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  1. Yesterday
  2. Murphy8166


    Sick and Tired of Boulder Boats dominating our classifieds...  Anyone else?


    1. Slurpee


      Yes! Can we individually Hide them or something?

    2. vaporbluebu


      I don’t mind the used boats they list, but find it odd that they list new boats since 98% of us don’t live in their market and can’t buy from them.

    3. Murphy8166


      Seems odd they try to sell out of market and then tell their local buyers that if they buy out of market on a used boat - then they are looking at 8 weeks to get service.

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  4. bamaboy


    @ahopkinsVTX is a mod now?  Does that mean he can hook me up with a BRO deal on new Bu?  DM me brah

    1. inlandlaker


      Oh yeah!!  

    2. Chrisjjbrown


      Average deal at best

    3. bamaboy


      I heard he knows the COO of a ham sammich 

  5. wdr

    • wdr
    • tn_rider

    Just now saw this. Will definately give you a heads up. We have friends at Leatherwood and will typically put in at PL and head over to Fat Daddy’s the. Pirates Cove. What are you riding in? I may have already seen you.

  6. tn_rider

    • tn_rider
    • wdr

    hey man I see you're in clarksville. I'm in Paris. If you're ever up this way give me a shout!

  7. theGrant

    • theGrant
    • gregtay

    Do you mind if I ask what kind of cost/headache it was to get Maliview installed in your boat?

    1. gregtay


      I don't remember the cost... but it wasn't cheap!  I sort of got lucky... I had just purchased my 2008 at the end of the season and then Malibu announced Malivue for 2009.  They had a bunch of 2008's sitting on lots and the factory was shut down (economy took a dump)… so they created a retrofit kit for the new unsold 2008's.  My dealer worked with the factory and apparently they had an extra retrofit kit and they sold it to me and they dealer did the install.  It was an extensive job... required a new computer and a few new sensors.... but when they were done it worked exactly like a 2009 and added things like Autowedge. (guessing that was part of the new computer.)  My guess is that I paid about $3K ish for the upgrade but it was worth every penny.  I suppose you could buy some parts off Ebay and attempt an upgrade but you would need the screen, a new bezel, and the matching computer. I think they also had to replace the speed sensor (you could just use GPS which is what I use today) and a new depth sounder sensor.

  8. Pedro


    That time sure did go fast.Well boat is running fine now using 98 fuel.Simple I ques

  9. pbnj429

    • pbnj429
    • lonestar

    Sent a message

  10. SDTony

    • SDTony
    • Ndawg12

    Hey Ndawg, 

    I also have a 2007 247 LSV and would like hinged doors to access the rear drain pumps. After some searching, I found the thread with pictures where you cut the floor and made access doors. Unfortunately, the pictures don't show up any more. 

    Would you mind sending me those pictures? I'm hoping to measure twice and only cut once! 

    Thanks a lot!


    1. Ndawg12


      Hey Tony,

      I don't have those pics any more but I found this one and edited it for you.  You have to flex the floor up and cut it with a jig saw or something, unless you want to go through whole hassle of completely removing the panel.  The red arrows indicate where I cut the floor, the blue arrow shows a stainless screw that I used as a pull tab, and the yellow rectangles indicate where I carefully pulled the carpet back and installed hinges.  Hope this helps.





    2. SDTony


      Thanks  a lot Nate, this is very helpful.


  11. Roge

    • Roge
    • Engine Nut

    Thinking about getting a 2014 23 LSV with LS3 motor.  Has 303 hours and looks like damper plate failure at 301 hours.  The repair was done, but it caused significant damage to the bell housing (needed to be replaced).  Any concerns I should have before buying the boat?

    1. Engine Nut

      Engine Nut

      We don't see many drive plate failures anymore that damage the bell housing. As long as the plate and bell housing were replaced and the engine/was realigned, I would not be concerned. 

  12. stewbumer

    • stewbumer
    • jaciche

    I'm considering a VTX 20 purchase.

    Just curious why you say best crossover is a pre 16 VTX 20.

    The specs, weight, size abd hul shape appear (to me) to be the same.



    1. jaciche


      Starting in '16, they went to the T-Cut diamond hull design. In '15 and older models, you could get the VTX on a wake hull or a Cut Diamond hull. That cut diamond hull is the best for a true crossover boat if you want a v-drive that's great for slalom skiing and barefooting. You can still fill up the ballast and use the wedge to get a respectable wakeboard and surf wave.. You also get a screw in center pylon starting in '13 and newer which helps with slalom skiing. In '12-'07, you could get the VTX on a V25 wake or diamond hull as well. Those diamond hulls are also great. What hull you want should come down to what allocation of water sports you do and what you want your boat to do the best.

  13. PMH1982

    • PMH1982
    • formulaben

    Hello formulaben, in you recent post I read that you installed a flush kit on your boat.  I am looking to do the same, I was considering the perko flush pro however I do have concerns of it cracking based on the reviews online.  What did you use for your flush kit?  Did you make your own with fittings or purchase something specific to our application.  Thanks, Pierre.

    1. formulaben


      I did have concerns about them cracking due to reports from other users.  Perhaps it has been since re-designed, but for me this valve is both very inexpensive and is a huge improvement over the valve that I (and others) utilized.  The hose barbs were purchased locally (1-1/4" barb) with teflon tape and then just basic hose clamps.  It was attached to the hose running from the raw water intake thru-hull fitting to the v-drive.  You may need a 90 degree fitting such as this one.  I couldn't find brass, but the nylon is same as the ones on the v-drive.  Shoot me an email at [email protected] and I'll send you pictures of my install.  In the meantime, here is an general idea of the valve:


    2. Soon2BV


      I have had a flush valve installed for about 6+ year.  No problems. 

      I do remove it for the winter, because i remove the hose it is connected to for draining anyway. 

      It gets stored in the garage for the winter. 

      I also have a thru-hull fitting and hose from it to the flush valve.  very easy to run out of the water. 

  14. roonedoggie

    • roonedoggie
    • Slurpee

    wanted to get your thoughts on my post...


  15. Skymedic

    • Skymedic
    • powbmps


  16. Andyba

    • Andyba
    • Nitrousbird

    Just wondering do you still have the STE for sale? Did you replace with FAE? "Still have my STE's for sale if anyone wants a set for less than they can score them new." need to get something for my boat

    1. Nitrousbird


      Sold them a while ago.  I have the FAE + muffler delete.

  17. 32off

    • 32off
    • Michigan boarder

    Hey Michigan

    I have a question for you. I am looking at putting a 383 crate motor in my 04 sunsetter. The 340 monsoon is a little tired. Do you have any recommendations? I am hoping to keep my FI system and just reprogram the MEFI.  My real concern is the cam. I think there is universal agreement on this site that the HH 383 was not as strong out of the hole.  I can swap the cam but there are a lot of options including one where I put a monsoon cam in the 383.  Thanks.  32off

    1. Michigan boarder

      Michigan boarder

      Sorry, I can't help you there.  I am strictly a bolt-on/bolt-off guy, I did the removal and install of the engine but I had a professional do the build.  You should start a new thread and post that question to the group just like you did above, and will likely get some good responses from guys that have experience with custom builds.

  18. islanders

    • islanders
    • mrothwell

    Thank you will check prop did have that humm sound from prop didnt see any dings tho.

  19. islanders

    • islanders
    • surfdude

    surfdude Thank You makes me feel a little better. Changed out with new lock nuts and bolts. red lock tight. Did either one of you check coupler for oblong holes? didnt know whether or not to change. I tightened the bolts myself this time so i know there  done. I only got 25 hrs out of mine. 

  20. HollieMac

    • HollieMac
    • DIE2SURF

    Hey you mentioned buying a bunch of netting  wondering if you want to sell a set? I have the response that used the pipe on the bottom. 

  21. seagoch

    • seagoch
    • robunc

    I’m interested in the racks if you still have them.

  22. jbain

    • jbain
    • wedge88

    I am interested in your Axis A22 please contact me @601=940-3204. My email is [email protected]

  23. jmcabee


    Good morning everyone. I just bought my first Malibu. It's a 91 Sunsetter. I would love to hear where the best place to get parts for it might be. I need a new rub rail, and decals. 

  24. onamission


    In the past 2 weeks I've had the chance to ski with 3 of the top 5 National OM winners:)




    1. Molarbu


      Wow, what a cool opportunity!


  25. perkas

    • perkas
    • ahopkinsVTX

    ahopkins.... much of the research i've done into the ski wake on the VTX leads to threads you've commented in.  I see you're in a new VTX- there's a lot of opinion out there suggesting for a V-Drive the ski wake behind the 13-15 VTX is much better than the '16 and newer.  I've skied behind a '13 and could see myself sacrificing the ski wake of my RLXi for the versatility of a cross over.  I'd appreciate your honest opinion on the two generations of VTX (13-15 and 16-19).  I typically ski in the  22-32 off range at 34 mph.  Thanks,

    1. ahopkinsVTX


      Hey @perkas, yes we did just get a 2019 vtx. I haven’t skied it yet but I can tell you the Ski wake looks pretty good. Better looking than the 2017 I demo’d. I’d guess it looks better because they changed the engine, transmission, prop, and moved the wedge mounting point. Here is a picture at 34.2mph. I also ski st that speed and line lengths so o should be able to give you a pretty fair review. I think I’ll be skiing it Sunday. Our dealer also asked me to do a review for them so they can post it as an ad/promo video so I’m going to be going through the whole boat and talking about my favorite features. Follow my thread as I’ll be posting some updates in there too. 


    2. perkas


      Looks pretty sweet in the picture.  Looking forward to your assessment.   

  26. Pasqua

    • Pasqua
    • vanamp

    Thank you


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