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    • Stevo


      Yup u knocked the dust off this one

    • skylerchamblee


      This looks to be an older out-dated thread but I looked just a bit ago on our 08 23' lsv and it has a 1235. The guy inbought my boat from is an RD engineer at Malibu. The boat has the 340 monsoon motor. At WOT we are at 42-44. Of course we don't do that. When we do cruise it's at 28-30. 25-28 when the wife is driving. We have been hit with the surfing sensation. So we load up 14ppl and set it at 10.8 and play all day and night. With the kids ages 3-5. They usually last til 2 or 3am. Then we have to put the boat up cause I'm tired by that time

    • 2014Skier


      Yes it's removable, it's two long strips that are split down the middle of the boat, you can't even see that seam.  It's easily removable, just open the dog house, roll it up and pull it out.  The stuff I got is in the link.  



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    • The Hulk

      Posted (edited)

      Maybe the G4 will become the norm and a better and stronger g5 will come out to match the comp! 

      With Naut and the new Ri's they have no choice but to really increase the freeboard to stay in the game.. 

      Hopefully the ballast tank like the New MX will become the norm to show/gauge the sac levels. 

      Hopefully they go to faster larger pumps!!!!!!!

      Oh and for gosh sakes a few angle presets on SG to adjust the wave!

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    • UWSkier


      Unrelated.  I love your username!

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