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Wakesurfing - Board Review Thread


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There's a number of places on this site where we've reviewed a number of different boards. I thought it would make sense to try and place them in one spot. It would also give people a place to go when considering new boards.

If we use a similar format it'll make sure the reviewer doesn't forget something.


1. Board: make /model / year / length(I.E. Hyperlite / Broadcast / 2005)

2. Style of board (skim / surf)

3. Fin setup (molded, 1,2,3 or 4)

4. Traction (TracTop / wax / other)

5. Define Ride (quick / slow / tricks / beginner / moderate / pro)

6. Your weight and if you think it fit you (I.E. I'm 195 and this board kept sinking...)

7. Would you recommend the board, and if so - to who?

8. Picture if you have one

9. Your skill level (Beginner, Intermediate, Amateur, Pro)


I'll start this off with a review of my two boards.

First I'll review my original Hyperlite Broadcast.

1. HL Broadcast - 2004/5 - 4 foot 8 inches (the original was an inch shorter then in other years)

2. Skim style board

3. 3 removable fins

4. TracTop - covers 90% of the board's surface. Even after 2 1/2 seasons, getting dropped off the racks onto the pavement, it's holding up well.

5. Ride: This board is best for moderate riders. It's a bit harder for beginners, because of it's length. But literally after 3 rides the typical beginner is carving the wake with it and is able to find the sweet spot and hold it for a few seconds. The typical beginner - with some history on the board (out one two separate days) has been able to throw the handle in and try riding ropeless with this board. It typically takes many more times to get the ropeless ride down, but finding the sweet spot with this board is easy - it's holding it that's the hard part. Because the board is on the quick side it's easy to move out of the sweet spot.

Carving the wake, floaters, etc. are easy for the experienced rider would be easy on this board. Removing the two outside fins makes this board even more loose and easy to carve.

6. I'm 195. The board could probably handle an experienced rider at 230lb. But for beginners, it's cap is probably close to 200lb.

7. I'd highly recommend this board to someone who's looking to go for their first wakesurfboard. This was our first and my CFO is 5'9" 125 and she can ride ropeless with it. My 10 year old got up on this board, and anyone who's tried for their first time has used this board - and all have said they had a great time with it. We've only had one rider that couldn't get up on this board. He was probably 300lb and no wakeboarding experience. This board is a little harder to get started on, but as mentioned above, beginners quickly take to it. With just a little advice on how to ride, this board accommodates most riders. When this one finally starts to fall apart I'll probably look into getting a new one, even though they're an inch longer.

LINK to 2007 Broadcast - very similar look

9. Intermediate: I've been riding for two season and can ride ropeless. I can do floaters and am just getting into spins.

Picture of me and my boy riding it.


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1. 2006.5 Inland Surfer / Yellow Loogey / 4foot 4inches / MSRP $465 - purchased on a closeout for $240+shipping

2. Skim style - though very buoyant akin to a surfboard

3. Two thruster surfboard style fins 3 1/4 inches.

4. TracTop - covers 90% of the board

5. Ride: This board is very buoyant for its size. Right out of the box this board was an easy ride. Remember, I'm just shy of 200lbs. This board is a really good combination of a surfstyle board and a skim board. The buoyancy makes it ride higher in the water - like a surfboard. But the short size makes it quick, so great to slash with. Even though there are two large fins on the outside, it still felt really loose and easily carves the wake.

Unfortunately this boards a bit thicker than my HL Broadcast, so it doesn't fit in my racks. I'll probably modify my racks slightly to get it to fit.

This board has a unique feature, the nose is kicked up, like a skateboard. This makes the nose much less likely to dive. I REALLY liked this. Compared to my Broadcast where you're constantly fighting the nose dipping below the surface = end of the ride. The kicked nose allowed me to take much harder cuts at the bottom of the wake and still pull them off.

Also another unique feature to this board is what Inland Surfer calls the Vortex Channel. As I mentioned the nose is kicked upward, on the bottom of the board, just before the kicked nose there is an indentation - the underside forward part of the board is concave. I didn't think this would make much of a difference in the ride, but it helps to hold the rider in the sweet spot.

Combine the added buoyancy, short size, skim style and the Vortex Channel - and this board is sweet. And even though IS says the top end for this board is 200lbs, if the rider has some experience it could go higher then that. How much, I'm not sure, but I'm just shy and I really like this board.

I rode toeside and had a good time with it. And am looking forward to the summer of learning spins and hopefully getting a little air - we'll see. I set my boat up for regular foot riders and after they were through I tried heelside - for the first time. I'd ridden heelside before, but it was always going from the boat being set up for a goofy footer, with the nice wake on the starboard side. This time the wake was set up on the port side and I gave it a shot. I was able to ride ropeless, I was jazzed. I wasn't able to carve or anything, but the fact I was throwing in the rope was awesome for me.

6. Weight: already mentioned.

7. Recommendation: So far, this board's been fun. I'd recommend it to someone who's not a total beginner.

8. Picture: below

9. Intermediate: I've been riding for two season and can ride ropeless. I can do floaters and am just getting into spins. As mentioned, just started riding heel side as well.

I've included a couple shots of this board as well as my Broadcast, so you can see the differences.



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- As I've mentioned before - love the 06 Yellow Loogy -- one of the best boards available today! But as it has been covered by Andy, I'll cover the Blue Lake. Another one of my favorites!

1. Board: Inland Blue Lake - 5'6"?

2. Style of board: Surfy

3. Fin setup: 2 fins

4. Traction: foamy stuff

5. Define Ride: very fast board down the line, great for carving, but can still bust loose for 360s. just for kicks and because it's possible... i like to have my wife keep adding speed to the cruise control (PP) in fairly quick increments as I try to keep pumping and stay the in wake... we start at about 10.4 and keep adding until about 12.6 or so... (my legs get really tired) Surfing.gif

6. My weight: 200 -- but i've had kids as light as 100lbs on the board and I'm confident that if I gained another 30-40 lbs I would still love this board... (let's hope not!)

7. Would you recommend the board: Definitely - to anyone who can get one -- regardless of your skill level you will not be dissapointed with the Blue Lake -- beginner, intermed, advanced.

8. Picture if you have one: I'll try to put one up later...

9. Your skill level: Intermediate

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One more: --

Walzer Alpha

1. Board: Walzer Alpha (Large Pintail 55")

2. Style of board: Skim

3. Fin setup: 2

4. Traction: tracktop of some sort with a raised ridge in the middle

5. Define Ride: very quick and light. advanced riders will love this board

6. Your weight: 200 -- but I think it is just a little on the small side for my weight/wake -- i think if I was about 20lbs lighter it would be a better choice for me...

7. Would you recommend the board: definitely -- anyone who is looking to take your riding to the next level. this board ollies, spins, and carves like crazy!

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1. Board: Phase 5 / Oogle / 2005 / 58" Long X 20 3/4" wide

2. Style of board: skim

3. Fin setup: 1

4. Traction: Rubber traction

5. Define Ride: Reasonably quick for this size board. A more skilled surfer could probably do more tricks.

6. Your weight and if you think it fit you: 195 lbs. While the Oogle is designed for the bigger rider, I feel you still need a fairly substantial wake to ride it ropeless. Stock ballast alone will be a struggle to ride ropeless unless you have a bunch large buddies on board. The bigger the wake, the more fun you can have with this board.

7. Would you recommend the board, and if so - to who? I would recommend this board to beginner or intermediate riders that are 225lbs or less, unless you are running with a ton of ballast or more.

8. Picture if you have one: None

9. Your skill level: Intermediate

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1. Board: Phase 5/ Icon 2005 and Prop 2006

2. Skim

3. 1 Fin setup

4. Foam top

5. The ride is fast. Phase 5's are the sports car versions of wakesurf boards. Quick responses and mostly unforgiving but very rewarding when you have the experience to give it a good ride.

6. Weight 160 to 170

7. Recommend the board to experienced wakesurfers


9. Skill level - The Godfather of Wakesurfing

Definitely NOT for the Broadcast crowd.

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1. Board: Walker/ Composite X / 2007 / 4'6"

2. Style of board: skim with surf construction. It's a bit of both actually.

3. Fin setup: 2, but I ride finless.

4. Traction: Cross Bow traction.

5. Define Ride: Very fast even on small waves, locked in with the fins, nice and loose without them. Good for everyone from beginners (I've taught 3 people how to surf on it this year.) to pros IMO.

6. 180, I think it suits me well, perfect size, bigger guys can ride this board without problems as well IMO.

7. Absolutely, I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to take their riding to the next level. Everyone who has ridden it has commented that it's the best they've ever ridden.

9. Intermediate.

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Dragon, I'm not familiar with that board. Most all of the surfboards I've seen have been completely flat on the bottom. Is the Walker the same way? Just wondering, because you said you ride it finless. That would be very difficult if the board's completely flat. If the board has molded fins, even slight ones it would still be challenging, but slightly easier.

Thanks for the post.

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The bottom is completely flat. The key is where they sharpen the rail, it is very round in the nose, then as you get closer to the middle it gets really sharp to dig into the wake. It took me a set or so to adjust to no fins, but honestly I don't think it's that slippery. I think this is the reason why I didn't like the LF Brigade 4' 6" the round rails just don't work for my riding style.

I think it's somewhat like wakeboarding, when you're starting out the fins are helpful for edging, but once you learn how to edge properly they really play a less significant role. I was thinking about shaving the stock fins down and having stubby fins, but decided after a few sets that I really liked the loose fast feel riding finless gave me.

Dragon, I'm not familiar with that board. Most all of the surfboards I've seen have been completely flat on the bottom. Is the Walker the same way? Just wondering, because you said you ride it finless. That would be very difficult if the board's completely flat. If the board has molded fins, even slight ones it would still be challenging, but slightly easier.

Thanks for the post.

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