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  2. Scottie132

    • Scottie132
    • MalibuNation

    Thx to all for feedback on my gifted 1988 Malibu Skier.

    Identified the electrical issue at point where I installed new, uselessStarter Slave Solenoid, put old on e back and whalla, electrical issue resolved.

    Now having issue at attached photo area.  Not moving.  All spark plugs new,  but this area not moving. Any thoughts?



  3. Today
  4. ahopkinsVTX

    Ballast Winterization

    I drain them the best I can the last time out, then remove the plug n play bags and call it a day. Even if there is five gallons of water left in each there will be plenty of room to expand. The only thing that causes engine blocks or whatever to crack when the water freezes is having no where to expand. If it has room to explains, yes it will freeze but will not do damage. I mainly remove the bags because I just feel it’s better to get them out and have less areas for moisture to get trapped.
  5. The boat I have is a 2008 I posted the wrong year whoops. By the ball valve you mean when you take the cartridge out you can see straight out right? Because if that’s the case on the starboard side which is the side that fills it I can see completely through. Now for the port side pump when I removed the cartridge it had water sitting and I could not see all the way through. I’m new to boats so not to sure how it should be. I did go buy some new cartridges today, but they are only rated for 380/500 GPH and some things I have seen it says 800/1000 for theses Malibu’s? Will the others not be enough even though they stated the 380/500 is what goes on the newer Malibu’s.. I knows exactly what little raised box you are speaking about I will check them first thing tomorrow. Also I have the wakemakers piggy back system that’s designed for Malibu’s that I believe drains back into the factory tank like you mentioned.
  6. Thanks, I will do that. I have not gotten under there yet...
  7. skurfer

    • skurfer
    • IXFE

    Rode the Matrix yesterday. Def. different. Need more time on it. What tricks are you doing on it?

  8. Flienlow

    2021 Moomba MAX VS 2021 A24

    I just talked to my Lift guy. He told me not to do it. Not sure I want a new boat and a New Lift. In fact, I know I dont. so... how is the a22?
  9. Yeper 99 - 04 SS lxi is a very good ski tug .
  10. If the Sunsetter is a 2005 or 2006 then it is not going to be as good b/c they ruined the hull by making it too big and wide. If it's the Sunsetter like mine (99-04 hull) it skis just a good as a response b/c they have the same hull and surface area. My SSLXI has a foot of overhang in the transom to make it 1 foot longer. I ski my 03 sunsetter and my friends 05 Response lxi every week and if I close my eyes I can't tell the difference.
  11. I have had a number of boats with white seats through the years and don't recall them being overly difficult to keep clean, but I also wipe the interior vinyl down after every outing (or virtually every outing) and use Babes Seat Soap and Seat Saver often and liberally. And I am very pro-active with family and guests and explain how things like sunscreen and food can easily stain vinyl. I'm not shy about telling people what they need to do to things like staining seats or chipping gel coat to a minimum. My current boat has Tungsten Grey seats and I think its really sharp with the color scheme of the whole boat; but with a different color scheme I would not shy away from white if that's what color vinyl made the other boat colors pop.
  12. And on my VTX, no one ever sat there...
  13. Go RLXi all day if you're a course guy. SSLXi of that vintage is a BIG boat. The '04 and earlier would be a much better course boat.
  14. 99-04, world class. '05+... well, there's a reason they discontinued the model shortly after that redesign. It's a very good wake, but not what it was prior.
  15. Nitrousbird

    First Boat Purchase

    '02, especially a direct drive, could be a carb in that vintage.
  16. How is the ski wake on the Sunseter LXI
  17. Yesterday
  18. What is the difference between these two boats? How is the ski wake on the Sunsetter, I have 2 responses but thinking of getting the Sunsetter version. Will I be disappointed in the course?
  19. formerathlete

    2021 Moomba MAX VS 2021 A24

    Yeah didn’t make it up your way much this summer and never with the boat. I’d say the 2021 A24 will definitely push that lift past it’s limit, unfortunately. Dry weight and full 76gal tank of gas alone is gonna be just shy of 6k and that doesn’t include whatever isn’t included in their “dry weight“ number (tower?) and any gear, etc you have on board. Would still love to chat more with you offline about this tho...
  20. I have had both. 2 boats ago, my G23 was mostly all white. The Nautique white is a bright white and it got dirty from just breathing on it. So I went with mostly light graphite on my Malibu and loved the way it looked. I live in the desert and even the light graphite became very hot on summer days at Lake Powell, far hotter than the white ever did. The Malibu white is a little bit of an eggshell white and I think it will not get dirty like the nautique white does. So if I order new, that is what I am getting. In my case, it is heat vs dirt and I am going to choose the white on my next boat. It has been one of the hard things about the used boat market, I am struggling to find a used boat that has a mostly white interior. Just when I think I found the perfect boat, the interior is some dark color I will not have because of the heat it brings. Some people think that their dark color vinyl violates laws of physics and does not get hot, and we will have to just agree to disagree, we have gone the rounds on that one here plenty of times. In Pennsylvania, I think the light graphite may not be much of a problem for you.
  21. RandyRoo

    Help- wet sounds SD2 amp problem

    I have two sd2 wetsound amps to 2 different subs both bridged doing the same thing 4 flashing lights. The other two wet sound amps for the highs are solid was this issue ever resolved
  22. Bradley Thornton

    Your top upgrades of all times

  23. solorex

    First Boat Purchase

    Looks to be in good shape, I'd jump on that if it's been well maintained. I still love my old 'Bu, gets used a lot and runs like champ. If properly cared for these boats last forever.
  24. barefootpaul

    First Boat Purchase

    Might just be missing the rubber insert.
  25. wridtrvlr

    Ballast Winterization

    Wow! Never even thought of this being new to having a boat with ballasts. I typed into the old interwebs and found another thread on here with lots of good info: I think I'll just do the old hill method and call it good. For extra security is extreme cold weather climates the antifreeze method seems to be a good way to go but you are on the right track. It really shouldn't take much to do the job, maybe 1/2 gallon in each ballast. Good luck!
  26. Eagleboy99

    First Boat Purchase

    The 95's rubrail does not look original?
  27. That's true. I like having that space empty on the '01. That's typically where things like wet life jackets, gloves, etc get set when we're rotating skiers. Not sure where we'd put that stuff if that space was occupied by a seat.
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