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  2. Turning the stereo up solves all sorts of weird noise problems in any kind of vehicle/boat
  3. I’m betting the “funny noise” was actually the high pressure fueling system. It sounds like a belt/pulley chirp, but it isn’t. It is a mildly annoying noise that all the DI6.2s have. I have even gone so far as removing the belt entirely to make sure it wasn’t something in the accessory drive. The noise was still there. One of two things will happen- Either you’ll get used to it, and not pay any attention to it, because it’s not really a loud noise. Or, your OCD will not allow you to ignore it, and you will hear it whenever you are idling along, and it will annoy you every time. The good news is, they only have that light chirp noise at idle. It goes away above 1000rpm.
  4. 2016 was the first year of the 5 year warranty, so they likely get the edge over a 2015 on that category. All 2015s are likely out of warranty at this point. 2016 was also the first year of the Ford engines (a plus in my book) and new tranny ratio (at least on the 23LSV - I am unsure on the 22), another plus in my book.
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  6. Nice boat and congratulations! I have to ask though, were you cruising with the wedge in lift? And what prop did you order? Seems like high RPMs for a big motor cruising at 25mph.
  7. Beautiful boat!! I love the look of the new tower. That thing looks mean. Congrats on the new boat! M6 in the 23 i heard from several people is a monster! And at sea level you will have power for days! Have fun!
  8. kayt425

    New Generation Vinyl Fading

    Geez you guys are ruthless! IXFE is too predictable. (Funny and witty yes i admit!) But too predictable with the response LOL. Listen, I know its an upgrade from the old vinyl. I’m still deciding on my 2019 boat. (Weather here had been terrible for the entire spring limiting demo opportunities) I’m on a demo tomorrow finally!! 25LSV with Tanner from my local dealer. Awesome people! I love the new 25 LSV. Great boat! So I’m not here hating on Malibu. Ive owned a Malibu VLX and a 23 LSV. Both purchased brand new and sold at the end of season. BUT if you take off the Malibu goggles for second and sit in a new Malibu, Mastercraft, Nautique, Supra, or Centurion and then HONESTLY ranked the vinyl 1-5 best to worst based on look, feel, and initial quality? Even though the new Malibu vinyl is good, i personally think they could do better. I’d rank Malibu last (again, just considering vinyl and thats it) Especially the threading - it still seems to pull apart easily. And it makes me mad, because they could do better. Now continue to flame on 🐤🐤
  9. Plumas lake, and yes I had a water supply when I started the motor, did not engage transmission on trailer and my wife and I very carefully put it in the lake after making sure we were good to go. It performed great.
  10. adam911

    WTB illusion x tower

    how much ? and which boat is it off
  11. @gregtay, open your glove box; there’s a third wireless charging pad in there
  12. granddaddy55

    Wakeskate board for beginners?

    Get a $99 w free shipping LF or other Eva top wood multi ply and get another one when the plys start coming apart,anybody can ride them most any size board or person , the light weight makes it suitable for small riders even if it’s sized to larger riders I wore out 2 then bought a more expensive board construction EVA and it’s a permanent investment
  13. mikeo

    GPS on 2019 Malibu

    Very interesting, it looks like the displays are both LVDS now. This makes a lot of sense as each of the components can be replaced independently. I'm surprised that there haven't been more reports of a broken dash display; I know I dropped the observer mirror arm bolt on the display once before I was more careful and put a towel over it before removing the bolt. with this new setup not having an integrated display it may mean that it could be easier for me to find a computer second-hand or on one of the parts sites that I can try to hack to get custom preset pictures loaded.
  14. Does anyone have any experience with the Big Air tower mirror? At $110 it is on the budget end of the spectrum... wondering if it is a good mirror or a waste of money... http://bigairwaketowers.com/accessories/mirrors/
  15. Stevo

    Connecting Bluetooth to 2014 Wakesetter 23 LSV

    It’s to help prevent the boat from sinking in the event of an accident
  16. Gsxrnick

    GPS on 2019 Malibu

    Thanks for the help bud. Those were basically the same pics I was gonna post. Trying to get pics on here was kicking my butt
  17. ID AX

    Brigade wakesurf boards?

    I tried talking to him at a couple local events (they are based here). He wouldn’t give me the time of day. I ended up ordering a board from Soulcraft. Not only did Jeff take the time to work with me on my board choice, I feel like I could text him anytime and just have a bs session.
  18. 91malibu

    Euro F3 Ballast

    Thanks for the replies. I’ll give it a go with moving people to the back of the boat and see how it goes. Any recommendations for starting rope length? I’m thinking around 60 feet should be a good starting point.
  19. Thanks, I will make sure they check each of those things. They also had a list of things they wanted to check based on "things they have found on other new M6 equipped boats." I can't remember all he said he was going to check but I know that he did find that a few things on my boat were "resolved" vs. earlier builds with that motor (he noticed they changed something (for the good) that he had found wrong on other boats.) The other interesting thing he commented on is that the coolant system seemed to have "burped".. once before we started it (there was fresh coolant somewhere on the motor and he figure it was from when they ran it at the factory) and then again after we had it out it apparently had "burped" again. Not exactly sure what he was referring to or where the coolant was coming from (overflow?) as it didn't seem to be leaking anywhere. He mentioned the issue with air in the coolant system (maybe from the heater install) which I know others had mentioned. Temp was fine while we ran her so no issue, but he was going to do more checking. The tech mentioned on a few boats the line to the heater was way too long and that caused some issues with air getting trapped and the line needed to be shortened (they were just lazy at the factory and didn't bother to cut it to the right length.) So we will see what he finds out after they dig into this week. The good news is that the guys at Seattle Boat seriously know their stuff and the boat/motor and what these things need from the factory to ensure there are no issues after delivery. That was very reassuring!
  20. Raimie

    Boat Lift set up for 2019 Axis T22

    Here is a pic of my '14 T22 on the hoist. I did not make any adjustments when I put my '19 on there and it sits about the same.
  21. Beautiful boat. Yours would be the only boat I have seen so far at 14v. Make sure the dealership checks the heater hose clearances and mounting bolts. I was missing one bolt and the other wasn’t even hand tight. I found the missing nut/bolt in the bilge. The hoses were dangerously close to the raw water pulley. My dripless shaft seal rubber water line was crimped under the raw water hose. The built up pressure was making some god awful squealing noise, at least I hope that was the cause. Rerouted it and the noise disappeared. The aft end of the main battery + cable at the rear distro block near the starter wasn’t even hand tight. The battery charger head was seated too shallow in the housing, so that had to adjust that as well. Was missing the walk through wind block cover also.
  22. I don't think we had turned anything on at that point. I took note of the voltage a few different times in our 15 mins out on the water and it showed 14.2 each time I looked. Once I get the boat in my hands (next week) I will keep an eye on it. Maybe Malibu just reprogrammed it to show a max of 14.2v to stop people from reporting the 15v issue :-O ha ha.
  23. Raimie

    Boat Lift set up for 2019 Axis T22

    I highly recommend covering the bunks in GatorBak. Great product, has held up perfectly for me for the last 5 seasons.
  24. Thanks Yes.. pretty awesome birthday week Very ready to fill up those coolers with beer!!!
  25. Hello, if there is anyone looking to let go of their fiberglass swim platform I’m interested in purchasing one. Please let me know !
  26. Nice! Interesting about the voltage. Wonder if there was a running change. Was that 14.2 with the heated seat and heater on or off? Those things pull a fair bit of juice.
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