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  2. dalt1

    Pump for Paddle Board?

    Thanks OJ. If anyone else has this pump and don’t mind looking at the fuse size, I would appreciate it.
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  4. Fffrank

    2004 Wakesetter 23 LS Value

    So many details needed to get you a good estimate but my best guess: $25k as a project. And that's considerably higher than if you asked at this time last year. Fixing the gauges would help but missing seats could be $2k-$5k depending on what all needs to be replaced to look and feel fresh.
  5. You guys just reminded me that mine gets so hot that it's hard to touch after it's been on. Don't use it often so haven't been concerned but is there a fix for that issue?
  6. Fffrank

    Buy now or wait

    In May of this year I declared if someone offered me $40k for my 2004 I'd be a donkey not to take it. That number is now $45k and I still am terrified I might actually get that offer. It would be hard to pass up but I'm not completely sold on moving to a 2013+ (new payment, new stereo build, new "dialing in" process.) My boat is currently perfect and I'm dragging my feet listing it for sale since we have been using it every day.
  7. Yeah I decided I'll run a amp 50rms x 4 @4ohm Has anyone done installs for speakers in the bow on that 2001 style? I was trying to find details online but haven't found them. Also those neiko tools worked. The screws just make it out without the windshield. I'm debating as well getting new old stock wet sounds 650s w rgb vs the recons $130 vs $200 pair, 250 with rgb. Is there much of a difference they look pretty identical. There are just 4 speakers currently in the boat but I was wondering about putting in 2 on the bow... Then again the kids are usually up there and I'd rather not blow there ears out
  8. Pnwrider

    Buy now or wait

    I had a similar experience to TRR. Listed my boat Sunday night, multiple emails and texts when I woke up Monday. Someone from out of state put down a non refundable deposit to hold it and is having funds wired to my bank and taking delivery tomorrow. In my experience, the onlyinboards ad was a waste of money. I got 4x the hits from my craigslist ad and that’s what sold it. The 3 leads I received from oib were all largely time wasters.
  9. This was a quick 10 minute fix. Just snip the gray/white wire, strip a little wire away, and sauder together. Bypassing the mercury switch worked like a champ!
  10. On another note either I have amazing luck and the only one with this issue or people just don’t know their boat has the problem. That said, I do have some pretty sh*tty luck at times.
  11. RedWakesetterVLX

    Buy now or wait

    In this market I think you could get over 45k for it. I following this era close and it’s pretty crazy right now.
  12. mofaster

    Buy now or wait

    Yup, perfectly working ballast system....
  13. Hello, I have a 2004 Malibu Wake Setter 23 LS that I purchased after it was overloaded and took on water. After many hours and fluid changes she is alive and running well. I am missing a few of the seats but overall it is in great condition and is a good running boat. I don't know much about these types of boats so I am wondering what a fair asking price would be for one with a checkered past. I was told it was a one owner, purchased new and had around 160 hours on it. 340 Monsoon, Clear title, new trailer tires, cover and lots of accessories. The only thing not currently working is the stereo and the gauges. Thanks for any advice, Mark
  14. MandersonTX

    Arc Audio KS 900.6 Amplifier

    I am looking for one. Where are you located?
  15. electricjohn

    Transmission fluid venting

    Do not screw in the cap when checking fluid level and check when warm.
  16. electricjohn

    Melted Fuel Pump Relay

    I think 93jeep hit the nail on the head. Loose fitting sockets will cause arcing and heat.
  17. marinehardware.com was the OEM for that era - contact them.
  18. I have a '97 Response LX with the Monsoon engine. Late in the day on Sunday, I had the throttle cable break. The cable core (wire) broke where it is crimped on to the solid leader on the throttle end of the cable. Is this a common failure? Is there any kind of repair that can be done, or do I need to replace the entire cable assembly? Can anyone help with a part number for the cable assembly? I will also need to replace the cable end that attaches to the throttle linkage (the part that threads on the cable and is cotter pinned to the throttle.) Anyone have a part number for that? Thanks so much!
  19. I have a 99 Malibu sportster lx and was wondering if tracking fins for a 99 response would be the same ones
  20. Purchased a 2012 Wakesetter from an individual this summer. Boat started great and ran great until it became hot. Found that my fuse block that harnesses the three relays and six fuses was cracked. The relay that controls the fuel pump would barely stay in place once everything heated up and expanded. I’m working with Bakes currently and they found the fuse block but to my surprise it has all of the wiring to the entire engine attached. Does anyone have any ideas for a work around or how long it would take to have a new block and harness installed?
  21. I have a 2017 21vlx I’m looking for 750 plug and play ballast but can only find them for the 22vlx, are they compatible?
  22. Sorry to hear. You'll figure it out. If I was taking a look at it, I would first go over the basics. Correct wires on the plugs. Make sure the cap is seated right. Connections to coil ok. Coil ok. Around 14 volts to battery. Verify fuel pressure. Verify knock sensor and it's connection. I may drain tank and start over too. After that I would look into fuel injectors. Best of luck ! Keep us posted. Steve B.
  23. Well I sure hope it works. I have put it on and waiting a full 24+ hours before I test it.
  24. I did find a couple identical ones for $85 a piece, but there are nicer ones for about that same price. The question I have for those who have replaced the wheels is what do you do with the center piece that sticks out. I saw some nice wheels also for $85 Vision Brand rated for 2150lbs for trailer use but they have a center cap that would look like crap (I think) if it needs to cover the long hub piece that hold the oil. I measured this piece and it stick out almost 3.5inches. For those that have changed wheels, how do you work around that??
  25. The front swivel I got from McmasterCarr (first link). The back bushing I used the PU (polyurethane) bushings from Prothane. Last ebay links. Second link doesn't seem to work anymore but the link has the info on the dimensions on the bushing I got since they sell all kinds of different ones. 1-2-I-D-x-7-8-O-D-x-1-1-32-Polyurethane-Flange-Type-Bushing I think it may be this one but check the dimensions on what you have to compare: https://www.ebay.com/itm/2121G-7-8-O-D-x-1-2-I-D-x-1-1-32-Polyurethane-Flange-Type-Bushing/264053264204?hash=item3d7acd0f4c:g:-IEAAOSwjdFen0bE
  26. Clutch-n-Throttle

    Farewell to Thee

    It’s for the 2021 Model year. The 21s Centurion are Coming out with a new design
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