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WallySinker by WallySkier?


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We have an AccuSink course that has been under water for about 20 years and we are running out of duct tape to keep it working. It makes sense to replace with an updated version and all new parts and be done with it. The WallyCourse and WallySinker look like the way to go, and the price seems very reasonable ($995 + $1440 = $2,435 total). That said, I would feel better knowing that others have done this and the system is as good as it sounds. (WallySkier)

Any input would be appreciated!

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I spoke with Wally yesterday. It sounds like he is pretty serious about doing it right. Done lots of material research and testing to get it right. To date he had shipped over 20 WallySink courses and the order rate is increasing fast. He is coming to southern NH to help someone put in their course and I hope to shoot down to meet him and take a peek at the set up. It looks like we will be one of the next guinea pigs.

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I have skiid an Accu-sink. Loved the concept.... but I didn't own the course, nor was I a resident on the lake. I was just a visitor.

Last fall when I was researching which course I wanted to buy, I contacted Wallyskier, Porta-slalom, and EZ Slalom. I ended up with a portable EZ slalom..... for a few reasons.

1/ I have no idea what the reception of my neighbors and other boaters on my lake will be. Any course runs the risk of ticking off somebody..... and that somebody may have destruction in mind. It would be bad enough to have a $1000 course wrecked or vandalized.... but the $2500 or so just was too big of a risk.

2/ The Wallysinker just seemed to have way too many potential places for problems to happen. Bladders and floats and pumps and motors..... all potential problems.

3/ My lake freezes. I don't live on the water all year. I suspect in/out is quite a bit more complicated.

4/ Fishermen. When folks troll, their lines are underwater. I don't need a fisherman accidentally (heck, he doesn't know there is a course underwater for 1400 feet with ropes and bladders) hooking a bladder..... bleeding the bag/system, or dragging my course around the lake.

5/ Other boat traffic that decide to throw anchor and jump in for a swim. The reason you would get a "sinker", is so that it is out of sight (and mind) of other boaters. BUT..... when the pontoon boats decide to anchor over my SUNK course, they may just be heaving their anchors onto my $2500 investment. Not just a financial problem for me, but could be a safety or liability issue as well if somebody/something gets tangled in my underwater spider web. Or pulls up half the course when pulling anchor.

6/ Cost: $2500 vs $1000.

I voted (with my wallet) for the less convenient, but cheaper portable.

All based on WHERE in my lake it would be placed, and its potential for "innocent" or "not-so-innocent" damage by others, the potential break points, and the cost.

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Thanks for the input. I agree with UWSkier about his choice of product name..

Doug, you bring up many valid conserns. In NH you can only get a permit for a course if it is sunk, or removed, when not in use. That pretty much limits our options. The good news is that we have had an Accusink course in place for 20+ years and the fishermen, etc. have not been an issue. The course is located in a pretty big rocky area that is marked off by the state so boat traffic is a non issue. We leave pull the skier balls and boat gates off for the winter and leave the course in place while the lake freezes. Again, no issues.

Our decision is to either replace all air lines, bladders, etc on the existing course to pump a bit more life out of it, or to replace it with a more modern design. The concern we have is if new is really better. After all the devil we know has served us well for a very long time. The unknowns for us on Wally's system are 1) It uses "Push to Connect" fittings on the air hoses. Sounds pretty slick, but will they be as durable as the SS hose clamps? 2) What is the life expectancy of the air bladders and sand bags?

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Sounds like a lot of my "potential" concerns don't exist at your location.... and/or the current Accusink placement has become such a "landmark" that folks don't see it as an intrusion on their space.

So.... looks like your questions are purely "hardware" related. Tough call.

When I talked to Wallyworld guy.... sounds like he had tried to "improve" on the prior Accusink design.

Woud he let you "rent-to-buy". In other words, rent for a season..... become a TEST MARKETING site, then let you apply some/all of your rent payments against a purchase? You tell the world how good it is (here on The Crew).... he gets some publicity... you get to try out his system.

Just thinking out loud....

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Wally Course is in! We stripped out our 20+ year old Accusink and replaced it with a WallyCourse and a WallySinker. The project went pretty smooth, but took longer than we thought it would (duh!). Naturally, I fell on the dock and popped a couple of ribs a few days before we started which made it interesting (painful...).

If any one is considering putting in a sinkable course, this is absolutely the only way to go. Especially since Accusink is out of business and no one else is making sinkable course kits. That aside, Wally did a very good job redesigning the system. Separating the weight (sand bags) from the air bladders makes it so much better! Either can be easily replaced in a couple of minutes if necessary, and the sand bags let you control how deep each section sinks, where the Accusink drops everything to the bottom every evening.

Now I just have to wait for my ribs to heal and I can actually use it Mad.gif

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