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  1. Last week
  2. Ndawg12


    Most or all pics come up as: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx.jpg.  If I click on  them its a small icon and I can't see anything.  Sux because 99% of the reason I'm in here any more is for the show off your kids and the meme threads.  Any help?

  3. 201324MXZ

    • 201324MXZ
    • Engine Nut

    Hey Nut,

    I'm getting conflicting info on which gas I should use in my 2013 Malibu 24MXZ.  Bought the boat used with factory installed option of Cadillac LSA, 535 HP, supercharged engine.  Some say 91-92 unleaded and some say to use high octane non-oxy gas.

    What 's your take?


  4. Earlier
  5. MichelleD


    Warning Light was coming on... Had the 02 Sensor replaced at Dealer...Warning Light & sound still comes on? Nothing in the Owners Manual on this...Ideas? Suggestions? Thanks in Advance??

    1. Saltydog


      The dealer should be able to read the fault code off the ecm for you. Depending on model year you can also enter the setup screen and scroll to active and inactive faults to display codes, at least in theory. On my 2012 247 nothing showed up on the dash screen and I had to buy a Rinda Diacom to read the fault codes from the ecm. 

    2. Saltydog


      I forgot to mention. On mine the O2 sensor fault turned out to be a cracked exhaust manifold spewing water onto the sensor. Had to replace the manifolds. 

  6. APHIG

    • APHIG
    • P7M89MM

    Just joined in I am looking for a cooling diagram for a 1991 Euro F3 5.7 gm motor if you have one. Thank you in advance.

    1. P7M89MM


      On my phone.  Let me know if you can’t see this.  And see if this look a like your engine.




  7. Curt

    • Curt
    • Tanglin

    Hey Tanglin,

    I have a 2018 23LSV and need to update the software.  Version I have is MY2018 v12-2017 V2. Could you help with this?

    Thanks in advance...


  8. obski


    Finally got the boat out on the water and got in some waterskiing.  There sure was a lot of debris in the Willamette.

  9. robyoungkojo9

    • robyoungkojo9
    • cr222

    i noticed you helped a couple folks with software updates.  could i ask you to help me as well.  my boat is asking for MY2017v12-2016v2.  Is that something you can help with?

    1. robyoungkojo9


      It says download viperllapp.bin

    2. robyoungkojo9


      It says download viperllapp.bin

  10. vcrew

    • vcrew
    • minnmarker

    Afternoon Sir,


    I was researching deck pads and I saw your 05 looking nice then realized you added surfgate!  I looked through the posts and didn't see anything about it, but wondered if you did it yourself?  How happy was the sat vs project?  Thanks for any insight.  Want to add to my 2008 vride.

  11. BFish

    • BFish
    • frmr12b

    I’ve got an 89 Sunsetter too. Just tried to start it up tonight for the season and it doesn’t want to fire. Saw you said you are a mechanic. Any suggestions as to where to start? I bought it late last summer and it ran great. 

    1. frmr12b


      well BFish hope you are doing better just saw your post. If theres no fire does it still have points and condenser or electronic pickups? Mine was originaly points and condenser and changed to electronic years ago. Look for voltage going to the coil when key is on. If its there time to check the negative wire going to distributor for continuity and integrity. Condenser wire to distributor. Keep it simple since it worked fine last summer maybe just a little corrosion in one of those wire paths I mentioned

  12. frmr12b


    Looking to rehab the ol 1989 Sunsetter. Bought her new and want to see her shine. Grandkids need a skiing lesson LOL.  Mechanical is the easy part as I am a mechanic. What advise is out there to restore the interior as you can imagine 30+ years it needs new threads. All suggestions welcome

  13. Vach6

    • Vach6
    • UWSkier

    Hi, I'm the original owner of a 2001 Sunsetter VLX. We added the Titan Tower and Wedge at time of purchase making it one step short of a Wakesetter. We've enjoyed slalom, barefooting, and wakeboarding over the years, but with age have gotten more interested in surfing. We've been able to throw a nice tall surf wake using the wedge, 4 ballast bags, and a Swell wake shaper. We put 2 440lbs up front; one in the locker, and one on top of the locker. The other 2 bags are in the rear lockers with about 400-500 in each.  We then have one or two passengers sit all the way up front to try and keep the nose down. This has been our most successful set up, but our surf wake sweet spot is small and only about 6 feet back from the platform.

    I saw one of your posts regarding "surfing behind a 01 sunsetter VLX" that your recommendation is a little different with most of your ballast middle to forward; and on the port side. Are we doing this all wrong? I'm considering adding 3 automated ballast pumps; one in each rear compartment, and one for up front - ski lock and an under the box seats bag.  Should I be adding a 4th for a bag under the port seats? 

    We did try one of the 440 bags under the port seats, but then were less weighted up front.     

  14. alpensurf23


    Sunshine state of mind...

  15. Murphy8166


    DOMED NUMBERS - just ordered numbers at got $15 off using coupon code: MALIBUCREW.

  16. prwkbrder

    • prwkbrder
    • ibelonginprison

    Im getting ready for a polis, seal job on my boat. I read a lot of feeds and am going with your recommendations. One question


    I plan to go your route..... wash.....menzerna 400, and then seal with jescar.

    Only question I ask is.....after Menzerna 400.....is there a fine polish before the sealant jescar. 

  17. doug44deuce

    • doug44deuce
    • csleaver


    I was talking to you last season about a hesitation problem I was having with my hammerhead. I was going to change the high-voltage switch/ distributor because it’s the only thing I haven’t changed. The problem started when the rotor broke off inside the cap. I have changed the cap/rotor wires plugs, position sensor. Crank position sensor etc. 
    problem is very minimal now but still there in certain circumstances. So I figured I would change the HVS. That’s why I was asking if there was a MSD part number. If not I will change it to a stock hvs. Would you happen to know the part number for that? Thanks again for your help. Good to hear from you. I hope you and your family is healthy and safe down there! 


    1. csleaver


      The HVS is made by GM Delphi, but this is the Indmar part:


  18. Beautifulday

    • Beautifulday
    • bcoppess23

    Hello, Just joining the Malibucrew. Looking at buying a 2012 21.5' VLX and see you owned one for a number of years. I would love your opinion on pro's and cons's. I am looking for a cross over boat to ski, board and surf behind. Also interested in things to reduce risk with buying boat out of state. Any steps I can take if I can not put my eyes on it personally?

    Thank you

  19. Murphy8166


    Earmark Audio Group Buy - 20% + Free Ship.  See Group Buy Section.


  20. Corleycrew

    • Corleycrew
    • Ndawg12

    Hey man , Im sorry to bother but I'm new here and I was searching for "swim platforms" and your name keeps coming up. I just bought a 2003 Response LX that the swim platform is trash. Do you have a resource to any aftermarket options? Sorry again to bother you. 

    Thanks Jason

    [email protected]

  21. Robbodownunder

    • Robbodownunder
    • Andrew63

    Hey mate, just saw you had dimensions for the Malibu flosting wedge. Just wondering if you could send them my way. Im keen to make a wedge for mine. Way to expensive from the dealership. Also the bracket aswell if you get them. Cheers

  22. Robbodownunder

    • Robbodownunder
    • brad72

    Hey bud.

    Im keen to make the oating wedge you where talking about. Did u make the bracket aswell? If u could send the drawings that would be awesome. Its wayyyy to expensive from the dealership. Cheers

  23. Murphy8166


    Phender Pro - Group Buy is live...27%

  24. Zcrew


    Anyone have a 2015 -2019 VLX with a diamond hull? How does it ski, currently have a 2003 23’ XTI that we are looking to upgrade and the kids want to surf. 


    1. Cretedude


      Does your xti have ballast tanks? If it does, I highly recommend the Mission Delta2.0 for surfing. I have this for my 2010 vtx. I love skiing as well, but can't ski all day. My vtx has built in tanks(4). Makes a good wake with the Delta.


  25. 02vlxbu

    • 02vlxbu
    • water hazard

    Hey just saw one of your old post and your name “water hazard” I bought your old boat this summer the 2002 vlx still says water hazard on the back lol

  26. Murphy8166


    20% off Group Buy at UPTICE - marine billet parts


  27. Okbealls

    • Okbealls
    • wdr

    I'm debating on the xtra large Bimini from tower Biminis and the cs slider.  what is the process for deploying and stowing the one on your boat?  does anyone hit their head on the back of it given how low it has to be to clear the rope?

    1. wdr


      Sorry for the delay just saw this. I have only ever had the factory Bimini. I used towerbiminis to sew up a new my replacement Bimini canvas. With my factory extended version I have only ever hit made head maybe twice in 11 years and never had a guest do it. On a VLX or 22’ boat with a shorter cabin I bet it would be a constant obstacle. BICBW The surf rope is what did in the canvas on my 2010. My technique on my ‘19 Is to attach the surf rope to the to tower ball and let it hang straight down on the front side of the hoop. This way the rope is pulling up on the Bimini and not top down to scuff up the canvas. It doesn’t seem to be a problem for anyone observing and is actually kind of easier to recover from a seated position. I still put a vinyl sleeve on the potion of the rope that makes brief contact with the canvas. At 300 hours now see little if any signs of wear. Hope this helps. Bill

    2. Okbealls


      thank you man. that helps


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