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  2. Eagleboy99

    Looking to add sub, help with deciding!

    Marine amps have things like conformal coatings (good anywhere there is water) and SS parts/cases. Fusion makes some neat stuff.
  3. asnowman

    2020 models stern thruster

    Here it is on the m240 i drove last weekend And on the 23Mxz i drove back in august its the same unit on each boat. Its a really handy unit, especially if you are nosing up to the dock to exchange people off the boat, or to line up to help less experienced surfers get going. No wake impact i could notice on ether boat.
  4. G!!!!!!

    Sony replacement options with RM-X60M

    ScottD. are you looking for just the RM-X60M remote or the remote and adapter that connect to the head unit? I have the remote and it was working as of August until I updated my system. Ill let it go for 25.00 plus whatever it cost to ship to Alabama. Let me know
  5. Anyone have experience with new stern truster attached to power edge ? Not understand how it works if wedge is down and I’m running 20Mph is basically destroying wake, or I’m wrong?
  6. Diacom from Rinda.com and the factory ECM manuals are immensely helpful for doing diagnostics on boat engines built in the last 10 years or so. It works with most Windows laptops and the 94030-DiacomMarine+CAN kit will likely be the most useful for most boats built since 2001. If you are going to do your own repairs, I would highly recommend it.
  7. dalt1

    heater install

    Are you using the Maradyne or Heatercraft units?
  8. dalt1

    heater install

    Wanting to do this on my 2018 23 LSV with Raptor 410. Also looking for info but not finding much here on the forum for the Raptor. Mrwatersking, have you made any progress on this?
  9. Want to add heater to my 2018 LSV 23 with the Raptor engine. Is there already a write up somewhere? I have searched with no luck. From what I have been able to find out so far, factory units used Maradyne units(300CFM) and not Heatercraft. If anyone has any input i would appreciate it. Would love to have parts list and install info if anyone can help.
  10. My guess is that the LT4 will follow the same year long roll out as the M6 and 5 did. 25 LSV and 24 MXZ will probably be the next ones to have it available though.
  11. FBL3

    2018 Cover for 23 LSV w/G3.5 tower

    Do you know if it will fit a 2015 23 LSV?
  12. Yesterday
  13. Yep, you all nailed it. The 2016 25LSV is a beast and a great boat, and I'm not aware of any common issues with the 2016 Indmar power plants, so wouldn't be too concerned there. But, I think I'd take the 2019 23LSV if prices were basically equal. And yes, the 2016 is the "previous gen". I get it, you can always chase next year's best thing, but some key changes between 2016 and by the time 2019s rolled out was the hull, M6 motor, PW3, and 17" prop. Plus the interior layout changes with the cooler compartment, integrated table/wakeview seat, Wetsounds stereo with factory zone control, etc., etc. But, significant price delta too between a 2016 and 2019 (or 2020) 25LSV. So again, just sticking to the 2016 25LSV or 2019 23LSV, I'd lean 23LSV. The refresh cycles on models are running what, every 3 years or so? That is a pretty tight window to always have the first of the next generation boat, especially when for most folks the 2019 boating season is 4 months around the summer and by the middle of that, 2020 boats are already being delivered.
  14. Two or three up from fully extend.......typically.
  15. Yes only option in 2020 25 lsv for supercharged motor is the pcm 550. That may change. But I’m not so sure for this year
  16. Please don't get wrong. The 2018 and 2019 23 LSV are amazing boats. I've had the pleasure of riding behind both of @NWBU's and they are certainly a step above my 2017. I can't wait to ride behind his 2020. I simply share my experience because I bought the "early years" of the last generation at a time when I could have spent a little more and purchased a new 2016. It would have cost me less in the end to do that rather than upgrading 2 years later to the 2017.
  17. I hadn't considered this. The 2019 as an outdated boat seems ridiculous at first (we are in the year 2019), but now I see what you are saying here completely. Specking a 2020 is something to consider as well, but I think my dealer is not going to give me the kind of deal I would expect for a new build.
  18. Gotcha; thank you. I plan to really negotiate fairly aggressively with either of these outdated or soon to be outdated models. For the 25 LSV, I would much rather have a 2019, but I feel my negotiated dollars might be better spent on the 2016. My concerns were around the reliability of the 2016, future repairs, how well it performs, how loud it is, and, what I will be able to sell it for when I upgrade in the future. The 2016 25 LSV seems like a decent enough boat, minus some Indmar concerns people have. I guess I really can't go wrong either way, unless I pay anywhere close to what they are asking. My top priority is surf wave, so the 25 LSV will probably edge out the win in that regard.
  19. Couvewakesetter

    Surf wave setup for SurfGate Equipped boats

    Does "ramp" mean the wedge all the way up or all the way down? Trying to figure out if you mean two or three clicks from fully stowed or two or three from fully extended?
  20. I really think these comparisons are tough because in the end there really isn't a concrete right or wrong answer. Both boats could be the right answer for one family and could be the wrong answer for another family regardless of price. I personally love the new 25 LSV. My wife and I love it so much that we started getting serious about buying a 2020 25 LSV after we sat in one at the 2019 Portland Boat Show. I spent a good part of the 2019 boating season thinking about how my experience on the water would be different in a 25 vs the 2017 23 LSV I have now. What I realized is that for a number of reasons bigger probably wouldn't be better for us and that the 23 is the perfect size. Now I'm thinking one more year in my 2017 and getting serious about a 2021 23 LSV. In regards to the 2019 23 LSV I would be concerned about it being an outdated boat already. Here's why I say that. If you look at the previous generation 23 LSV that I own the model years were 2014 - 2017. In that generation there is a real difference between 2014 and 2017. In the later model years you got PW2, the new dash, a 5 year warranty and new (I like my Raptor 410 so I say better) engine options. I owned a 2014. Great boat. But I really love my 2017 for the reasons above and more. Now look at the current generation of 23 LSVs model years 2018 - 202x. In 2020 you are going have a new dash, the second year of new engines, PW3 and, I think most importantly, a 17" prop. These are big improvements that when we're looking back on this current generation of 23 LSVs in 2022 are going to be very desirable over the 2018s and 2019s. I think in the price range you're already considering you could spec out a new 2020 23 LSV that may not have every bell and whistle but will give you the big benefits that come with the later years in this generation. I would compare that 2020 23 LSV to the 2 amazing 25 LSVs you've been offered above.
  21. I think @hethj7 meant the 2016 25lsv vs a 2019 25lsv. The hull was changed a bit for 2019, so why pay a premium for a used boat, that is the prior generation vs a new 23lsv at the same price point.
  22. formerathlete

    All about biggest/best surf wave. T23 vs A24

    Yeah, that's one of my biggest complaints about our '19 A22. The fuel tank is marketed as 48 gallons but it's for sure only 42 gallons. CARB says it's only 42 gallons as well. Not sure why they market it as 48. But then the '19 T22 actually got the 48 that it's marketed to have (at least according to CARB) . Bizarre. 6 gallons isn't a huge deal but it would be nice.
  23. Also I recall reading somewhere it’s not recommended to fog the raptor engines. Definitely if you do fog spray in each cylinder individually.
  24. Why would you say over last gen 25? Resale? Wave?
  25. Def less than 90k for the 25... agreed on these statements.
  26. This is a great looking boat! I’ll consider it.
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