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  1. Last week
  2. MurrayinMontreal

    • MurrayinMontreal
    • dhowen

    Hey D,

    Thanks for the info. We are back in business (04). Appreciate the other tips too. I see you are in Calgary, I was looking for a tower online and came across Shuswap. Are you familiar with this store?


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  4. RM80

    • RM80
    • Bill_AirJunky

    looking for options for my teak on my 06 i ride. I was going to see if you could show pics of your swim platform you did with the bed liner spray and adding the deck pad to it?

  5. BobbyEldridge

    • BobbyEldridge
    • formulaben

    Can you repost the pics of you changing you throttle control sensor? I am getting the error of SPN, FMI 16 and I have never changed this part 2010 Malibu VLX

  6. TKaus

    • TKaus
    • h2oaddiction

    Hey h2o, I have a 2011 Malibu 23lsv and my wedge is acting up.  I searched the forum and seen you post back in 2014 about how your wedge works but doesn't match with the screen but nobody ever responded to you.  This is the same issue I am having.  I put the wedge down to a 45 degree on the screen, the actual wedge goes 90 degrees.  Did you ever figure this out? Any help would be appreciated.  I do not have a recalibration button on my maliview nor do I have a sensor on my actuators.

  7. Murphy8166


    BISON COOLERS - 15% of til end of MAY in Group Buy

  8. BernieTheFrog

    • BernieTheFrog
    • pauley71

    Is the pump still available?  

  9. Murphy8166


    Lead WAKE 10% and free shipping Group Buy is Live!!!!

  10. FrostyBug

    • FrostyBug
    • surfdude

    Hey Surfdude, I Recently picked up a new 2020 22, wave  has a lot of push but is definitely stubby.  What size bow bag are you using?

    1. surfdude


      Fly high 1000 triangle bow bag, 2/3 full.

    2. FrostyBug


      Thanks, will definitely try this setup!

  11. Woodski

    • Woodski
    • ahopkinsVTX

    I just scrolled across your comment on getting a couple of weight bags for a good price, does he have any more he wants to unload!  Blasphemy I know, but I can't get my driver to lose enough weight!

    Also, of course you are welcome to drop by and give my boat a try.  That is if the weather ever warms up!  I can't believe I may have to go drain the block tomorrow!!!


    1. ahopkinsVTX


      Unfortunately no, he only had 4 and two went to me and two to another friend on the lake. 

      I appreciate it! This weather blows but it’s actually ok with me right now. Keeps people off the bike trails and our boat is at Tommys for the service post break in hours and they are understandably two weeks out right now. 

  12. rosska

    • rosska
    • UpperleftWake

    I have a 2019 23lsv with the M5. I have the 580's in rear and 600lbs of lead. Currently running a 2773 and looking to buy a spare prop. Right now I am running 4200-4500 rpms at 11.2 surf speed and considering buying a 2249 but I am also reading about the 2247, 2277 and 2279. I read a post that you have done quite a bit of testing of these props on the 23lsv and wanted to get your thoughts. 


  13. Murphy8166


    BISON COOLERS GROUP BUY COMING - 15% off Starting Sunday May 10th


  14. Skier007


    had some problems with one of the speakers on my 1994 Malibu Echelon LX,last night got it working,cracked the sub and everything was good. Today,nothing turns on,no lights,horn,perfect pass,nothing. Just hear a pop when I turn a rocker switch or turn the key,any ideas?

  15. Murphy8166


    12% off Hula Boat Care - Group Buy.  Save Money - Support the Site with Membership

  16. Murphy8166


    20% & Free Ship over 250 at Earmark Marine Audio thru June1


  17. Murphy8166


    20% off Bling Sauce / Boat Bling Group Buy Posted.  Save Money - Become a Member of TMC!

  18. BDM

    • BDM
    • Ndawg12

    Hey I saw somewhere you make replacement swim decks. Need help fast. How can I discuss this with you

  19. Jbw3nT

    • Jbw3nT
    • UWSkier

    Sorry never received a notice of your message. The boat has a Wake hull




    I am installing a heater in my 1999 Response. Can anyone provide a picture of where to attach the heater hose? One end will go to the Venturi “Y” fitting I will install in the line between the thru wall suction and the raw water pump. For the other end , can I use the extra port that comes off of the motor’s water pump? Will this provide enough heat? Is there a better place? I am unable to remove any of the intake manifold threaded plugs. Any help is appreciated. 
    Go ‘Bu



  21. MadDogMike

    • MadDogMike
    • weewilly

    Did you ever solve the problem of "No Data" on your gauges? I have the same problem on my '04 VLX.

  22. War Akin

    War Akin

    Tigers here - my 2003 Malibu: 

    Engine Indmar 383 Hammerhead; multi 4-Instrument set (displays: 1-oil pressure, 2 - Engine Temp, 3 - Voltage, 4 - Fuel level) isn't working.  There's no obvious problem, it was working fine before I winterized - now I have no functionality in that instrument set.  I'm not a mechanic, but can follow good instructions/ideas.  Any recommendations for me?


    John Akin   Davidson, NC

  23. skurfer

    • skurfer
    • NWBU

    MBUU tapped $98 million revolver? Do we know how much MCFT has tapped?

    1. NWBU


      MCFT drew $35M on their revolver last week, and will be closing their factory tomorrow afternoon.


    2. skurfer


      I got the e-mail on the shut down, they left out the $35 million revolver part :)

  24. Drslatt

    • Drslatt
    • dalt1

    did you get your heater recirc pump wired in with the factory harness yet?

    1. dalt1


      Nope but have it here now and just looking for time to install.


  25. BernieTheFrog

    • BernieTheFrog
    • jhartt3

    Do you still have the clamping rack?


    1. jhartt3


      yes i do


    2. BernieTheFrog


      Cool, assuming it functions and nothing is wrong with it.  It looks in good condition from the pic. I'll take it if you haven't promised it to anyone else. I saw the one guy across the pond was interested, I live in VA feel like that would be easier lol.

    3. jhartt3


      Yes i'd rather sell in the US i'll send you a PM so we can get address details etc. 

  26. t.stark


    Skylon Wake Tower Refurb - 

    My Skylon wake board tower was oxidized and left your hands feeling dusty and dirty whenever you would touch them and in all the upward facing places was sun bleached off. 

    The answer is to powder coat. I called Skylon and they told me to find a good powder coat shop.

    After a "few" calls, I got one to answer me with a quote. The shop was able to quote me from cel ph pix and my tape measure. It took them only 5 days and the tubes look fantastic. Hope to re-assemble and re-install it this weekend! 

    Yeah-hoo!  Mali-booooo!

  27. Onlymalibu

    • Onlymalibu
    • brad72

    Hey Brad was wondering if you still has your drawings and cad files for the wedge build you did? I have a 23xti that the foil ripped off and want to make my own and tig it so it stays for good. Could you help? TIA 

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