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    • footndale


      But how will it barefoot?  :whistle:

    • 12 hours ago, UWSkier said:

      There are two very clearly different boats pictured here.  One has an all touchscreen (it looks like) dash without a visible 5" ZO gauge.  The other has round gauges, no gunnel padding, etc.

      On the sight lines thing, I don't get it.  Do people really have difficulty seeing in the course with a normal dashboard in place?  Maybe it's not an issue for me since I'm tall, but I've never once thought the dash on any boat I've driven has been an issue.

      I'm with you on this UWskier, I don't see an issue with line of sight.  Granted, I'm tall as well, but the only thing hindering my line of sight is the windshield frame.  The dash doesn't hinder the sight of my 5'2" teenager when he's pulling me either.

      I'll withhold judgment till the release and all details are given.  But I do like what I see albeit a tad futuristic for my taste....but that'll grow on me I'm sure.

    • tjklein


      I wouldn't upgrade from 15 to 17.  The boats are almost identical except for a few things.  Yes, the motor makes a decent difference but if it hasn't been a huge problem to this point waiting until the 2018 23 will be worth the wait.  The 23LSV will be due for some big changes.  It's their #1 model and if you look at the lineup you'll see a redesign is coming.


      But, it's up to you.  It's always fun getting a new boat!


    • Hallett85


      I had similar issue, it was rust in the injectors.  When you pulled the injectors out was there anything sitting on top of the screens?


    • Tims


      The delta between the offer for your 15 and the price of the 17 seems a little large considering that your only real upgrade is the motor. What was your front end deal on the 15 that you are in? 

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