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    • Sessionable


      Local dealer can order the parts - Thats where I had to get mine

    • Ryan1776


      4 minutes ago, Sparky450 said:

      I have an MC-1 on my houseboat. It is triggering 3 amps, an eq and a WS220.

      Right but trigger is just a signal. I know there's some current, but it's not a inductive load like the fan would be. That will change over time and temperature. I can easily run a solid state relay if needed. 

    • justgary


      It has spark but doesn't run, you say.  Don't waste time with the distributor, check the fuel pressure.  With a real gauge. 

    • Sparky450


      12 minutes ago, Ryan1776 said:

      Alright so first order is to get it off the amp board. Totally obvious. That fan is SLICK. Says it only draws. 0.6amps....I wonder how may amps the trigger circuit off the MC-1 can handle. That will be 2nd order if the simple raising doesn't fix the issue. 

      I have an MC-1 on my houseboat. It is triggering 3 amps, an eq and a WS220.

    • jhartt3


      How did you delete the muffler: FAE Kit / DIY / Other?

      Shop did it when the replaced the engine just have 2 90's(ish) on each side with exhaust hose connecting

      What was the reasoning behind it?

      It was cheaper than a new muffler and its not necessary

      What are your perceived benefits: Top End, Noise, Ease of Maintenance?

      noise cheaper

      What are your perceived drawbacks?


      Are there any risks you are aware of such as safety, watertightness, etc?


      What was the approximate cost?


      How much time did it take you to complete the modification? Either including or excluding FAE?

      the shop took forever to swap this engine i wont use them again

      If FAE, did you get the flappers option? if so, why?


      Bonus Question: Should I be worried because I am nearing 1400 hours? no

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