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    • Capdoogie, 

      What makes the Malibu waves not suitable for competition riders?   

      I agree  with wakesetter67, I kind of expect to need rear bags.  It is the bag on the seats that is a deal breaker.  I am glad to hear the 2018 doesn't  need one anymore.

    • JeffC


      Just a quick update (I like it when people "finish" a thread):

      Dropped the VLX for its formal winterization - a sad day, but that is a different story, I hate putting it down for the long winter nap. 

      I asked the Service Manager if one of the tech's could show me the location of the remaining drain plugs.   After a good laugh, she said maybe... but that when they winterize, the pull the two plugs that I DID find (bottom of V drive, and the heat exchanger), drain, then run antifreeze in.   I am still going to try to talk to the tech when I pick the boat up.  I like the idea in the linked thread above about the "drain whip".    It is something I think is well worth my time, as I like to start my season early, and run as long as I can.   That means that I am at risk for freezing temps on both ends of the season, so I would like to be able to EASILY drain things so I can sleep at night.

      Is it summer yet?  

    • formulaben


      7 hours ago, JeffK said:

      You can easily remove the hoses from the thermostat and just allow gravity to fill everything up on that motor.  The direct drives are real easy to winterize.  You can do it in 30 minutes.  If you want to IM me your number, I can talk you through it.

      This is why I love the Crew.  Great peeps here.

    • Index the factory positions of the torsion arms in relation to the splined shafts before you pull them and rotate them. That way you can evenly put them back to factory ride height when the banjos stop playing. 😁 I used an electric engraver, but any permanent means will work. Good luck.

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