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  2. obski


    Finally got out for a ski on Saturday.  Good grief, it's already August.

  3. SandpointDave

    • SandpointDave
    • Patrick

    Did you figure out your issue with your boat? Mine is doing the same thing and it is driving me crazy. Any help would be great. Thanks 

  4. SandpointDave

    • SandpointDave
    • LiquidCourage

    Did you resolve your issue? My boat is doing the same thing. Already changed the filter and it seemed to help for a bit but to no avail. The boat still cuts out when it is hot and over 2900. Thanks for your reply. 

  5. toddington247


    First, thanks for all the help.

    She started acting up again and I figured out it was loosing power to the fuel pump. 

    Changed out the fuel pump relay and problem solved.

    Thanks again.

  6. SandpointDave

    • SandpointDave
    • electricjohn

    Looking for some help. I have a 2003 335 monsoon not efi. Lately, I have had this issue that after the engine has been run for awhile, it will suddenly make this flup flup sound and loose all power. It won’t die and I can go back to an idle speed and if I go back to the same speed, around 3000, it might happen again and it might not. This is what I have done so far. I have changed all plugs, wires, cap, and rotor. I have treated the gas with stabil. I have sprayed carb cleaner up into the fuel pump to try and clear the filter up in there. Don’t know if that really helped. I changed the filter at the gas tank. I sprayed carb cleaner into the carb. I have cleaned the air filter. That is about it. I wish I had more of a consistent trouble shoot for you but it is baffling me. Like I said, the only time it seems to happen is when it has been run for awhile and it is running around 3000 or so. Any help would be great. Thanks 

    1. electricjohn


      I would look into the distributor module located in the distributor. If your engine is carbed it is 310 hp in 2003.

    2. SandpointDave


      What should I be looking for and is it an easy replacement? Thanks for the reply. 

    3. electricjohn


      Never had to do it, but not rocket surgery. Google is very smart. People also refer to as ign. control module.

  7. massew

    • massew
    • Giesh164

    Hi! I saw a rendering order of an axis with interior all Chery Wine. Is it possible to have pictures of that interior. I am looking for that style too but cant find any! Thanks!

  8. JRW

    • JRW
    • wdr

    Do you know were I can shocks for my G3 tower, thanks

    1. TwoOne0


      Gemini Gas Springs in Canada. Takes about two weeks, but fair on price. 

  9. Stan82

    • Stan82
    • theloungelife

    Immaculate condition from a dealer was 45k

    1. theloungelife


      Awesome.  Which engine is in it?  I love that wake!

  10. moodys

    • moodys
    • Badger

    did you by chance ever figure out who helped you with the Shore commander?  I have been looking on the boards and everywhere on the internet for any info and striking out.

    Thank you!

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    2. Badger


      Have you tried this company?  It looks very familiar to me but not sure if it's who I called.


    3. moodys


      i talked to them as well.  One of the techs said no real way to fix it.  I seriously think it may be a $5 part, maybe a relay.  I hate to spend over $800 to buy a new one and this thing goes into the land fill over a small part.  I wonder if a electronics place could figure it out.

    4. moodys


      Finally found the guy.  Steve Johnson.  He said they no one makes the part I would need to fix and I had to order a new Lift Tech.  Oh well was worth a shot.  Thank you for your help.

  11. justgary


    A note to all -

    Please do *not* send me a private message asking me to help you with a diagnostic issue.  This has become popular somehow lately, and I refuse to answer you via PM about anything that should be addressed to the forum.  Doing so would 1) not record the potential diagnosis for others to see and comment or seach later, and 2) make me feel like I work for you and have to answer you promptly, which I don't. 

    I visit this site for my enjoyment only, and you cannot rely on me for any action or inaction unless I volunteer to do it.  If you would like to pay me, I will work out a fee schedule and a way to provide a percentage to TheMalibuCrew so they profit as well.  Keep in mind that the rates are rather stiff, because I generally have no interest in getting tied to your problem.

    Otherwise, ask your question on the correct forum.  Somebody will answer you.  If they don't, then consider using complete sentences and decent grammar to actually describe your issue.  Thank you for understanding.

  12. surfdude

    • surfdude

    Happy b day!

  13. Sudaro

    • Sudaro
    • kerpluxal

    Hi - Back in 2015 you mentioned that you had cad drawings of the manual wedge and legs - I have been getting the legs on my ‘99 Response ‘unbent’ but I don’t know the correct angle - would you still have the drawings and could I get a copy from you? Many thanks. Peter.

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    2. 6Kindleys


      Very cool thank you. [email protected]

    3. kerpluxal


      are you looking for the cad drawings or the PDF? 

      I have found the cad drawings and it is in a .stp format

    4. 6Kindleys


      I really appreciate it but I can’t open the file for some reason. If you could try pdf that would be sweet

  14. Brose

    • Brose
    • jrvs23

    I have a powder coating guy nearby but i am hesitant to remove the trim to have it done. I don't know the condition of the rubber gasket under the trim.



  15. GlennT

    • GlennT
    • ahopkinsVTX

    I hope you or someone can help with a barefoot boom question ...

    We had a Dlx Universal Contour Boom from Barefoot Int'l on our "92 Sunsetter.  We just got a 2010 VTX and I'm wondering if I can use this boom I have if I get the appropriate boom clamp for our VTX?  Or will I need to get a whole new boom?  Except for the boom clamp our old boom looks like it is the same as what Barefoot Int'l  now recommends for V-drive boats.  Thanks!

    1. ahopkinsVTX


      To be honest I am not sure. I would call barefoot international to see what they say. I haven’t barefooted in 20 years. 

    2. GlennT


      Thanks for replying; I'll keep researching.  My first step was calling BI.  The person I talked didn't seem to know much ... but did encourage me to "just buy a new boom".  Of course they'd say that!

  16. Brucie

    • Brucie
    • spikew919

    Hello -- I know it was an older post, but I saw that you wired-in a rocker switch under your throttle and near your kill switch in order to separately power up your stereo system.  I have a 2013 VLX and want to do the same.  Looks like locating the correct white/blue wire could be a bit of a challenge unless you have any suggestions on locating the right one?  Also, did you tap into a constant powered wire near the fuse panel and do you recall which one?  Thanks much.

  17. rossmhill


    I have a '93 Echelon (I know she's an old girl but still loves to go) and was wondering if anyone knows if there's a full shop manual available for them (with full wiring diagrams etc).  I do a lot of the maintenance on them myself but based on the incompetent shops that I have taken it to over the years, would like to do everything myself.  Thanks in advance!

  18. Skifarmer

    • Skifarmer
    • Steve B.

    New to the forum.  I see you have a 02 sunsetter LXi and I am looking for the right boat for the family of 5.  We focus on slalom skiing but would like the option down the road to do it all.  What would your suggestions be?  Thanks, Nathan

    1. Steve B.

      Steve B.

      Hi Nathan, glad you asked, ha !  This hull and boat is amazing. There is no better boat for family slalom skiing. My '02 has a tower. This helps for wakeboarding immensely and for a slalom boat, the wake at the slower speed is very good. Being honest, dont' think of this as a surf boat. It can with a lot of additives, but it simply wasn't designed for it. At 28'ish mph and above, the wake is non-existant. The throttle to that speed is so smooth and effortless you would not believe it. It takes chop well, and surprisingly gets good mpg.  I looked for 2.5 years !!! to find a Sunsetter LXi I could afford and 5 hour driving distance. If you will want to surf and ski, I would go with a 21, or 23 LSV. The floorplan in those may be better for a family. Try to get a test ride with kiddo's etc. with you before you buy. Hope I was some help. If you wanted video or pic's of my boat let me know. Real easy,

      Steve B.

    2. mackie12


      Same as what @Steve B.said, that boat is perfect for your application.

    3. Skifarmer


      Awesome, thanks for the help

  19. hockeyman

    • hockeyman
    • winddawg

    Hey Windawg, I know this is in reference to a post from 2012 but I have to ask. How did you get your Malibu illusion XS tower replace for labor cost only? I have a 2008 and the tower is cracked. Exploring having it welded but if I can get Malibu to replace it i would rather go that route. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  20. Ghudler

    • Ghudler
    • seth9180

    Not sure if the photo made it.  I used an iCloud url.   

  21. blizzard

    • blizzard
    • TRBenj

    What do you need a 449 for?

    1. blizzard


      Oops forgot I had to use a different user name 

      Paul :mad:

  22. RM80


    So my rear seat cushion blew out of the back of my 2012 wakesetter mxv! Any help on finding a replacement?

    1. rossmhill


      Any decent upholstery shop should be able to fix you up


  23. Smeltz


    Just wondering if anyone has a 2005 23LSV With the hammerhead motor and full options for sale it knows someone sell one? Thx

  24. MurrayinMontreal

    • MurrayinMontreal
    • dhowen

    Hey D,

    Thanks for the info. We are back in business (04). Appreciate the other tips too. I see you are in Calgary, I was looking for a tower online and came across Shuswap. Are you familiar with this store?


  25. RM80

    • RM80
    • Bill_AirJunky

    looking for options for my teak on my 06 i ride. I was going to see if you could show pics of your swim platform you did with the bed liner spray and adding the deck pad to it?

    1. Bill_AirJunky



      Sorry about the Photobucket stuff. I have all the pics moved here:  https://flic.kr/s/aHsm96Vrxi

      I have tried to get a swimstep Linexed more recently & the guy was not interested in the job, gave me a crazy high price. The first time it cost like $75. It has held up great though. The deck pad is about due to be replaced as it's almost 10 yrs old. I'll probably go with Hydroturf. But the list of materials out there now is long.

      Anyway, hope your Linex guy is more flexible than mine.  Good luck

  26. BobbyEldridge

    • BobbyEldridge
    • formulaben

    Can you repost the pics of you changing you throttle control sensor? I am getting the error of SPN, FMI 16 and I have never changed this part 2010 Malibu VLX

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