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  2. svnfightsvn

    Amps- wetsounds vs exile

    Ditto. I’ve been running non-marine rated amps in my boat for 10 years with no problems
  3. bcoppess23


    That dozer is so bright that it must not be casting a shadow on the ground...
  4. Today
  5. Me and my son were checking that out at last years boat show. Cool boat.
  6. racer808

    Surfgate XXL

    If you’re wanting push get rid of surf g and get Go Surf Assist
  7. I hope you plan on keeping that for a long, long time.
  8. Nitrousbird

    Amps- wetsounds vs exile

    Just remember OP, some of the opinions you are reading in this thread are from a Wetsounds dealer. I like both brands. My next go around amp wise I will be looking at Arc Audio. I don't really buy into the need for a marine rated amp.
  9. Woodski

    Modified exhaust

    Can you give more description on the sound that bothers you? One contributor to a thumping sound is water pulsing in the rubber hoses. A way to reduce that is to eliminate as much rubber hose as possible, you do need flexible connections between the hard attachments.
  10. Cole2001

    Surfgate XXL

    what specifically do you want out of your wave, what's your current setup?
  11. No codes? This is classic symptom of a bad MAP sensor. It will dump fuel making it run rich. MAP sensors rarely fail tho...
  12. granddaddy55

    Loctite 271 (red) or 242 (Blue)

    Seems like they tighten perfectly the cover against the gasket with a 1/4 drive nut driver , seems unnecessary unless they have been damaged on prior impeller changes
  13. @adam911: When you pickled the engine did you flush diesel to the combustion chamber side (this would require plugs to be removed before turning over) or just fill the crankcase with it? One reason for a slow turn over would be the corrosion from the water getting in the starter itself. From your description of the process, I would expect there would be some water left and some corrosion thus a remove and rebuild would be the course of action. It can be difficult to get all the water out of the places it should not be without a teardown or immediate and comprehensive clean up (drain, pickle, remove plugs and spin engine, lube upper end and combustion chambers, etc.). As noted, the more annoying problem may be electrical and long term electronics issues due to corrosion. The engine can be rebuilt or short or long block replacement and then provide years of trouble free operation. Electronics and electrical issues can / will be intermittent and continuous.
  14. granddaddy55

    Sea-Dek flooring

    Got blood on mine today snd it washed and rinsed right off with dawn , probably would have worked even dried , basically wiped right off
  15. @MadMan ok i will drain everything and clean everything out thanks for the advice
  16. Yes, water is heavier than oil, so it will be at the bottom, not registering on the dipstick.
  17. daylorb

    Surfgate XXL

    +1, unless having the deflection farther up the boat is better than at the back/makes the convergence point shift even more.
  18. adam911

    Huge Wetsounds Lot

    dang thats a setup
  19. IIWM, I would buy either a thin sheet of HDPE plastic or aluminum and make a backing plate big enough to hang the assembly on and attach to the fiberglass. Otherwise it will continue ro break. Jm2c
  20. @tccombs thanks for the reply , my boat is 247 lsv i think i need a big powerful motor to keep this boat moving forward and I would hate to redo other stuff to make the fitment perfect , but what was your situation ?
  21. UWSkier

    Wakesurf backroll

    Has to be strapped in but this is sweet
  22. ORMailbuboater

    Putting wedge in 'stow' on trailer

    Nope just moves the wedge up and down "manually" in small increments.
  23. MLA

    Amps- wetsounds vs exile

    Making amp wattage is easy/inexpensive. Building an amp that delivers clean, quality wattage when pushed, is more complex and more costly. Having a cross-over that linear and consistent, is a sign of quality. Having an amp design that goes into the protect mode when hot, is one thing, but one that reduces power so it can reduce heat, while it keeps playing, is another. An amp that tells you if there is an over or under voltage issue. Say you own a Vette, You know how it should run, but can tell a difference when you run on one brand to another of gas, even though both are the same "grade" Maybe not the best analogy, but you see what I mean? Ive had the opportunity to listen to the same speaker(s) of different amps. You know what the speaker sounds on a higher end amp, you then can hear a difference in it, on other amps. More wattage, as in head-room, is never a bad thing, but ill take less output but quality wattage amps, over higher output, less quality, amps. Comparing the xm15.4 to the Syn-DX, you are correct, there is a little difference in wattage. However, you have to nearly double the wattage, to make an audible difference in the speakers output. So that 50W p/speaker difference in this scenario, is negligible.
  24. jwl019

    Amps- wetsounds vs exile

    I've always wondered about this, and maybe it's for brand recognition, or.... the contract is awarded to the lowest bidder. I feel like it's the lowest bidder, since that's how everything else usually works and profit is Malibu's #1 goal. I like my Wetsounds in my '18, and liked my Exile's in my '10 (Javelin, 15.4, and SXT9Q'S). Both manufacturers do a good job. I have a Javelin in my truck pushing 4 doors and subs that's about 4 yrs old now too and it's working like a champ. O.P. if your not picky about everything matching, buy the Exile for the price it will do the job.
  25. Ok well then yeah that is simple and would solve the issue. it doesn’t change the calibration or anything does it?
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