a mild 355. I'm not talking about 450hp but closer to 310-340 range.Has anyone here done the same and what were your results? Will the stock transmission take the added power if not abused? Also thinking of repropping for a little more top end as the kids are young and I don't need to pull huge loads out of the water. Sorry for the long post and look forward to any comments/suggestion-thanks!

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Welcome to the site!

I can't comment about more power, but, we've been surfing behind my boat for a couple summers, with ballast, and so far my trans is holding up fine. I've got about 630 original hours on the boat. How many hours on your boat?

I also run it full throttle for footing.

So what lakes will you be on?

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I'm not really sure how many hours are on the boat-hourmeter reads in the low 300's but works intermittently.As I said the boat has great gel coat with no fade and the interior was done 2 years ago so it shows really well for its age. I'm not sure why the motor is so worn unless it was from poor upkeep or someone swapped in a junkyard special for some reason. We have a place up on Devils Lake so not too far from Clark Lake.

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350 hp sbc would not be that hard to build. A 383 should work better in a boat but the extra cost/benefit would be a big consideration.

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Its pretty easy to bump the hp up to 350 or so. Think about the duty cycle, getting a skier/boarder/footer up from rest so you don't want to sacrifice torque. Several options are out there: Vortec or Fast Burn cylinder heads for more air flow, ZZ4 cam works well, aluminum exhaust headers and larger exhaust system all help the hp of the engine. The stroker crank would also be a good addition. I am running 385 hp and the gearbox is no issue. Had to reprop due to cavitation, but there are several options out there at this time.

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You can get a 425hp 460ft-lbs of tq @4500rpm 383 4 bolt long block with D port aluminum heads & a hyd roller cam for $5400.00 or a short blk 383 for around $3400.00 For a long blk 350cu in. at around 380 hp 380ft-lbs tq around a $1000.00 less same for a good short blk around a $1000.00 less.

Then gets some chrome Basset over the transom headers. SWEET! :)


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