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  2. stewbumer

    • stewbumer
    • jaciche

    I'm considering a VTX 20 purchase.

    Just curious why you say best crossover is a pre 16 VTX 20.

    The specs, weight, size abd hul shape appear (to me) to be the same.



    1. jaciche


      Starting in '16, they went to the T-Cut diamond hull design. In '15 and older models, you could get the VTX on a wake hull or a Cut Diamond hull. That cut diamond hull is the best for a true crossover boat if you want a v-drive that's great for slalom skiing and barefooting. You can still fill up the ballast and use the wedge to get a respectable wakeboard and surf wave.. You also get a screw in center pylon starting in '13 and newer which helps with slalom skiing. In '12-'07, you could get the VTX on a V25 wake or diamond hull as well. Those diamond hulls are also great. What hull you want should come down to what allocation of water sports you do and what you want your boat to do the best.

  3. PMH1982

    • PMH1982
    • formulaben

    Hello formulaben, in you recent post I read that you installed a flush kit on your boat.  I am looking to do the same, I was considering the perko flush pro however I do have concerns of it cracking based on the reviews online.  What did you use for your flush kit?  Did you make your own with fittings or purchase something specific to our application.  Thanks, Pierre.

    1. formulaben


      I did have concerns about them cracking due to reports from other users.  Perhaps it has been since re-designed, but for me this valve is both very inexpensive and is a huge improvement over the valve that I (and others) utilized.  The hose barbs were purchased locally (1-1/4" barb) with teflon tape and then just basic hose clamps.  It was attached to the hose running from the raw water intake thru-hull fitting to the v-drive.  You may need a 90 degree fitting such as this one.  I couldn't find brass, but the nylon is same as the ones on the v-drive.  Shoot me an email at [email protected] and I'll send you pictures of my install.  In the meantime, here is an general idea of the valve:


    2. Soon2BV


      I have had a flush valve installed for about 6+ year.  No problems. 

      I do remove it for the winter, because i remove the hose it is connected to for draining anyway. 

      It gets stored in the garage for the winter. 

      I also have a thru-hull fitting and hose from it to the flush valve.  very easy to run out of the water. 

  4. roonedoggie

    • roonedoggie
    • Slurpee

    wanted to get your thoughts on my post...


  5. Skymedic

    • Skymedic
    • powbmps


  6. Andyba

    • Andyba
    • Nitrousbird

    Just wondering do you still have the STE for sale? Did you replace with FAE? "Still have my STE's for sale if anyone wants a set for less than they can score them new." need to get something for my boat

    1. Nitrousbird


      Sold them a while ago.  I have the FAE + muffler delete.

  7. 32off

    • 32off
    • Michigan boarder

    Hey Michigan

    I have a question for you. I am looking at putting a 383 crate motor in my 04 sunsetter. The 340 monsoon is a little tired. Do you have any recommendations? I am hoping to keep my FI system and just reprogram the MEFI.  My real concern is the cam. I think there is universal agreement on this site that the HH 383 was not as strong out of the hole.  I can swap the cam but there are a lot of options including one where I put a monsoon cam in the 383.  Thanks.  32off

    1. Michigan boarder

      Michigan boarder

      Sorry, I can't help you there.  I am strictly a bolt-on/bolt-off guy, I did the removal and install of the engine but I had a professional do the build.  You should start a new thread and post that question to the group just like you did above, and will likely get some good responses from guys that have experience with custom builds.

  8. islanders

    • islanders
    • mrothwell

    Thank you will check prop did have that humm sound from prop didnt see any dings tho.

  9. islanders

    • islanders
    • surfdude

    surfdude Thank You makes me feel a little better. Changed out with new lock nuts and bolts. red lock tight. Did either one of you check coupler for oblong holes? didnt know whether or not to change. I tightened the bolts myself this time so i know there  done. I only got 25 hrs out of mine. 

  10. HollieMac

    • HollieMac
    • DIE2SURF

    Hey you mentioned buying a bunch of netting  wondering if you want to sell a set? I have the response that used the pipe on the bottom. 

  11. seagoch

    • seagoch
    • robunc

    I’m interested in the racks if you still have them.

  12. jbain

    • jbain
    • wedge88

    I am interested in your Axis A22 please contact me @601=940-3204. My email is [email protected]

  13. jmcabee


    Good morning everyone. I just bought my first Malibu. It's a 91 Sunsetter. I would love to hear where the best place to get parts for it might be. I need a new rub rail, and decals. 

  14. onamission


    In the past 2 weeks I've had the chance to ski with 3 of the top 5 National OM winners:)




    1. Molarbu


      Wow, what a cool opportunity!


  15. perkas

    • perkas
    • ahopkinsVTX

    ahopkins.... much of the research i've done into the ski wake on the VTX leads to threads you've commented in.  I see you're in a new VTX- there's a lot of opinion out there suggesting for a V-Drive the ski wake behind the 13-15 VTX is much better than the '16 and newer.  I've skied behind a '13 and could see myself sacrificing the ski wake of my RLXi for the versatility of a cross over.  I'd appreciate your honest opinion on the two generations of VTX (13-15 and 16-19).  I typically ski in the  22-32 off range at 34 mph.  Thanks,

    1. ahopkinsVTX


      Hey @perkas, yes we did just get a 2019 vtx. I haven’t skied it yet but I can tell you the Ski wake looks pretty good. Better looking than the 2017 I demo’d. I’d guess it looks better because they changed the engine, transmission, prop, and moved the wedge mounting point. Here is a picture at 34.2mph. I also ski st that speed and line lengths so o should be able to give you a pretty fair review. I think I’ll be skiing it Sunday. Our dealer also asked me to do a review for them so they can post it as an ad/promo video so I’m going to be going through the whole boat and talking about my favorite features. Follow my thread as I’ll be posting some updates in there too. 


    2. perkas


      Looks pretty sweet in the picture.  Looking forward to your assessment.   

  16. Pasqua

    • Pasqua
    • vanamp

    Thank you


  17. Ndawg12


    Fresh tune up and everything single feature of the boat is working...at the moment.  Sort of a bitter sweet feeling.

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    2. Ndawg12


      Not selling, just bitter because I'm out of things to do on the boat, until this winter when I redo the flooring.

    3. MalibuNation


      Whew!!  You can come work on my boat.

      I'm sure you're watching the events unfold in Columbus.

    4. Ndawg12


      oh hell yeah, if we can't beat him the next best option is for him to be fired!!

  18. skijcsports

    • skijcsports
    • Arick

    525 still for sale?  If so, I'll take it.  We are a Malibu dealer in SC.  Call Jeff at 864-882-4212 and I can arrange payment



    1. Arick


      Pending sale.  I'll let you know if that doesn't work out.

  19. BKilner

    • BKilner
    • GreenMan

    if a tracking fin is knocked off by debris with no apparent damage other than bolts yanked out of threads,is it safe to repair from below or is this risky hoping this will hold up long term(boat is a "98 response)

    1. GreenMan


      Hi. I have not made such a repair but assuming the hull is still sound with no other damage than stripped out thread in the fibreglass, I would be inclined to just do the repair from underneath, probably by inserting the replacement bolts into the hull while covered in epoxy glue to restore the thread to the bolt hole. I would come up with a way of holding in a bolt, first smearing the bolt with great or some 'release agent', in place with a washer or something 'sealing' the hole wile the epoxy sets. This would leave a new threaded section from which the bolt could be extracted and then the fin installed. I would not like to nuts and bolts through the hull - the reason your fin came off without major hull damage or leakage is that the short bolts just stripped out as designed without further damage.

      Hope this helps...

  20. cWonka


    Any Alabama Crew members or legal professionals have experiencing dealing with a "Uniform Non-traffic Citation and Complaint" aka Ticket?

  21. oggie1


    I have a 1997 Malibu Sunsetter LX and am looking to replace the steering cable. Do you know what length and type I need to get?

    1. Arick


      If you crawl under the dash, the cable should have a part number on it.  Thats all you need!

  22. BenUrbanski

    • BenUrbanski
    • kerpluxal


    Looking into fixing/replacing a wedge on a 2004 Malibu XTI 23.  Any chance I can get a copy of the CAD drawings you have?  Also is there a different wedge for DD vs V-drive or are all manual wedges the same?  Any info you can help me with would be great.  Thanks,


    1. kerpluxal


      The cad drawing were for a Sunsetter LX with direct drive 21 ft boat. I can send them but need your email address.. Or email me at [email protected] Can't comment if they are the same.

  23. JoeBu


    Does anyone happen to have a full wiring schematic for a 2011 WS 23 LSV?

    1. NathalieDeshaies


      I shearch the same thing for malibu vtx 2010....no body answer.


  24. G2boats

    • G2boats
    • tvano


    I have a 04 Wakesetter 21 XTi, no rear locker.

    i can get the floorboard out in middle, when replacing steering cable, but can’t figure out how to get rear Upholstry and side floor boards out, to pull the gas tank (if necessary) to tighten the bracket nuts.

    It kills me to have to do all this to tighten a nut!  Any suggestions?

    1. tvano


      sorry, i don't have a good mental picture of the txi.

      never seen on in the wild.

      i'd be a poor reference in this situation.

      have you tried to snug the nuts by simultaneously pulling (aft) on a box end wrench while spinning clockwise to snug?  sometimes, w enough pull to get the lock washer to bite, you might get lucky?



  25. hockeyman

    • hockeyman
    • DGoober

    Did you ever get the SWELL wake creator? I am looking at one. Thanks

  26. malibudog

    • malibudog
    • Fman

    The deckadence is about 1/2 to 5/8 thick.  It is thick enough that it has zero tendency to slide around when custom cut to size.  I would be hesitant about putting any kind of backer on a deckadence type product, since one of the big benefits is that crumbs/dirt just fall right through and disappear.  Lift up the deckadence, and wash the fiberglass underneath, and you are good to go.


    I don't know much about the miner's moss or pool carpet alternatives to deckadence.  I think my deckadence cost about $750, and it was absolutely worth it.  It is weathering great - have a piece sitting next to my hot tub, and it is exposed to sun every day and still looks great 3 years later.  


    Good luck whichever way you go.  Rob

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