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    • Leftlane


      Wakemakers.com has them on sale for about $170 right now. 

    • UWSkier


      20 minutes ago, justgary said:

      Having never seen a ski flag in use, what exactly is the protocol, and what is it meant to do?  How often does someone forget to wave (or quit waving) a flag, and does it end terribly? 

      Honestly, this seems like some archaic thing dreamed up by non-boating lawyer after a couple of drunk dudes ran over his child back in the '50s.

      Any time skier is in the water and not actively in tow or being propelled, a flag must be displayed. This includes people just swimming off the boat I believe. There's a flag in my boat because we have a flagger law. It's been used maybe 5 times. It's very silly. 

    • I understand that.  Getting ripped off is different.  I have read articles where a "marine" pump is not necessary.  The minute you take "Marine" out of the equation, its a whole different ball game. If its a external sealed unit pump ,what makes  "Marine" fuel pump so special ?  just asking.  Thank you for your input.  Stay healthy.

    • ahopkinsVTX


      Perfect! Nice work. I really can’t stand the standard gunmetal finish they use. We’ve color matched both our 19 and 20 and will continue to do so. 

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    • 3 hours ago, MavDax said:

      Hi, thanks for the reply. I have the manual and know about the circuit breakers. I had just read a number of posts where people said there was a fuse box under the steering wheel in addition to the breakers, but I have never seen one. I also got the pump I ordered today, put it in, and no difference. Light on my rocker switch goes in for a second, no sound on the pump, and then trips the breaker. I am guessing next step is to order a new 5amp circuit? 

      First pull the pump and see if there is an obstruction at the through hull.  You should be able to see clearly through the boat.  Then take a multi meter and turn on the pump see if it spins and check voltage.  If no voltage or weak voltage you will need to trace the wires from the pump to the rocker switch and look for a pinched or corroded wire terminal.  Boats are wet environments corrosion happens.  Check continuity on both leads to the pump from the rocker to make sure you don't have an intermittent short. One lead will be the Hot lead and the other will be to ground.   Its not very likely to be the breaker, that would be my last part to replace.  My bet is an obstruction or a bad connection/wire.  

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