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    • @Slurpee looks good! My brother-in-law owns a powder coating company up in the Detroit area. Last year I thought about having him do this same thing but in black.  How is it removing that? Might be an off season project.

    • Bozboat

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      IDK what makes them special other than price, but being reluctant to skrimp on something that pumps gasoline in a hot enclosed environment, I just buy the pumps (3 in ten years, 2 burnt, 1 spare) and save money elsewhere. 

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    • Marksa1458


      23 hours ago, justgary said:

      Yes, it should turn easily.  Disconnect the rudder from the cable and then disconnect the cable from the helm (steering wheel assembly). 

      If the rudder doesn't turn freely by hand, give the zerk exactly two shots of grease and try to turn it again.  More grease will only blow the seals out, and then you'll have to pull the rudder to fix it.  If it doesn't turn freely after you grease it, it's either bent or really stuck.  

      If the helm doesn't turn freely with the cable off, it's really buggered up since it really has no reason to jam.

      If the helm does turn freely, put the cable back on and try again.  If it won't move, replace the cable.

      The cable is most likely bad because of water in the bilge.  It really doesn't take more than one good dunking and they start to rust inside.  Why aren't they stainless?  Ask Teleflex.

      Two shots of grease is important. It’s so tempting to use more. 

    • Leftlane


      Wakemakers.com has them on sale for about $170 right now. 

    • UWSkier


      20 minutes ago, justgary said:

      Having never seen a ski flag in use, what exactly is the protocol, and what is it meant to do?  How often does someone forget to wave (or quit waving) a flag, and does it end terribly? 

      Honestly, this seems like some archaic thing dreamed up by non-boating lawyer after a couple of drunk dudes ran over his child back in the '50s.

      Any time skier is in the water and not actively in tow or being propelled, a flag must be displayed. This includes people just swimming off the boat I believe. There's a flag in my boat because we have a flagger law. It's been used maybe 5 times. It's very silly. 

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