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    • SkiUtah

      SkiUtah  »  Dan Cummins

      I am still interested in the cover if you still have it. I understand how crazy a remodel can be. You can reach me via phone at 801-960-0774 or email at [email protected]
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    • Ndawg12


      Headed to Tampa, anyone headed out on the water and got room on Tuesday 9/13?  I should be done with work around 2ish.
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    • onamission


      Moved to M6 at the last tournament
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    • TC_2006_VLX

      TC_2006_VLX  »  Tweeder06Wakesetter

      If you let me know i think we can get it to you by the weekend!
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    • ncarilli

      ncarilli  »  SmoothWaterMan

      I was reading on one of your threads that you install the PSS Shaft Seals all the time.  I am looking to replace the factory OJ Shaft Seal on my 2010 247 LSV, I know its a 1/8" shaft but I do not know the size of the area where the shaft comes trough for the boot to go over.  Do you know what size this is or a part number for the correct PSS Shaft Seal that I need?  I thank you in advance for any help!
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    • ctvandy23


      Reasonable board shorts?

      My wife handles this line of board shorts.  I have several pair and they have held up well. I am told that  you will be reimbursed if you give a review.  https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01B52IQT8/ref=mp_s_a_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1472558104&sr=8-4&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=dahui&dpPl=1&dpID=51iglOuQuIL&ref=plSrch

    • itznowonder


      Help me pick another surf rope
      11 hours ago, vanamp said:

      Too many stories floating around of missing fingers from not using a surf rope.  I would not risk it. 

      only if you're stupid enough to coil a too long rope. Shorten it to the proper length and there is 0 chance of missing digits. + for the ultra weak, the handle is big enough to place two hands on the handle, the drop the back hand.

    • Swim deck splash

      Minimal difference. that little space only relieves a little pressure. The amount of water force coming up through that opening, think about that spread across your whole deck.



      Swim deck splash

      Would the pressure not be the same if not greater, if you seal the space between the boat and the platform?

    • Michigan boarder


      Done with my echelon! vapor lock

      Well, here we are again.  The ski team has chosen not to take the Echelon on.  Long story, half the board wanted it but slightly more than half did not, they would rather stick with our rickety '89 Hydrodyne twin (that needs 2 new engines and eventually stringers).  I bought the Echy from Powderjay on the recommendation from a few guys from the team that it would be a good move, but that did not work out..  I still swear it's a better move than the Hydrodyne, but the Hydro is kind of the tried & proven boat of choice for show ski teams, so I get it.  And I'm a newbie on the team, so maybe there is something I'm missing and the Hydro is a better boat.

      So the Echy is back on the block for $6.5k for the first buyer, and I am going to list it on Craigslist for $7.5k.  I have about 40 hours of time into it with an acid wash, full buff and polish, carpet shampoo, replacing engine hinges, gas springs, mounts, poles for the cover, etc.  It pulls VERY strong, and is overall a very good boat.

      On to the vapor lock issues - I don't think it is vapor lock.  Here is what it has done:

      • Starts well and idles well
      • Gets up to speed well, WOT, varying speeds no problem, 15-20 minutes of running great.
      • Shut it down, and will not start back up
      • When turning over, vapor puffs come out of the flame arrestor.  Will not start.
      • Push throttle wide open, turn over and it starts
      • When running it bogs down, like limp mode, occasional backfire/pop thru intake
      • Eventually, after maybe running for 1/4 throttle, it runs great again
      • Does this consistently

      Thoughts?  Full pump/filter?

      For full disclosure, anyone taking it on, here is what I know that it needs:

      • Pylon has some play.  I tightened down the nut and bolt under the floor, but the play is still there.
      • Rudder has some prop burn on it
      • Last night a brake line came loose on the trailer
      • Steering wheel has some play in it, like the tilt mechanism has worn.  Not terrible, but not tight.
      • Needs a larger battery
      • Solution to the engine restart/bog issue


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