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    • After a full season of riding one it's time to give a perspective from an mc owner....

      The wakeboard wake is bananas. I mean, serious bananas. Probably not what you expected, but 1k bow bag + 800's pnp rear+wedge at 3 is amazeballs. 

      We've surfed on it too, but from a crew that wakeboards99% of the time it's not a huge priority, but that was excellent too. 

      We run about 4K in my 07 xstar and I'd rather ride behind the vlx honestly ( don't tell anyone on TT...)


      congrats Malibu, you hit it out of the park with this one.

    • General consensus at the Scioto boat club ( with one exception) is we'd rather work with other dealers. BCS boats is right off Glick rd by oshay.

    • Pnwrider


      I just clicked on this thread to see if we could up sell you the 575. I mean you're already going from 21vlx to 23 lsv...

    • Pnwrider


      Just a slight upgrade from the gran Cherokee! 

    • granddaddy55

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      On 8/31/2016 at 5:51 PM, pawter1970 said:

      Yes the LS3 requires premium but our marina only offers 89 octane, not doing this to save $ (premium at the station is actually cheaper..) it's more of a convenience instead of having to pull the boat out when I need to fill up,  I've thrown in Octane Booster once in whilst but again power has never been an issue until now when using manual surf gate which ads more weight in the back end. I'll test it out with premium for sure and see the improvement. Thanks again for the inputs, much appreciated.

      Cans? We do it for a friends boat on a lift all the time, make your friends bring their share, get the spouts from tractor supply and install yellow pressure valves in can plastic hand holds in handles for fast fast filling

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