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    • Malibuzer


      Mission Surfside Set-up for VTX

      I can take more pictures tomorrow.   Boat is getting repairs right now but the gate is at home.  It only works on one side.  Our starboard wake is much better stock than the port side is.  

    • alpensurf23


      Quagga and Zebra Mussels

      To address the Mussel Mast'r filter system installs. #1 I spent close to that amount stated when you also include high pressure pumps replacing stock ballast pumps. My install did not appear to be as invasive. Two filters under the driver dash and front of engine compartment. :salute:

    • alpensurf23


      G4 Blues

      New hardware solved squeeking :thumbup:

    • Josh4mc




      39 minutes ago, skurfer said:

      Hearing good things about the Secret Weapon, I have yet to ride it....:( We sold out of them quickly. Have more on order.

      I've seen this secret weapon on his site but he hasn't added a description yet. Got any details you can share?

    • minnmarker


      Bow ballast upgrade
      Just now, gobble said:

      I'm going to try and return it or sell it on Ebay. Even if I filled it a little more it's a PITA to drain.

      If you keep it try a T in the line at either left or right side, wherever your line to the pump is, and run a hose to the other side around the bow.  Ours drains quickly and fully. It is a bit light for bow weight but we just put one or two people up there and with 1100's in the back and 600 in the ski locker it works fine.

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