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  2. Sekon


    My 2000 Sunsetter LXI has developed a few new engine noises.

    I am seeking information on the best retailer to purchase mechanical parts for my older Malibu,

    With the stethoscope the sound seems to be coming from the alternator and fresh water pump. I also have a drip out of the engine water pump vent hole. I'm sure there's been postings in the past about where the best place to purchase these parts is and possibly even the part numbers to ask for but I couldn't find the information. The only thing I was able to locate was the raw water pickup pump but I didn't know if I found the best source.

    Thank you!


    1. drh


      www.skidim.com is a great for parts. You can call them if you can't ID something from their descriptions but they are normally pretty specific on part fitment.

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  4. Whitecap

    • Whitecap
    • Ronnie

    Hi Ronnie,

      Good to see another Texan here!  (I’m on Lake Worth). I saw your post about the bare feet only sticker..... I’d love to pick one of those up from you.  I’ll get home tomorrow from this work trip and I’ll be able to tell what color will work best.  Really appreciate you making the offer to help out the members here.  I should have the requested color of the sticker and payment for you tomorrow.  What’s the best way to send you the five bucks?  Pay pal?

    my best to you and the family this summer!


  5. KatrinaSapp


    Hex Bolts | Classic Metallic

    At Classic Metallic, we manufacture and supply hex bolts made of Mild Steel, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel & Stainless Steel. 


  6. Mark Stiner

    • Mark Stiner
    • martinarcher

    Martin, is there any way to use your controller with my factory installed surf gate?  My Lenco processor box quit working.  I think my actuators are still still good, I just need a new controller.


    1. martinarcher


      Sure thing.  That's no problem.  I'll PM you about it.  

  7. jammer

    • jammer
    • RyanB


    As a felllow-Lake Powell junkie -- I'm headed down next week from SLC for our first trip of the season (out of 4!).  We launch out of Bullfrog -- but I've been reading some horror stories online and in the news about the lines of traffic to get through inspection and decontamination.  I even read a rumor that you have to get inspected BEFORE launching your boat.  I had understood that you just had to be inspected as you leave the lake -- just like in years past.  Please share what your experience has been with respect to inspection and decontamination.

    Fortunately for me, my 2015 23LSV w/LSA has the sea strainer very accessible right under the rear seat -- I always remove my ballast bags and the sea strainer for our exiting inspection.  Sorry your's is so hidden.


  8. GuyLag

    • GuyLag
    • vanamp

    Hi boys. 

    First Time here if I did not post at the right spot! Feel free to tell me !

    Sorry for the  english. French speaking 99% of the Time ! 

    Problem started with a 

    ECM SPN 65598 FMI 7

    I ve google it, Found the indmar manual. 

    So a misfire on a injector  

    I had a dealer change that injector and run some test ... 

    last summer was fine after that, but this summer , got  the same code for another injector... 

    Change them all this Time !  

    I keep having the same problem .

    still having the engine shooting down when running engine about 20-25 mph. 

    I’ve seen two dealer , 2 solo mechanic ... still no clear anwser... 

    And off course it’s a intermittent problem. 

    We have change cap rotor Twice! All spart plug and cables, 8 injector , Check to be sure there is no water in tank. Changed the fuel filter. 

    The only thing I could think off would be sensors ??

    Anyboby have encountered the same problem? 

    Thanks in advance !

    Axis 2012  a22 With indmar 5,3 ltr 


  9. lukehartwig


    ISO a 2016 Malibu 23LSV

  10. Earlier
  11. Chappy331

    • Chappy331
    • TheHardWay

    I was looking at ur problem in 2010 with ur bags draining and filling quicker than the others. my back ballast are filling and draining super fast. I was just woundering if u figured out the problem and if so what was it.

  12. lukehartwig


    Anybody in the Crystal lake, Michigan area for the week of the fourth?

  13. robbieg247


    Has anyone noticed the button on the throttle in Malibu’s last insta post . I have my suspicions what is everyone’s thoughts ? 

  14. wchlrh1


    looking for the best boat cover for a 2012 21 v ride


  15. wchlrh1


    boat cover


  16. Levi900RR


    I've got a set of extra large Malibu mud flaps from a group buy YEARS ago. They're for making your own Rock Tamers. I want to get them out of my garage. Let me know if you're interested. 

  17. inlandcurlwakeshapers

    • inlandcurlwakeshapers
    • jwl019

    Have you seen the posts on FB about or new production bow steps?

    1. jwl019


      I did, and will be ordering one pretty soon!  Looks like it will do exactly what I need it to do.

    2. jwl019


      Are you going to have more options on colors of Gatorstep soon?  I have a black trailer with the Silvercloud grey traction around the fenders.

  18. smileysteve

    • smileysteve
    • Nitrousbird

    Hey, thanks for the reply on the more weight.

    What size board are you and your 250lb friend riding?

  19. CoAnthony

    • CoAnthony
    • nyryan2001

    Hey whats up man? I've been looking at a 2011 247 with a lsa and 510 hrs. I'm trying to research this engine and In a thread I came across you mentioned that the 2013+ were proving reliable. I was wondering if you could elaborate on the pre 13 issues? From what I'm finding I think its sc bearings? Do you know if there was a recall for the marine engines? Would it make sense to buy it and rebuild the sc before it fails? Any Info would be really helpful Thanks

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    2. nyryan2001


      Anthony send me a link to the boat for sale... need to know a lot more than what you provided....

    3. CoAnthony



      here's the link thanks for taking a look at it. They’re supposed to be doing a compression check today and sending me the results. I’m seriously considering flying out there this weekend I found some cheap flights. Thanks again

    4. nyryan2001


      So that boat sold for $85k ish brand new back in 2011.

      2011s we’re notorious for having touch screen issues.  $1500 repair if you ever ended up having to replace it.

      the condition is kinda rough... but certainly salvageable.... at $50k I’d say that’s a killer deal.

      i’d seriously want to do a 5-6hr water test on it before purchase.  Run it through all it paces.  Run nearly a full tank of gas through it.  

      that hull and power combo will produce some serious results.  You probably have $3-5k in repairs and maintenance on that, to include the trailer.  Needs a high quality detail and wet sanding.

      Get them to $50k and run it hard for 5hrs+.  Test and run every function multiple times.

  20. TallRedRider

    • TallRedRider
    • Nitrousbird

    It looks like your inbox is full...or you cannot receive messages.  

    1. Nitrousbird


      It was full...I deleted a few so I can get messages now

  21. JeremiahTRD

    • JeremiahTRD
    • wedge88



    I was looking at an older post and you had a boat with the skylon swoop tower  and  i was curious where you purchase the bimini from for it. ?


    Thanks Jeremiah

    1. wedge88


      The bimini came with the tower and boat when ordered new.  You may try contacting malibu.

    2. JeremiahTRD


      thank you!

  22. MaliBlue

    • MaliBlue
    • Nitrousbird

    Hello Friend,

    I notice you had a pair of STEs for sale some time back. Is that still the case? If so, how much would you like for them, including shipping to Blaine, WA 98230?

    Thanks and regards,


    1. Nitrousbird


      Sold them years ago.  Get an FAE instead.

    2. MaliBlue


      Many thanks!

  23. Murphy8166


    BOAT BLING - GROUP BUY LIVE -20% off!!


  24. Setter2016

    • Setter2016
    • IXFE

    I reviewed your response in "G4 Tower? By Sride, July 14, 2015 in Modifications & Accessories " and saw the pictures you provided of the G4 Tower you had taken apart.  I have a 2016 LSV25 with a G4 tower and I want dismantle the tower to complete some work on it.  How did you know how to take the G4 tower apart?  Are there any written instructions?  Was it hard?  Any suggestions and any warnings?  If you have any other pictures, I would greatly appreciate them.





    [email protected]

  25. bbattiste247





  26. Woodski

    • Woodski
    • Michigan boarder

    John, could you shoot me your email address?  Thanks.

  27. bklingshirn

    • bklingshirn
    • Malibuzer

    Can I please get the Illusion X PDF?


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    2. bklingshirn
    3. Malibuzer


      I will send it right away!  



    4. Malibuzer



  28. Sterno

    • Sterno
    • cla10beck

    No i can ship for about $25.

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