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  2. Texan32

    GatorStep color

    you can order color samples from them. they double as great coasters once you're done using them. If i werent in Germany for the next 2 1/2 months, I would just send you mine.
  3. Pretty pricey good luck.. The harbor hoist are pretty nice. Sunstream not so familiar with them so check difference and pricing etc..
  4. WellingtonB

    The Strip Club

    The Response has been regrettably sold! Busy life and a deal with the wife for no more projects. Besides the conversations here, all I did was buy a cover and park it. Never got a real opportunity to go over the boat and mechanic never got see it either. We're sticking to our currently complete toys and will be back on the water with something in the near future hopefully. Thanks for the feedback everyone and happy boating.
  5. RedWakesetterVLX

    Parts for Boy Scouts

    Call Ron Tanis @ skiboatpartsonline.com , he specializes in older ski boat parts and is extremely knowledgeable. You can find great DIY videos from him on his YouTube channel as well. He has every video you need to replace those drivetrain parts.
  6. german88

    Phender Pro's - Group Buy 2021

    Amazon has the complete cleat: for $65 https://www.amazon.com/Phender-Pro-2-Inch-Stainless-Release/dp/B07MVDNZG3/ref=mp_s_a_1_16?dchild=1&hvadid=78134095591703&hvbmt=bp&hvdev=m&hvqmt=p&keywords=fender+cleat&qid=1611378671&sr=8-16&tag=hydusmmsn-20
  7. Went through the same thing trying to cross reference. Lots of options that were close with not much information behind them. Ended up sending mine out for cleaning and have been pleased. The “remanufactured” set I bought was junk.
  8. Eagleboy99

    Phender Pro's - Group Buy 2021

    Wow! I'd call the mfg. That is a crazy price.
  9. Brandonloos21

    2020 23LSV - Stereo Mods

    Just went ahead and ordered the plug and some pins, let’s see how this goes. If it’s not bad I might make a bunch and sell some off. Surprised exile doesn’t make them..
  10. So I’ve pulled my steering cable out and I feel that’s my stiff steering problem. The rudder is fairly easy to turn by hand, I think it will need a shot of grease but my question is what is the part that the steering cable slides in that the nut threads on? And does this need to be replaced often?
  11. wdr

    Phender Pro's - Group Buy 2021

    $115.99 for the 1/2 male from Inboard parts.
  12. german88

    Phender Pro's - Group Buy 2021

    I’d be curious if they would sell just the male 1/2” portion? My boat already has the female fitting but didn’t come with the male quick connect.

    2020 23LSV - Stereo Mods

    The easiest (and cheapest) option would be to... Replace inboat and sub amp with a Wetsounds SYNDX6. 4 channels for the inboats and 2 channels bridged for the subwooder. You will not have any problem running the 6.5in walkthrough speakers together with the 8in bow speakers. Replace tower speaker amp with either a SYNDX2.3HP (for REV speakers) or a SYNDX2 (for Icon speakers) Follow IXFE's "Rip and Replace" thread HERE on how to build a much better sub box for your existing sub (A Must). You can also check out his dual sub thread HERE, only change I would make is using a SYNDX2.3HP (marine grade) instead of the JL Audio HD1200 (non-marine grade) he used. If you decide to upgrade your sub and use a dedicated amp, then you can use a SYNDX4 for your inboat speakers. Instructions for making your own adapters are HERE. If you are not comfortable soldering, the Exile ones will work just fine. If you're willing to wait a month-ish, I might have come up with a new, more elegant solution to both of these options.

    2020 23LSV - Stereo Mods

    Interior speaker plug: Digikey Pins for plug: Digikey You need 8 but I'd get extra.
  15. I believe it’s waterproof white led strip. About a foot long. Can buy a roll and cut to length. When you get a chance to get to the boat, double check the connections. One might have worked it’s way out. I have that happen on one of my transom brake lights last year.
  16. Old post but anyone know the type of light I need for this. Noticed last summer I had one burned out. Boats about an hr away so figured I’d ask. Tia
  17. Yesterday
  18. surfdude

    2020 23 LSV

    Sharp metallic red/ black/ white 23 lsv. Malibu m6di 450 hp engine with 56 hrs. 4 rev 8 tower speakers, factory sub. Backup camera, heater, 2 battery, surf Bimini, factory cover, tandem trailer, sport knob. Bow and gunnels have factory seadeck. Bought new in mid June 2020, so lots of warranty left. Has plug and play bags installed. Serviced and ready to go! $112000 call or text 4067881842 for more info.
  19. Yes that will work. Those hoses get old quickly in that hot compartment. Good time to check your heater hoses and fuel lines for cracks.
  20. The eBay link is different than what riot posted or the GatorStep or SeaDek. I did SeaDek when I first got my boat as GatorStep was not around then. I bought a sheet of SeaDek and cut my own pieces to cover all the top portions of the hull where ever someone might step. It held up extremely well. I replaced that with GatorStep a couple years ago when there was a group buy. The precut pieces in two colors with routed edges was a huge step up from what I cut but the quality seems similar. Seems like there is a group buy at least once a year where you can get a good discount. I did see the non-slip in the eBay link at a boat show one year and it was like sand paper and kind of looked cheap to me. If I were buying a new boat I would go with the GatorStep without hesitation. It is the price of a couple of tanks of fuel but will make entering and exiting the boat when wet much safer and also looks great to me.
  21. Brandonloos21

    2020 23LSV - Stereo Mods

    Sadly yes, they have them put into a plug that directly plugs into the dsp amps. Most likely going to depin them (unless I can find out what plug it is)
  22. Eagleboy99

    Malibu Touch Command Issues

    Well, there is a chance they will show up at greatlakesskipper.com down, the road, but who knows? Frankly, I'd buy one and keep it in reserve. Wish I'd done that with the fuel pump. Would have saved me time and money. But then again, keeping it sitting around for years - who knows?
  23. LakePTDoc

    The Ultimate Wakesurf Board Review Thread

    how is the hyperlite hi-fi, looking at some skim style boards. Have ridden the beginner CWB board and a hyperlite landlock for more long board feel. Surfing behind a 2016 VTX. Thanks.
  24. ChadFulton

    Aerator pump below waterline

    Awesome! For plumbing the rear locker bags, will you tie into the stock MLS plumbing or install new through-hulls? Also, when you set the MLS switch to empty, does it fully drain the center locker? Mine is holding water and when I set it to drain I can hear the pump running and initially water was coming out of the side but but it doesn't get all the water out and there is quite a bit standing in the locker. Also the balast bag was unzipped when I bought the boat so water fills the entire locker, not just the ballast bag. Is this normal? Should I manually empty the locker and then only ever fill it if the bag is fully zipped up? Apologize for the novice questions... I'm a newbie to inboards and boat ownership...
  25. JOHN123456

    Malibu Touch Command Issues

    I feel like i should buy MTC for a spare just have down the road, or sell this thing. I wish i would have known about this problem before I bought it. this is a big deal! is Malibu just washing there hands of all these problems? just ordered a key bye pass.
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